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Description of Genisys Mobile Banking

Keep a Genisys branch in your back pocket! The Genisys mobile app allows you to manage your accounts anywhere and everywhere! Check balances, transfer money, pay bills, deposit checks, apply for loans, manage account alerts, search for free ATMs and more – all from your phone or tablet.

Registration can be done right from your device. A first-time login will receive an activation code by email, phone or text message. Please note, users of previous versions of the Genisys mobile app must register as new users, credentials do not transfer.

Always ready when you are, the Genisys Credit Union mobile app is easy to use, secure and offers many convenient features.

Minimum Android version 4.4

Features at a glance:

• View balances

• Transfer funds

• Deposit checks (for qualified members)

• Pay Bills

• Apply for loans

• Create and manage eAlerts

• Control Credit & Debit card access with on/off and card specific alerts

• Search transactions and view check copies

• Link accounts for quick access using one login

• ATM & Branch Locator

• Check loan and savings rates

• Calculators – auto, home, and mortgage

• Live Chat

At Genisys Credit Union, we think you should love your financial institution, and when you bank with us, we know you will! Not a member? Join today at www.genisyscu.org or download the application and select Open an Account in the menu.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.41.70 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Genisys Credit Union

User Reviews


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Sarah Scherf 2019-05-16

This app just keeps crashing on my phone now. Won\'t even open. This has happened before and I always have to reinstall which is a pain because I have to log back in the long way every time. That used to fix it so it wasn\'t too annoying. But now, the app works once, then won\'t open again. I won\'t be re-downloading every time I want to check my balance, so fix it. Also, can\'t even check my balance on your website right now. This bank belongs in the dark ages.
Gregory Thompson 2020-08-23

This app has totally changed the way I manage my money as simplified it and made it we easier than what I used to do. Bill pay makes paying my accounts super easy and fast. Very thankful in happy you\'ve made this service available. Full recommend Still using, just can\'t tell you how easy paying managing money is now. Still love it, thank you for this service
Terence Cayton 2019-05-22

Would have been nice to have some warning instead of trying to login to the old app and not being able to anymore. I don\'t know my member number so i can\'t register the new app. incredibly inconvenient! Hopefully there won\'t be an emergency where i need to access my account Edit:Turns out the old app still works, there was some bad timing with a system outtage. Recevied amazing customer service from Genisys over the matter. As for the new app, the new GUI is great and the much needed fingerprint login is a very welcome addition Edit #2:The app doesn\'t work. It won\'t even start up unless I either uninstall/reinstall or clear cache and storage. And this needs to be done every time. Edit #3 customer service for Genisys continues to be top notch. They reached out to me to give me a workaround to get the app working. 6 stars for customer service, 4 stars for the app until it works without a workaround
Roddy Graham 2020-08-12

The app works good, but locks biometric to quickly. My father is a disabled diabetic and has a hard time with typing so we set up his finger print. It locks him out of finger print if he cant get it on the first 2 or 3 tries. The passwords have to have a bunch of requirements the makes it a bit hard for him to remember. Most other mobile banking apps we have (and we have over 20) give unlimited finger print attempts. This is the ONLY app that this hard for him to use.
A Google user 2019-01-09

The old app is way better. I now have adds popping up on my phone and it\'s running much slower. The adds were never on my phone until I downloaded the new app. I hate it. I don\'t know why you changed it and we should have the option to use that o e and not the new one.
William Bradner 2020-07-15

Great app! Use it almost daily keeping track of my finances. Very useful to not have to keep track of what password you have used for which app by using biometric login (fingerprint is my preferred since lighting and other factors can keep facial recognition from working). Loving this app again, now that I have figured out how to re-enable fingerprint login. I\'d say best financial app ever, but I haven\'t used every single app out there so that might be a bit of a stretch, maybe. 😁
Scott Vincent 2019-05-11

anytime there is an Android update this app breaks, it forces closes everytime it\'s opened. same thing used to happen on the old app. I\'m using a pixel xl. Are there workarounds for this?
Sean Beauregard 2019-11-06

This app is a useless waste of space. They changed the login for biometrics to one in which it cancels out if you touch any part if the screen, and if you\'re able to somehow get a reading it fails because of how lightly you applied pressure. After that it locks you out of your account. Completely useless app that just takes up space until they fix it.
Rachel Lucia 2020-07-02

This app has updated a lot since it first came out. It is easy to use and almost everything is straightforward. Moving money in accounts is immediate, and the mobile deposit feature is very convenient.
Danielle Dronsella 2019-01-18

I like this version a lot but for some reason I can\'t get the check deposit to work! It won\'t take a picture of the check. This sucks because my paycheck comes in an actual check so I have been turning on my old phone and using the old app to deposite checks. I tried uninstalling multiple times to no aval. Other then that I am loving everything about this version.