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Description of Glimpse - Be Present!

Glimpse is an app that engages communities online through 1-on-1, round-robin video chats. Build rooms with your team, co-workers, or friends. Match for spontaneous and engaging video calls. Create personalized “tags”/match types to help you connect with the right people.

Whether it’s your old best friends or new team at work, Glimpse lets you stay connected and discover awesome people.

Invite people to a room, wait for your match, chat, play games, or answer icebreaker questions until time runs out. Glimpse’s 1-on-1, customizable timed conversations are guaranteed to brighten your day.


How exactly does it work?

• Create (or join) a room - Bring everyone together in one place.

• Have fun - We match you for conversations with someone in your Glimpse room.

• Chat and connect - Get to know a co-worker, recruiter, or mutual friend through rapid-fire Glimpse matches

Ideas for engaging people online...

Freshman Meet and Greet:

Use Glimpse to help integrate new freshmen into their first year of college by having university staff, upperclassmen counselors, and first-year students hop onto a Glimpse call. Have freshman students get to know their university better in a fun and engaging way through Glimpse!

Club Recruitment:

With virtual club recruitment, it is difficult to have members and prospective members interact and build connections with one another. Glimpse breaks that barrier and helps rushees and members successfully interact one-on-one without any distractions or awkward pauses.


Are you ready to see Glimpse at your next virtual career fair, happy hour, or family gathering?

Feedback? Contact us at @joinglimpse

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More Information Of Glimpse - Be Present!

lable: Social - Apps Current Version:3.12.1 Publish Date:2021-12-09 Developer:Gravitate Technologies Inc.

User Reviews


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Zhag M 2020-03-24

Super cute app, we used it after a Netflix watch party and it was a great way to connect and get a chance to talk face to face with everyone. Design and experience is also wonderful, video quality is A+, overall great app!
Andrew Chang 2020-04-02

They updated the app and it now works for Android. Great idea with a lot of potential
Priyanka Puranik 2020-11-11

It was super fun using Glimpse. The waiting room feature was somehow not working for me, I didnt see anyone except myself although it did show that there were 4 people there. Also, there were times where I had to wait forever to get a new match but when I left the room and joined back in, I was able to get matches. So it got boring in between at times. Maybe something for you to work upon! But kudos for coming up with something so good and practical and useful !
Zaigham Randhawa 2020-03-22

The app doesn\'t even open.
Rachel Naidich 2020-03-21

Had a really fun time using this! It was so cool to be able to instantly meet other people.
Sai Praneeth Macherla 2020-03-21

I had a great experience using this. Simple and easy to use UI. Enjoyed chatting with people who were living the quaranteen life. Excited to see how this evolves in the future!
Jennifer Powell 2020-04-21

Great app for chatting with friends and for meeting new people.
Tamino Merk 2020-04-05

Very nice app if you want a quick conversation about a topic of your choice. Highly recommended!
laksh aithani 2020-04-28

Really interesting idea
Prince Hodonou 2020-03-26

Really cool app