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Get it Done! : Plans, Todos, Pomodoro & ZenMode !



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Description of Get it Done! : Plans, Todos, Pomodoro & ZenMode !

Eager to get things done ?? wanna stop procrastinating ? and stay away from social media and all distractions ? worry no more, you are in the right place !, Get it Done! is an lightweight app that brings various productivity tools all in one place.

All in one productivity suite:

Why use multiple apps while you can get the best of out of every one of them in a single app. Get it Done! offers:

- a compact flexible planner

- a powerful to-do lists manager

- a pomodoro timer

- lock my phone timer (ZenMode)

- connectivity between the different tools and much more !

This app is suitable for all categories of people who would like to:

- Keep their week plan in a tight schedule

- create todo-lists that can be labeled and colored (like sticky notes)

- create flexible recurring reminders

- use pomodoro timer to boost productivity

- lock that phone and reduce the use of social media

- get statistics and feedback of progress and stay motivated.

Powerful and Customizable:

The app is designed such that everything is highly customizable , yet it is easily accessible which allows you to create/edit lists, events or use timers in no time ! So, you can focus on the things that matter and get the most out of your day.

Minimal, beautiful and easy to use:

Our users love the simple and modern user interface with relaxing and easy colors for the eye. The different color accents, light/dark themes and the nice transitions and animations.

compact Planner:

- organize your time in a compact schedule of 1 or 4 weeks of recurring tasks/events .

- create you routines faster by duplicating any event you want for any day you like

- organize tasks/events by categories.

- organize tasks/events by intervals.

- Choose whether to be notified or not.

Create flexible tasks and lists:

- create a sticky note for every todo list

- organize your to-do lists by subject and color.

- set priorities.

- receive notifications

- edit tasks quickly !

- create flexible recurring tasks and events (daily , weekly, monthly ... with end date or repeat times) .

- view your lists from your home screen by creating widgets !

- create habits with infinitly repeating reminders.

Boosts productivity with Pomodoro timer:

- plan pomodoro cycles and sessions directly from the planner

- have full control of pomodoro timer from notifications.

- ability to customize focus time,rest time and long rest time from settings.

- get notified before session completion with 5 mins

- get notified at completion

- Choose custom notification sounds

Stay Motivated!

- View statistics and keep track of your progress and achievements .

- Get daily motivational and inspirational quotes.

Very Affordable!

Unleash the full potential of the app with the pro features! our price is very competitive and affordable by everyone, So get your pro version NOW and enjoy it for lifetime !

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.0 Publish Date:2021-08-20 Developer:Zakaria Madaoui

User Reviews


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Mar Kenway Francisco 2020-08-22

Great app! And the free version is already good! Very simple and pleasing UI. One thing, you misspelled active as \"acitve\" on statistics :)
amel bensisaid 2021-01-11

Overall the app is pretty good I just wanted to suggest something that you could consider adding in the app I\'m a person who does not schedule his time from hour to hour I prefer giving each of my tasks a specific time to be done but not schedule it from this to that hour for e.g. let\'s say 30 mins workout everyday 30 mins reading ex so it would be pretty helpful to have a countdown or a timer for each task we add in our to do list that notifies us once the desired time is achieved,thankyou.
Dhiaa Eddine ZIDANE 2020-06-26

Great app. Very handy and user friendly. Dark theme is awesome! I strongly recommend!!
Sidahmed Abderahmane Derghaoui 2020-05-06

Awesome and simple, really liked it 👌👌👌
Cezar A.P. 2020-10-06

I love the app design and the Routine tab is just what I was looking for! Points to improve: the timer could have advanced options and statistics. Another app I use called Engross has a great one, it allows you to count how many times you get distracted and is more flexible for example. Also I would like to copy my to-do\'s to the Routine instead of having to writing it there again. That\'s all I need to buy premium and switch completely to this app. :)
NVMNX 2020-09-07

This app is great! The developer answers quickly and fixes the bugs in a reasonable amount of time!! I haven\'t seen this combo in some time. Thank you
Praveen Ramkumar 2020-10-30

Phenomenonal App! There are few bugs here and there but the app is outstanding. I immediately purchased the app to support the dev as it\'s a one time purchase. I find its vital to have cloud sync feature for these sort of apps. Please bring it soon.
Hilary Rae 2020-11-11

I literally just upgraded because this app seems really great from the few minutes I messed with it. I upgrade, turn on feature to link to my Google calendar, and it crashed. Now the app opens only to immediately crash. I paid 4 bucks to not be able to use it? I also had to rush to upgrade because the premium features page crashes after about 3 seconds.
fuyuyu 2020-10-11

\"a perfect productivity app doesn\'t exist!\" ...until i discovered this app and downloaded it. the features that im looking for in an app is here! the features: ROUTINE, TO DO, FOCUS, STATISTICS is exactly what i needed. the ui is simplistic, minimalistic and user friendly which is nice. the free version is great enough for me. suggestion: maybe adding due date on tasks on TO DO section? and a reminder like once, once a week, everyday or something like that. keep up the good work!
wari djemy 2020-05-07

Great UI and UserExperience thank you