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Buy and sell, it is that easy to make money. Trade on stock market and get rich to buy your dream car, a beautiful house, a boat and even a jet plane! Have your own watch and ring collection.

Buy from the lowest price you can and sell it when it goes high! Reach your daily profit target.

Play bonus levels to steal trade secrets and more...

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.3.18 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Supersonic Studios LTD

User Reviews


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Oliver Kastien 2021-02-01

The game is alright. If you turn off your internet, you get to enjoy the game without the ads so that wasn\'t an issue for me. Unfortunately, it\'s really boring after like 15 minutes. Also, once you buy some investments and you get to the end of the week and redeem your rent, as soon as you redeem it, open the bitcoin tab and go back again. You\'ll get your rent over and over. After figuring that out, I bought everything and it was even more boring. Also, the fighter jet doesnt appear after buying
D00MSL4Y3R B. 2021-02-17

From the pictures it looks fun and amazing, but within half hour of gameplay and having to watch 3 ads every minute then the game just becomes horrible. Game Play: 0/10 Without having to turn on Airplane mode. The game becomes repetitive and loses its point. Graphics: 2/10 It\'s just horrible and it reminds me of 1960\'s graphics. Achievements: 0/10 There are none and there are no missions. I\'ll be uninstalling it due to having too many ads. Better up this game and I might give it a 2nd chance.
Trevor S 2021-01-30

Not only was the game so average, but there were too many ads. After every mission was an ad, and the missions were not even a minute. Not only that but the game had trouble saving. after you would spin the wheel for a prize, the game had a chance of freezing, then having you loose the prize. But to spin the wheel, you needed to watch an ad. Overall a very bad game and would recommend to nobody.
DetectiveHailey 2021-01-19

I Saw this game on tiktok and decided ot give it a try and let me tell you I played this stupid game for over an hour to get the maximum intertainment out of it. First off you start bidding on stocks and its the easiest damn thing and its so boring because the bar almost always reaches the top. So you basically need to buy it when its really low and wait. Next, taxes who tf wants to do damn taxes in a game. Lastly, To many ads, boring, just another game that brings nothing new to the table
Anime 2021-01-24

After playing for 13 minutes I figured out that it was super easy to play and win every time. The game developers apparently never figured out that if people just have a little bit of patience and wait like 5 seconds you can win pretty easy on any of the game modes making it boring and not challenging at all. Another problem is that the ads don\'t help making it any more exciting except if you like playing a different game. After every level of this game they just give you and ad.
Teodor Natea 2021-02-26

you deleted my previous review but I give you another! Ad I will give you as many reviews necessary until you are taken down from Play Store. This game is like an ad simulator! Even stopping the internet on your device won\'t help much because you get limited access to game features. Also the Spinning Wheel is the master Scam of this game: when you turn it....you don\'t actually get the reward. Always check your initial money and bitcoins before spinning....you will understand what I mean. SCAM!
Nick Starns 2021-01-18

This game just simply has way to many ads. Ads are okay but they shouldn\'t equal to the same amount of gameplay time you get. If ads were after like every 5 days (levels) you\'d gain a lot bigger fan base and make a lot more money
Stevie R 2021-02-09

I can\'t play one 5-second minigame without getting hit by 3 ads, on top of the other 3 that take up the screen in the main menu at all times, and even beside all that, the game has no audio, like not even a little background music or sound effects. It\'s a neat concept, but the number of unavoidable ads, and lack of sound prevents me from giving this a good rating.
Steaven 2021-01-31

Barely got into the game before I was barraged with ads. If we were to get this many ads, don\'t get a bunch of models and then throw them together with a simple premise; if you didn\'t have so many ads, I could say that it was a small developer making a simple game, but the ads show that it\'s a lazy developer making a simple game to attract children so they can earn ad money and the occasional sale. Please do not barrage us with ads or make a better game.
Joshua gilley 2021-01-22

It could be worse, the overall gameplay it\'s kinda boring but they mix it up a little bit. There\'s no real drive to the game, like so I guess it\'s my goal to have the best computer, car and house ect. Throw in some goals and it\'s a 3 star make the game itself more fun like the stock exchange make it a side thing, allow us to play with it how we want instead of making a million dollars in two seconds, the game is way too easy and then I\'d give 4 and the ads are also another star