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Description of Get Rich Slots Games Offline

FREE SLOT GAMES OFFLINE: PLAY GET RICH SLOT GAMES FREE! Try 40+ FREE Slot Games unlocked now in Slots Get Rich! Updated 2x/month with new free Slot games!

Play free Slot Games without WiFi - online or offline, get the slots Jackpot for FREE! Real Vegas Casino Slot Games for android! ENJOY GET RICH SLOT MACHINES!

This free slot games app is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free slot games casino app does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Having an issue with the game? For immediate support, contact us at BILa@12gigs.com. Thanks!

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.135 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:SLOTS! Casino Slot Machines by Super Lucky Casino

User Reviews


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Iren Milona 2020-07-30

Hi there 😘 who has already tried it, why so that there is such a problem with the regular hangup? 😧 The application is good enough, as I caught, this is a crude copy of the original website xrespin . com, only this site works under license, offers generous bonuses and also a bunch of goodies 🔝🎰. Just out of curiosity give it a go, take a short rest and play it 😻💋! If you went for it, then leave a like! 👍👍
Steven Meljado 2020-10-27

Great Slot site. Fantastic games. Big payouts. Really big daily bonuses. Very reasonable chip prices if you want to purchase extra. I highly recommend this site and all its sister sites as well. This company has their act together and they truly appreciated their players. Best fun for free around. You almost can\'t lose with all of that going on.
Ginger Kelly 2019-11-14

The more I play Billionaire the more I love it! You win more on this game than others! Exciting teams! Lot\'s of fun!!! .......the most important aspect to change would be Donations to team members!! Also, a mark on the chart box when someone leaves a message. I play several different games and the most successful team games are communication!!
Beverly Laskody 2019-05-23

I\'ve been playing these casino spot games for several years and I\'m so astonished over the selection of games and chances to play a game like your actually at a casino. Thanks to all of you for your time and consideration in this and may you provide much more games and fun with someone who really enjoys to sit back and play your awesome games. Feels like you\'re at the casino
Shireen Naidoo 2020-02-07

Very disappointing. Once you install the game, plenty free spins, good payouts. it takes you way up then brings you right down. very hard to get free spins, bad payouts. All they want you to do is make a purchase. I installed on the 1st and was done by the 9th. in a matter of an hour it took 2.4 billion from me with no payouts. 2nd time I installed, exactly as my review above. Absolutely disgusting. I will never reinstall this app. Damn disgusting the 2nd time around. Rubbish.
Lorena Katzenstein 2019-12-13

Best game, i love it...easy to play and we can enjoy because they have diferent games...everyone can play because its really easy to play......this games can play a young people and older people can enjoyit too...my cohsin and me play it a lot...we can have fun and you dont have to go to tha cadino you enjoyit in your home, at the park, you can play in your car of course when you are in a parking zone...my friends, parents, friends, cosins, ants and uncles enjoy these games, thank you...very..
Tik Tok. Funny videos 2020-04-04

Hi there 😉 who has already tried it, what’s the reason that I always get headache with the cashout? 😪 The spin game is so so, as I understood, this is a half-done edition of the popular website winrespin ♥️ com, only this site has a huge winning percentage, has a widest breadth of popular spin games and also lots of rewards ✅🎰. Just for kicks give it a try, relax, amuse yourself 💋🎮! If you checked it out, then thumbs up! 👍👍
Sofija CasinoLike 2020-09-10

Evenin’ 🥰.I’ve been playing different casino for many years. Here’s a question Who has used it? what’s the reason is there such a problem with constant hang? 😓 the app is nice, as far as I understand here you can play only for virtual bonuses unlike my favorite game with awesomegraphics - topslots dot pro, where you can play for real cash, without pushy ads. Even just for sport check, have fun and relax🎰! Right now they offer free additional gifts and have 🎁! If you enjoyed it press “like”! 👍
Lisa Masterson 2020-09-12

You are now getting only one star because I find it very irritating that you guys decide to place ads in the middle of the game!!! you have been deleted. I\'m going down to 1 star because right in the middle of my game you decide to place an ad. At least wait till I\'m done rolling.. I find it very annoying and as soon as it does happen, I close the app and stop playing. I\'m not asking you to stop ads,I\'m asking you to stop putting ads in the middle of game play..
Cindy T 2020-07-11

I love the games on this app. I love the fact that there is a ton of ways to get money and you really don\'t have to spend any but that hasn\'t stopped me from spending! I really like the quality of the games too! You can go from 21 billion to 200,000 in a matter of 50 spins cuz I like to spin big to win big! But the fun is, you can get that money back within an hour! Please do not change this app! It\'s the first one I really truly enjoy!