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Play the best Gin Rummy ever conceived the American players. It is 100% free. With an amazing artificial intelligence, the Gin Rummy AI auto-adjusts to your playing level you are sure to have the best experience ever.

Playing Gin Rummy will get your brain flying high! It can be relaxing, challenging and far more! Stay sharp!

With a crisp clear interface, easy to read cards, a fabulous usability, auto-save and resume and several other cool features you are sure to fall in love with it right away.

Special features:

- Play for Free - All game experience is 100% Free

- No annoying additional in-app game items

- The authentic Gin Rummy card game experience!

- Beautifully illustrated graphics

- Auto-save and resume

- Unique special themes for you to choose from

- Most intuitive game interface ever

- Access your statistics

- Drag and drop or tap to move your cards

- No Internet connection needed

Install GIN RUMMY Free and play now -- !!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.0.25 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:FIOGONIA LIMITED

User Reviews


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Sandra Hart 2019-02-14

Why am I FORCED TO WATCH 30 SECOND VIOLENT ADS EVERY SINGLE TIME ON A GIN RUMMY GAME? This is a nice game that I would love if it wasn\'t for the VIOLENT ADS!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT! PLUS WE SHOULDN\'T BE FORCED TO WATCH MORE THAN 5 SECOND ADS!!!!! also when you win a game you can\'t even continue WITHOUT WATCHING A 30 SECOND AD! MAKES ME HATE THIS GAME!
StevenB Andersen 2021-01-26

Like the game. Wish it would change to landscape mode when rotating my phone. I often discard the wrong card due to the small scale in portrait mode :-( Nice feature is the auto arrangement of the card order when drawing cards :-) I look forward to you improving the game, or if not, tell me how to switch to landscape IF it can be done. Thanks.
Shawn Moloney 2021-02-13

I totally dislike this app for one simple reason! I have been playing Gin Rummy for decades and have my own preferences for how I arrange the cards in my hand, especially in Knock Gin. But instead of allowing the players choose the arrangement of the cards in their hand, this app decides how to arrange your cards for you, AND YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT! Just another game created by developers who think they know best as to how the game should be played!
mrmercator 2020-12-04

The deck is hardly ever shuffled well. When ever I discard a king, another is discarded almost immediately. Too many face cards in the beginning. Prior to the computer calling \"Gin\", it discards the exact card I need to call \"Gin\". Seems there is a lack of \"randomness\" from the computer. Computer doesn\'t account for layoffs I have which prevents an undercut for me. Cheating \"POS\".
Jessica Tyler 2020-07-13

I don\'t want to be mean, but this is the worst Gin Rummy game I\'ve ever played. The stupid robot keeps knocking, and there is no setting to turn it off. Also, it won\'t let me play or arrange my cards the way I WANT them played and arranged. It automatically plays them how it wants. If that\'s not enough, I\'m being ad raped after EVERY hand!!! I have to uninstall. Sorry.
Cindy Kurtz 2020-10-25

The game cheats, I have tested it for several days and it replays cards that have been discarded. Also if you never pick up a card for your hand 95% of the time when they go out they will go out with card you need. If you win too many times game will start winning after picking up 1 or 2 cards or no cards.
Pat Tennies 2020-06-19

Very fun. Very fun. The only thing I would change is having an undo button. Sometimes you discard the wrong card because they are so close together.
Lori Wallace 2021-03-15

This game is fast paced and that makes it great for me. Although played against the computer rate of winning is fairly divided. The first time I shut the computer out, I was surprised. A fair game for sure! The score pad in this game is all screwed up and cannot keep score accurately!
Shirley McFarlane 2020-02-28

I love to play this game but l am getting fed up of it now because there are too many ads lm not against ads but every game has a ad and this is too much.
Addison Carroll 2021-01-24

This is a very fun game. All you have to do is get runs and sets. You can get a Gin a Big Gin or you can knock. I gave this game a 5 star rating because it\'s not a bad game or anything it\'s a fun entertaining game.