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Description of Garmin ANT+ Watch Uploader PRO

Please try Garmin ANT+ Watch Tester ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quantrity.ant2net ) before buying the app.

Supported devices:

- Garmin Forerunner 60

- Garmin Forerunner 70

- Garmin Forerunner 310xt

- Garmin Forerunner 910xt

- Garmin Forerunner 610

- Garmin Swim

Automatically upload all your new activities from your ANT+ device to the most common services:

- Garmin Connect

- Strava

- Google Drive

- SportTracks

- Email

The first time you use the app you will need to configure the services you use and download all the activities stored in your ANT+ device. The download may take a long while depending on how many activities keeps your device.

Then you just have to enter the app and it will start the upload process immediately.

Additional features include:

* Direct upload to Strava.

* No need to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth… it just works.

* Automatic upload retry in case of error.

* Garmin Forerunner 910xt:

- Training Effect measure display.

- Battery level from your last activity.

- Battery duration estimation.

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More Information Of Garmin ANT+ Watch Uploader PRO

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:2.20 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Quantrity

User Reviews


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Matthew Cox 2016-04-25

Updating my review......had issues with getting my S7 and 910XT to connect. Got immediate email from Daniel and he was able to figure the problem out. Did what he said and it worked right away. Awesome app. Used it all weekend and it connects to my Garmin Connect and Training Peaks with no issues. Highly recommend the app!
Warren Bayek 2018-06-17

Works great overall. My only issue is that occasionally an activity gets partially transferred and then something happens to interrupt the upload. After that, the activity never completes. New activities work, so I think the app believes the failed transfer completed. EDIT: A workaround: Choose \"Forget the device\", and then when the app restarts it will find the watch and reload all the activities. You can delete every activity except the failed one(s) to avoid duplicates in Garmin Connect.
Daniel Utz 2020-02-17

This was a great app until it wasn\'t. It stopped uploading. After a long wait, the upload was fixed, but the new version doesn\'t import from my device. I am tired of fighting this. 2.17.22020 I am editing this because the site does not allow me to respond. To the developer who responded. I can tell you what is wrong without contacting you through the app. You have a major coding flaw. The issue is you are marking records as downloaded and then committing the change before the result of the download is returned. The download fails but the record remains marked and, therefore, subsequent attempts do not download. You have to corrective options. Allow the end user a manual override to re-download or fix the logic to attempt the action and only commit after success is confirmed.
Anthony D 2020-08-15

Update: Stopped working. Had to uninstall. Then reinstall again. Frustrating.
Josue Jimenez 2017-08-27

The app is in black screen when I open it. Someone please assist with this issue thanks.
Bruce Beals 2016-03-30

Freaking awesome Much better app and more reliable syncing to my Garmin 910XT. I\'ve used ST Uploader for years and this is way better! Nice job!
Carl Buxbaum 2019-10-16

I have never purchased an app before this. This is an elegant solution to adapt watches without bluetooth, but with Ant+, to use upload data to manufacturer apps like Garmin Connect. It works perfectly with my newly acquired Garmin Forerunner 310xt. I am thrilled with this app. Simple use, delivers as promised, and the right price.
Harris Zeng 2017-08-09

Much better than other similar apps. I am really happy to find a way to upload the running activities directly from my Garmin Forerunner 610 to my android phone. It is well worth the cost.
David S 2016-08-13

Works great. I\'m on a Note5.. I upload the data from my 310xt or 910xt with no issues.

Run perfect for my Garmin and Galaxy S7. Only issue is that it won\'t sync if phone is connected to a Bluetooth device.