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Description of Garmin Varia™

When paired with Garmin’s Bluetooth compatible Varia RTL515 or RVR315, the Varia™ app has the tools you need to ride with confidence. Using the Varia™ app, you can:

• Be alerted right on your phone when approaching vehicles are within 140 meters behind your bicycle.

• View color-coded alerts based on surrounding traffic: Green means you’re all clear, yellow means a vehicle is approaching, and red means a vehicle is coming at you quickly and you should take caution.

• Receive tone and vibration alerts for approaching vehicles even when you’re not looking at your phone.

Easy to Use

Pairing your Garmin Varia™ device with the app is quick and easy. Once you set it up, the Varia™ app will automatically recognize your device.

Even if you already have a Varia™ device paired with a compatible Garmin device or head unit, the Varia™ app provides additional awareness and peace of mind while riding.

Compatible devices are the Varia™ RVR315 Rearview Radar and Varia™ RTL515 Radar Tail Light.

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More Information Of Garmin Varia™

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:1.7.1 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:Garmin

User Reviews


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Aaron Aa 2020-11-03

The app works but is pretty useless as the sound that indicates that a car is behind you is impossible to hear. I can hear the sound that the car has passed but that isn\'t why I bought the device. The developers need to make the warning sounds either more conspicuous or allow the user to adjust pitch and volume.
Chris Benson 2020-06-22

Works pretty well with my RTL515 and my Android phone. Would like more sound and alert options and would love it had split screen support like many of my apps so I could have it and my mapping/routing app showing at the same time.
Bert Heusinkveld 2020-05-27

It works, but adding sound options would be a great improvement. For example different sounds for speed and distance. Currently there is only one short bell sound a few seconds before a car is close.
Daniyar Sadykov 2020-10-18

Sometimes the sound notifications just stop working. Lack of \"road clear\" sound notification like in Ride With GPS app is a HUGE disadvantage. Also, will be a good feature to control light on/off. Recommend to use Ride With Gps app, much better than the Varia app
omar abubaker 2020-06-12

It works. But would like to see the app drawn over other apps so i can use other apps while using this one
Timo Rokitte 2020-12-03

Good App for Varia devices. Lacks one important feature: in app volume control. For alerts it uses the Media volume setting, therefore it is not possible to turn it louder than the Music.
boyan bravo 2020-10-15

It losing connection with varia. Also will be fine if in all others light modes ( except peloton mode) radar will show cars with same speed behind you. But I am satisfied with this gadget and app. Maybe also widget will be good, that you can switch light modes over app widget.
Samer M 2020-07-09

Make an overlay to use on top of other apps like Google map or at the very least allow split screen... This sucks from a company like Garmin!
Jeanette Eastham 2020-07-20

No biker should be without one. I\'ve used a mirror all the time. Bu this is the best!
Alexey Lelekin 2021-03-04

Last update on Dec 8, 2020? C\'mon, here still a lot to be improved. App occasionally closes up being in background, it definitely needs a background service with icon in notification area. It seems devs added \"All clear\" tone, finally! But we need customizable sounds (btw Ride With GPS has more intuitive and noticeable sounds). Also would be nice (and five stars) to have as option to continuously \"beep-beep-beep\" sound when vehicle approaching, with increasing beeping speed, just like parking sensors\' audio feedback in the car.