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Description of GlassesOn | Pupils & Lenses

#1 Ranked App for measuring Pupillary Distance.

The only medical grade app for PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement and extracting your glasses details!

Getting your glasses parameters has never been easier!

Get everything you need to buy new glasses or AR / VR headset from the comfort of your home.

Measure your PD (Pupillary Distance) in less than a minute and get your glasses Rx details in less than 10 minutes!!!

GlassesOn uses cutting-edge computer vision to scan your glasses for their optical parameters to provide you with your full prescription details including sphere (power), cylinder (astigmatism), axis, and PD (Pupillary Distance).

Key features:

- Free PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement

- Unlimited glasses scans with our premium glasses scan

- Fast and easy to use

- Meets the industry guidelines for accuracy (ANSI Z80.17) within

0.25D, PD within 2mm.

- FDA, CE and TGA listed

How it works:

To use GlassesOn to measure your PD you will need any standard magnetic card (e.g. a library card), light colored cards work best

To use GlassesOn for extract your glasses parameters you will need:

- A 12"-27" computer screen

- Your current glasses

- Any standard magnetic card (e.g. a library card)

How to measure your PD (pupillary distance)?

Tap “Start PD” on the home page and follow the voice instructions. GlassesOn will do the rest, it’s that easy :) No ruler, no mirrors and no manual adjustments needed.

Who can use GlassesOn?

Anyone can use GlassesOn for PD measurement for FREE!

Use our premium GlassesOn to extract your glasses details if you:

- Are a healthy individual, 18 or older

- Have stable vision, and are happy with your current prescription

- Have a Single Vision prescription between -6.00 and +3.00

- Have a cylinder measurement up to -2.50

You should not use GlassesOn for Rx details if you:

- Have multifocal/bifocal/progressives eyeglasses

- Have a prescription that includes a prism measurement

- Have a high single vision distance, reading, and/or astigmatism power

- Take any medication that affects your vision

- Have any illness or condition that affects eye health (ask your doctor)

This app is not a substitute for an in-person visit to your eye doctor or any kind of eye exam. The parameters extracted from the scanned glasses are not a prescription.

* We respect your privacy.

Our privacy policy clearly states what information we collect when you visit our website and/or use our app. See our full privacy policy here: https://www.glasseson.com/privacy

** Note - GlassesOn is a registered Medical Device on the FDA Medical Device Listings, CE (EU) self-declared Class 1 and a registered Class 1 Medical Device on the TGA Medical Device Listings. However, GlassesOn does not provide medical advice and does not replace a full eye health exam. We encourage you to visit your eye doctor periodically.

Manufactured by 6over6 Vision Ltd.

For more details go to https://6over6.com/

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.36.1321 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:6over6 Vision LTD

User Reviews


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Jason Montalvo 2020-07-23

It literally does what it says in measuring the PD. Easy to follow instructions. Includes audio instructions h corrections (too high, too low, too close, raise card, etc). Had already manually measured myself. This was a double-check. Difference came to -0.5 mm between multiple app measurements and manual.
Eric Lindstrom 2020-11-08

Works well, I used an old gift card for measurement to be safe; Who knows what they do with the photos, may skim for credit cards. The app works well, and measured my IPD accurately, well within a half millimeter accuracy, took three measurements and averaged them. Works great for getting IPD settings for a VR Headset. It\'s free and works. If they are using app to skim cards or grab biometric data, you may want to be cautious, but this app does what it says it does and works well.
FuzedBox 2021-02-01

Great for detecting IPD for VR headsets, with one caveat- It\'s made for idiots. This app is pinpoint accurate, but it gives insufficient directions for near and relaxed IPDs. I suspect this is the reason why some people have reported extreme variance; their focal point changed! Protip: If you want your real IPD, look vaguely off into the distance and try to completely unfocus. Focusing on the camera lense will give you your near IPD. Both values are important for advanced headsets like Pimax.
Brandon Fireking 2020-03-04

Dont use a real credit card even then cover info in electrical tape so no details can be seen. Ran the scan multiple times with a less than .5mm difference on 1 of the 3 tests. Its simple and quite nice. Dont think I\'ll keep it installed, nothing against the company, its just that the ipd is something you really dont check all that often, but i still admit i really like this one. very solid, easy to get around potential security issues. Still, i hope they dont save images.
Grey Fox 2021-01-17

I used this to measure my IPD and it worked really easily. Some people in the reviews have said they are worried about the app capturing a image of their bank card. While it is true you need to show a magnetic swipe card in order for the app to properly scale distances, it does not need to be a bank card. You can use any type of mag swipe card. I used the backside of my library card that has zero identifying information on it and it worked flawlessly.
Selina 2021-01-06

I am very satisfied and happy that this app exists. I have dark eyes and I did multiple scans. There were slight deveation of +/- 0.5 on few scans but after doing it repeatedly and proper hand placement it seemed to average out and gave consistent readings of a middle value. It worked better than expected and gave me a more accurate number than I was able to measure myself.
Brian Newlands 2021-02-03

Really good app, I used it for IPD measurements for my family, super easy to use straight forward and simple. Also just use a basic card with magnetic strip, no need for bank/credit card, ie, store loyalty card/discount etc, great wee app for my use, recommend it,
Itzayana Murillo 2020-11-13

It was easy to use and gave me pretty accurate readings. I tried it multiple times and averaged out my results. I even had someone else try the app and then tried it again for myself to see if it was giving the same reading. It did not which was good. It gave me the same reading I had and the other person a different reading. Neat!
Nate H 2020-03-03

Very impressed with the accuracy. I\'ve used this for myself and my son and it was accurate to .5mm from a computerized measurement from my optometrist. My previous clinician manually measured by putting glasses and visually marking with a sharpie pen, what a joke. So if your optomologist doesn\'t have a means of measuring, this is your best bet
Asmodeus 666 2020-09-17

I used this to measure Pupil Distance for VR . My headset seemed most comfortable at 61, this confirmed with a measurement of 61.5, so it appears to be accurate. The steps are clear and simple as it talks you through the process.