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Gear Fit2 Plugin

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Description of Gear Fit2 Plugin

The Gear Fit2 Plugin is an essential application that seamlessly connects the Gear Fit2 and the compatible mobile device. This software is required to provide various features of the Gear Fit2 which includes app & device settings/management, software update, and watchface.

※ Please allow the permission of Samsung Gear Manager from Android Settings to use it completely in Android 6.0.

Settings > Apps > Gear Plugin > Permissions

※ Access rights information

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]

- Location: Used to search for nearby devices for Gear through Bluetooth

- Storage: Used to transmit and receive the stored files with Gear

- Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification information for updating apps and installing plug-in apps

- Contacts: Used to provide services that need to be linked with accounts using registered Samsung account information

- Calendar : Used to synchronize schedule with Gear

- SMS : Used to synchronize SMS with Gear

- Call logs : Used to synchronize Call logs with Gear

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More Information Of Gear Fit2 Plugin

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Kar En 2020-09-18

It isn\'t working! I have used this app for a couple of years, but as of 2 days ago, the app will not open! It says there is an update, I click on update, it takes me to the Play store, but update is not an option! I only have the option to uninstall. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2 or 3 times with the same results. So disappointing!!!
M.A Shoaib 2020-09-19

It asks to update but when I come to Google store there is no update, I uninstalled and reinstalled but still same issue. NOW I can\'t use it because it says either update or close the app. When I click on update nothing happen, goes to play store and finds nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled but no use. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks.
Guru Prasad Hosahalli 2020-09-14

I am not able to connect to my Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 with this app... When it\'s pairing, terms and condition page just comes like a flash and disappears. I tried 1000 times to connect but everytime the same is happening. I am using Moto G8 power lite mobile. Please let me know if you need any more details. Hope you would be able to fix this issue.
Evaldas Kaubrys 2019-09-10

It used to work great, but for the last month no notifications on my watch except incoming calls. But no sms or emails. I\'ll wait for another week or so but if it is still not fixed then will have to buy another watch and this time its not going to be a Samsung one. Note: I am using pixel xl it stopped working on Android 9 and still does not work on Android 10.
Regina Hamilton 2019-02-05

i have had my watch for almost 9 months never had an issue until this last update on the 26th of January 2019. Since the latest update like many others the device wont sync to my phone the Galaxy wearable app has stopped even pairing with my watch all together. Its extremely disappointing as much as you charge for your watches you should ensure your updates help instead of cause an inconvenience to your customers.
Elena Musina 2020-09-11

App doesn\'t work anymore, requests update although updated and there\'s nothing I can do to make it work anymore. I uninstalled and installed again and I have the same issue. Please fix this issue.
Tim James 2020-09-22

Nice one Samsung, looks like you\'ve well and truly broken it. Now I have the same problem as all these other folks. The watch is disconnected from the phone. The app won\'t open, it says I have to update, but there is no update option, only the uninstall option. Maybe it\'s time to go Apple. Actually, I understand the problem. Fixing the app doesn\'t sell new watches or phones. It\'s called obsolescence. It doesn\'t keep customers either when you screw them over
Barbara Rodriguez 2020-09-13

Does not work. Reads it needs an update. I tried to update it and it just leads me to play store to uninstall... I uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still will not connect to my gear fir 2 pro.. Please fix this issue is rather annoying..
Rema Sakunthala 2018-10-01

The plugin is not working properly with non samsung phones I guess. My samsung gear fit pro 2 is not tracking the distance when connected with this app
Benjayz 2019-04-19

I installed the app on my phone but it won\'t appear and I tried to open through Google play store but it only gave option of unis tall. First I thought its the problem of my phone so tried on a different phone but same thing happened. Please fix this issue