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Ghostracer - GPS Run & Cycle

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Description of Ghostracer - GPS Run & Cycle

NOTE: Strava leaderboard currently broken due to Strava api changes

Make every run and ride your best, train against virtual competitors in real time on your android phone or Wear OS watch.

•Race against Strava segments in real time. Beat your personal best or compare against anyone from the leaderboard

•Race against or navigate with gpx files

•Ghosts Start and Stop automatically keeping you free to ride/run

•Receive live feedback with audio updates of split times and distance

•Customise your display to show information you want to know

•Switch between Google Maps and Mapbox Maps for your preferred map

•Select Mapbox maps to displays trails and footpaths from open street maps

•Segments and routes are displayed on maps keeping you going in the right direction

•Upload your activity straight to Strava, SmashRun or Run keeper.

•Export .gpx or tcx files.

•Ant+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (btle) sensors supported:

speed, cadence, speed/cadence combined, power and heart rate monitors*

•Stryd footpod support showing power while running

Wear OS:

Full support for standalone GPS tracking with GPS enabled watches like the Sony Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 sport. Allowing you can leave your phone at home. The android wear app also supports Bluetooth Low energy (4.0) peripherals like heart rate sensors and inbuilt sensors. The wear app also supports non gps enabled watches when paired to a phone, working in a mirrored mode allowing you to control and see the phones recording.

Ghostracer allows you to use your GPS android wear device as a fully usable cycling computer. It can connect to btle cycling sensors such as speed, cadence and power sensors.

Other Peripherals:

•Wahoo rflkt - Customise two screens of data with a segment complete page

Premium Features:

•Download offline maps from MapBox Maps making a truly offline experience on both phone and watch

•Add more fully customise android wear screens

•Have unlimited Ghosts enabled per activity

The Ghostracer Google Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/108600094791246159447

Ghost racer

*Sensors support where available.

Bluetooth Low Energy requires Android 4.3 and up.

Ant+ requires a phone with the Ant+ capabilities or a Ant+ dongle / usb stick

Note there is an issue with the Sony Smartwatch 3 (sw3) where sweat can make the watch lose GPS signal. People have used sweatbands or other things under the watch to keep it away from sweat, resulting in much improved performance.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Brave the Skies

User Reviews


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Matt Toigo 2015-09-06

After some more research the GPS failing issue has to do with the Sony SW3 getting sweaty rather than anything that is this app\'s fault. I tested a 7 mile run with the watch wrapped around a sweatband today and it worked perfectly. Without a sweatband the GPS gives out after a few miles. So long story short, don\'t give this app bad reviews due to Sony releasing a defective product.
Quentin Moore 2016-04-07

Loving it It\'s like Christmas morning with pace +/- under the tree.
Stephen Martin 2017-03-25

Great app but why is the delete activity button (immediately after stopping an activity) on the left when every other app has it on the right, on the smart watch app? I\'ve deleted my last two runs by mistake because of this. Other than that i love it!
Matt Strain 2016-07-29

Great app. Easy Function on a Sony Smartwatch 3 and good data once on the phone. UPGRADE Suggestion: Make an on/off option in Settings to vibrate the watch at each 0.5 or 1.0 miles. I want to know when I\'ve hit each mile in my run without having to look at my watch all the time. Thanks!
Lexi Slavin 2017-04-10

I have tried a myriad of running applications (run keeper, Google fit etc.) But none synced with strava smoothly got glitches, not sinking when I thought it had etc. I always have my phone cycling but I like to rub phone free and never found an application I liked that I could use without my phone. I love ghost racer on my smartwatch 3, simple, clean and works.
Richard Torres 2016-07-19

Love it Android Wear + Heart Rate & GPS Stand Alone! Love the fact that you can use Android wear devices that have GPS and Heart Rate to track a ride or run without having to carry your phone. If you are looking for a stand alone tracking app that will use your watch\'s GPS and Heart Rate without having to take your phone this is the one. It also allows to sync to Strava and Run keeper. A Must have. Please add walking feature for families and elderly folks!
John M 2019-06-09

Awesome! And supports Android wear OS! Just needs Heart Rate zones (like a colored background, so I can see what zone I\'m in at a quick glance) and Google play upload support.
andy evans 2019-10-08

Essential for runners with a Sony smartwatch 3. october 2019 standalone mode no longer displays external heart rate (polar oh1) even though ghostracer finds and pairs with the bluetooth sensor. maybe the oh1 firmware update, although i noticed in the comments that other external sensors are reporting \"0\" too. help!!
Prabhanshu Singh 2019-02-19

I am not able to load the App on my Sony Watch(SW 3),Someone please help.Downloaded the App several times but have not been able to get through.
Zsolt Bertalan 2018-11-26

Stopped working on my Sony SmartWatch 3. Is the support removed for this as well, or something else happened? Also, I cannot check in the app which version I have, would be nice to have it in the app. Edit: I reinstalled the app and it picked it up on the watch. As a fellow Android dev I understand the pain, so I updated the review to five stars. The version number is now visible on the watch, but still not in the app.