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Description of Glimpse Notifications

Tired of having to press the power button to see new notifications?

Ex-iPhone user and cannot believe your Android doesn't offer such a basic function?

Your new phone doesn't have LED notification anymore?

Want to pull your phone out of your bag or pocket and immediately have it enabled?

Like to get repeated reminders for pending notifications?

Then this app is for you!


• Keeps using the secure system lock screen

• Control how long the lock screen is shown

• Choose which apps whose notifications should turn on the screen

• Quiet Times to prevent the screen from turning on at a bad time

• Supports System Do Not Disturb (DnD) modes

• Extensive pocket mode to prevent the screen from turning on in your pocket

• Double-tap to lock on the lock screen (only < Oreo)

• Recurring notifications

• Motion detection notices when you picket up the phone to check a new notification

• App is as energy efficient as possible

• This is a private pet project - so it's free! No data is being collected!


XDA: http://www.xda-developers.com/an-updated-look-at-glimpse-notifications/

Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/glimpse-automatically-turns-your-screen-on-to-see-your-1700901832

Caschys Blog (German): http://stadt-bremerhaven.de/app-tipp-glimpse-notifications/


Website: https://sites.google.com/view/glimpse-notifications

XDA Development Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-glimpse-notifications-t3090575


Depending on your configuration, this app may need the Device Administrator permission.

To implement several (optional) features, Glimpse Notifications may need to turn off the screen. By default no special permissions are needed for this. To improve security or for a better user experience you may give the app device administrator or accessibility service permissions.


Android devices are quite diverse and not all functions work equally well everywhere. The FAQ (English) contains a lot of hints how to configure this app for devices by Sasmung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, ...


Glimpse Notifications only shows the lock screen, it doesn't render the notifications. To see notifications from, for instance, your texting app, your need to open system settings and allow the texting app to show notifications on the lock screen.


To avoid conflicts, it is recommended to disable Edge lighting or at least remove Glimpse Notifications from Edge lighting.


• BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: Core permission to have the app being informed about new notifications.

• WAKE_LOCK: needed to turn on the screen


• BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: to close and lock the screen

• BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: can be given to close the screen with perfect user experience (only Android 9+)

• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to determine the duration of custom notification sounds.

• SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: implement double-tap to lock (only until Android 7)

• VIBRATE: recurring notifications can be indicated using a vibration pattern


Nullgrad Apps cannot be held responsible for damages happening by using this app. This includes, but is not limited to, notifications being missed or misinterpreted due some function of Glimpse Notifications.

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More Information Of Glimpse Notifications

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:5.0.5 Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:Nullgrad Apps

User Reviews


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Goutam Saha 2019-04-08

Awesome app. Resolved the notification problem on my S10 and more for the Pie and Samsung One UI. Want to say \'Thanks\' to the creator and keep up the good work. You guys rock!!
Pulkit Swarup 2017-09-22

I\'ve been using this app from the very first day, since I bought Galaxy S7. The only problem I have is it keeps on waking after every few seconds/minutes, when there are pending notifications. Something, like trying to remind me, however when I check the settings within the app its switched off. I would upgrade my rating to 5 star once I have some resolution to this problem.
Will Haskins 2019-03-24

seems solid overall but right now I can\'t get it to unlock my Samsung galaxy s10e with face unlock after getting a notification. the phone wakes up, I pick it up, and normally I would just look at the phone to unlock it. instead it demands I use my fingerprint instead of scanning for my face.
Josh Farley 2020-05-08

Great app to do a simple thing that Android should have built in! Pixel phone\'s have this feature built in but other phone\'s don\'t so really Android need\'s to get this feature built into every Android phone! A must have app especially if you like seeing your Texts or Facebook Message\'s pop up on your lock screen.
Oozywolf 2017-09-12

Perfect app. Does the job and does it well. I had a different app for the longest time but I was SOOO fed up with the screen randomly popping on for no reason. Went to the store and found this one. No random turn on\'s, just perfect notifications. Still stunned this isn\'t a standard option but luckily awesome people exist that can make apps for us! Love this app!
Adam Snow 2019-09-03

The app itself is prrtty good, but it\'s got a nasty bug where it breaks \"ok google\" when the screen is locked. This makes it fairly unusable. Please fix.
Danish H. 2017-12-26

Glimpse Notifications shines over its competitors. For example, without being made a device administrator, Heads-up Notifications struggled with turning off the display. This meant, each time Heads-up Notifications locked/dimmed the screen after a notification, the fingerprint unlock option was disabled (requiring me to enter the pin manually). Without any additional privileges, Glimpse Notifications dims the screen perfectly after notifications. Even better? It\'s 100% free to use!
George Sutton 2020-08-07

Great app that does what it claims with the absolutely best and responsive developer providing excellent assistance, even when I had invalid request. The most complete and detailed FAQs I have ever seen anywhere! I am unable on Pixel 3a to display notification but I am sure it is due to me. Highly recommend this app!
Dom Pepper 2019-07-15

Data theft - be careful Downloaded for my S10+ Upon allowing access for the launcher I\'m using it stated that the app will have full access to notifications and can read personal data. Deleted straight away.
Bert Zangle 2020-07-17

Wow. I checked out so many other apps to enable notifications when the screen is off, and most of them were nightmarish ad-riddled contraptions. Then, out of nowhere, comes this app and solves the problem flawlessly and unintrusively. Mad thanks, Herr Developer. Any way to send a tip? Didn\'t find anything in-app.