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Description of Getcontact

We are constantly working to make Getcontact better. Our focus is your security. With your valuable feedback and support, we will always continue doing our best.


A new Getcontact service: Messenger

With over 120 million users all over the world, Getcontact offers a seamless chat experience.

Privacy and Security: Always stay in touch with your friends and family through free, end-to-end encrypted and privacy-enhanced chats.

Media: Send messages and share videos & photos.

Getcontact Messenger is always free. You don’t need to purchase a subscription plan. Call Getcontact users for free, no matter in which corner of the world they are. Don’t pay for international calls.*

Start using Getcontact Messenger now to explore more.


Getcontact allows you to know a caller’s ID even if the phone number is not saved in your phone book. It filters out unwanted calls and lets you to communicate with only those you want to.

Activate spam filter so you’ll be instantly notified when you get an unwanted call and provided with the real-time protection against automated calls, telemarketers and scammers.

We are so good at fighting unwanted calls, and we are striving to make our technology stronger day by day. In 2020 alone, we prevented over 500 million unwanted calls and potential fraud.

Getcontact draws its strength from its community. Block unwanted calls and report them to us. By doing so, you can contribute to protection of millions of Getcontact users.

You can subscribe to one of the Premium or Tariff plans in order to use Getcontact’s enhanced features. The payment is charged to your Google Play account, and prices vary from country to country. You will be able to see the total amount before you complete the payment. In-app purchases are renewed weekly, monthly or annually depending on your plan. If you don’t wish to renew your plan, you need to turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renewal anytime from Google Play settings. To go to the settings: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481

News from us and our community:

- Facebook: https://facebook.com/getcontactapp

- Instagram: https://instagram.com/getcontact

- LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/getcontact

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/getcontact

Your opinions are important to us. To contact us or report any problem to us:

- Feedback: support@getcontact.com

- Support: https://getcontact.faq.desk360.com

For more information about privacy and terms of service:

Privacy Policy: https://getcontact.com/privacy

Terms of Service: https://getcontact.com/terms

We support all platforms. To use Getcontact on your desktop:


First, you need to create an account on our mobile application.

*Data charges may apply. You can contact your mobile network operator or internet provider for details.

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More Information Of Getcontact

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:5.4.0 Publish Date:2021-10-08 Developer:Getverify LDA

User Reviews


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Dnyanu Chaskar 2020-09-24

Hello. This app is totally fake. I come to this app seeing its sponsored and they told that we can see who has save your number with what name but I didn\'t find any of the option that shows it. I am very much disappointed. If you haven\'t install please don\'t install its just like truecaller.😒😏
Egor Levchuk 2020-11-26

1. Calls don\'t appear in the call history tab on my Xperia 10 plus android 9 (worked fine on my previous phone). Yes, I have the app set as my default calling app 2. The app shows I have only 2 tags, which have nothing to do with me + I know for a fact, that some friends use the app, have my number and how they have my name in their phone book, but those tags aren\'t displayed in my profile. In answer to your answer : I can\'t fill out the form below, because there is no version 5.1.4 in the list
Baby breath 2020-12-19

It was a good apps but when i tell my friend to download it and they did, i cannot see their name on the \"who is here\" list, which mean this apps didn\'t update the users who use this apps after me. Those who face the same problem can you help me because i already freeze and unfreezes back my account for several time but it still didn\'t update the new user and the name that they use to save me on their contact. :(
Dmitry Koptev 2020-08-10

The app works pretty well. But ... Almost every time I receive a call from unwanted numbers, a bunch of obscene words describing this number pop up on the middle of the screen. I understand that headers like this come from users of the app. Please edit user comments for various unwanted numbers. This is completely ugly ...
Fahmi Rosdiansyah 2021-01-20

Your phone number and name are saved in their database even though you never use the app. They just steal it from those who have your contact information and use their app. RIP privacy, just don\'t install it. Or if you really have to install it, do not set it as default caller and do not give it permission to access your contacts list. Those numbers aren\'t yours to share without the consent of the owner of the number.
Dmitry T 2020-12-22

I gave \"Call logs\" permission, so this App can have access to my call history, but Getcontact still can\'t fetch call logs. Why this App require to be default phone app in order to show call logs? Other similar Apps can fetch call logs without being default phone app. Are you trying to fool your users? Update: Developer response is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with \"Privacy\", I can temporary set Getcontact as default Phone App and fetch all logs, but why you are forcing me to do it?
Yulianto 2021-01-04

Can\'t even login, verifykit doesn\'t work, also when I enter my number to get sms for verification it says that I have entered \"invalid number\" (it\'s definitely not). I just want to try Getcontact as I have no problems with Truecaller before, so I guess will have to get back to that app.
Earl Webster 2020-12-17

It\'s not opening at all. Reinstalling the app doesn\'t help. It keeps loading VerifyKit page and that\'s all. Why do I have to send my number?? It used to be a great app, but now it\'s a scam app that collects your data. Not cool at all👎👎👎
parth pansuriya 2020-09-30

Hello there, I have installed this application and just opened it; but there is no response in verifying kit and saw warning about \'Time out \' and \'maximum reach of phone verification \' so I can\'t go ahead and that\'s the reason to give feedback of lower rated
محمد عادل عبد الفتاح 2021-01-01

Very bad app I have tried to login many times but it didn\'t work I have choosed what\'sapp messenger to verify my phone number but it didn\'t work..tried telegram and didn\'t work as well Even when I uninstall the app and reinstalled it and repeted the steps nothing else happened You better fix your app