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Now the near future, cyberpunk, and you are a local geek. Not a scientist or a genius, but a very talented inventor. For the past few years, you have been living in a rented workshop next door to a bar. The bartender is your good friend and soul mate, however it was his idea with an auction and with a very dubious lot "time machine", yes. In general, now she is in the garage, and not a little effort has already been spent on her, but, most importantly, this is the new T9 string engine. It remains to collect it, well, and a couple of little things ... Well? To the cause!

Get Access - isometric puzzle quest with the mechanics of rotating rooms. You have to open what is closed, correct what is broken, find a way out of the rooms and solve various kinds of tasks and puzzles.


✩ Addictive gameplay

✩ Nice minimalistic graphics

✩ Room rotation mechanics

✩ Many riddles and puzzles

✩ Hints and help


✩ Best Mobile Game - DevGAMM Minsk 2019

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.1.52 Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:UnderAIR

User Reviews


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Codrin Postu 2020-01-03

Yeah, it kind of sucks that you go in to play the game not knowing that it is not possible to finish it without paying. Would be nice to tell that at the beginning, say it is a \"demo\" or just make the game $2.50 instead of free. I enjoyed the puzzles but the wall you hit when you realize you have to pay suddenly to advance into the game is just not worth it.
Stephanie Salinas 2019-12-15

I\'d love to support the devs, but If I can\'t even finish the game without paying for it, then you might as well have made the game 2.50$ to begin with. There\'s also a couple flunks in the puzzles, like the fact with the ultraviolet light in the locker, and I had no idea where to put it, but It turns out there\'s a specific spot where you need to put it, which is right above the door, which you\'d never be able to figure out on your own. This is a great game, It\'s just a shame I can\'t finish it.
Marlies 2020-01-21

YOU DON\'T NEED TO BUY THE FULL VERSION!!! In the room you start in is a device with a button on it which you can press to watch an add which will give you a tool to open the lift so you can play the full game! I loved it! The game looks really good. It\'s not always as easy as it seems and took me to look up walkthroughs, but I had much fun playing it.
Andrew Brothers 2020-01-15

Useless money grab. The \"free machine\" will let you watch up to 9 ads and never let you watch the tenth. I\'ve had this game for a few days now and the button still wont work. You need to purchase the full game in order to beat it. No zoom function for tiny maps. I 100% agree with supporting developers but using shady tactics like this will lose customers.
NameLess_EDM 2020-02-18

It\'s overall a fun and intriguing game, until you realize it\'s literally a pay to win, you can\'t complete the game without buying the \"lift tool\" in order to repair the lift. I would have given 5 stars because it was one of the best games I ever played for cell; but after all this I just feel betrayed and honestly ashamed of who made this game just for some money. If you need them go to work, maybe repairing lifts since you like them so much.
Villain Dabi 2020-01-25

The problem is that when you reach the part where you need to repair the lift you have to buy the full version of the game or you can\'t repair the lift without the tool. Plus, there are sooooo many ads coming when you press on the hint button before you ask for the hint. There are even random papers on the floor (of the game of course) that if you press will give you an ad.
Jason Baron 2020-11-15

This game is fun, and was really put together well. I love the blocky graphics and the background music which has a retro 80s feel. However there is one massive flaw. You are required to pay $1.99 to obtain an item needed to progress in the game. So, if you\'re not willing to pay to play, don\'t even bother downloading the game. Also after paying they money, you quicky realize there isn\'t much gameplay left and that your money didn\'t buy you much.
Cody Maddux 2020-04-06

I really enjoyed it, one of my favorite puzzle games on the phone I\'ve played. But it\'s unbeatable without spending money. A required item, the is used once and has no replacement, can only be got by paying $1.99. Can\'t instead watch an add either. Game is unwinnable without it. It was a really good game, but once you beat it, and it\'s a rather short game, it\'s over. I wouldn\'t spend 2 bucks on it if I knew it was this short.
Michael Connors 2019-12-16

Truly a wonderfully challenging game. The logic puzzles range from rather easy to dastardly clever and complex. This definitely requires a great deal of critical and abstract thinking. The art design is superb, as well as the soundtrack. At times I felt a little lost, and some solutions almost infuriated me to no end, but ultimately they are all capable of being solved. An exceptionally marvelous creation, that is seldom seen on the app store. \"By gamers for gamers.\" The nod to Polybius is great
Aleksi Vänttinen 2019-12-13

I wasted two hours on this game just to notice you have to buy the full version if you want to play until the end. The free part is a bit over 50% of the game, and then you just suddenly can\'t make any progress without unlocking the full game, because you can\'t access certain areas without the full game.