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Description of Garmin Dive™

The Garmin Dive app has everything you need to fuel your passion for diving. Whether you’re new to the sport or a veteran diver, Garmin Dive is packed with useful features, including the ability to:

• Connect seamlessly with Garmin dive computers (1) such as the Descent MK1.

• Track your dives with our best-in-class dive log.

• Use the log for the type of diving you do — scuba, freediving, recreational, technical, rebreather and more.

• See your dives at a glance in detailed map views.

• View gas consumption data (requires a compatible Garmin device). (1)

• Search for popular dive locations on the map using the Explore feature.

• Attach photos to your dive logs and view them in your news feed.

• Review your diving history and statistics.

• Log your dive gear and track gear usage details.

• Set and receive alerts for gear that is due for maintenance.

• Store unlimited dives on Garmin’s secure cloud.

• View smart notifications on compatible Garmin devices.

The Garmin Dive app is the perfect companion for your diving adventures.

(1) View compatible devices at garmin.com/dive

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.7.1 Publish Date:2022-03-14 Developer:Garmin

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Alejandro 2020-06-23

Hey Garmin, thanks for coming up with this app. I believe this is still at the testing stages. I would suggest we have a thread in the forum were all of the divers can provide their input onto what they would like to see in the app. Personally the app is lacking behind to the level of detail, interface and displayed data that we see on the Garmin Connect App. Correct me if I am wrong, but the point of having a dedicated App isn\'t to have more data and details i.e. SAC rate?
Dmitri Weissman 2020-11-19

The app is just a fancy logbook. But it decides to take over the sync with Descent MK1 that I also use to track other activities. IMHO, some real engineer (instead of bunch of wannabe product managers school kids) have to take a look at all the useless apps Garmin creates and at least make them happily live together on the same device. For example if I have Garmin Connect, Garmin Dive should sync data from it and not to take over the device. Again, on is own, it\'s just a fancy logbook - useless.
Justin Mcglinn 2020-12-17

Great app, should be more functional with the saved GPS coordinates, maybe a dedicated page to dive spots
Bogdan-Cristian Stefan 2020-06-29

A lot to improve. Hopefully they will update the app soon. It would be great to see: - fish identification - equipment used - some dive calculators (weight calc, mod, nitrox, trimix, etc.) - registering dive buddies, dive masters, dive centers, dive locations once only and then the ability to select them from the list - a data base with the dive locations - a dive planner - Sac, Rmv details - option to print dive-log pages - option to back-up data in the cloud - alarms during the dive Etc.
Javier Cuadriello 2020-07-21

Interface is slow, lacks features such as import or export, seem like a beta or alpha release. Looking forward to a more developed app (or integration inside the Connect app) and the release of Descent MK2 :)
Carolton Tippitt 2020-12-02

Great app for logging dives. I also have the Descent Mk1 which pairs easily for transferring it\'s logged dives over. Editing the metadata fields is probably the easiest I\'ve used for app based dove logging.
Daniel Coetzee 2020-08-06

Asa Kaplan 2020-10-29

Looks like it has a lot of potential, but has major bugs. A large number of the buttons cannot be clicked on my device (Pixel 3XL)
Irdhan Sarbini 2020-07-04

Very good. Love this apps so much.
Dylan Wallace 2020-05-14

A good start to their dive logging app