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Global City is a city-building simulator that distinguishes itself from its peers with its high-quality graphics. Skyscrapers and residential houses, shopping malls and administration buildings, the port and the railway are bound to pleasantly surprise you with their unique and magnificent hi-tech designs.


In this game, you can mine for various types of fossil fuels as well as produce higher-level materials and resources. Build a processing plant and a state-of-the-art factory. Sell ready-made commodities at the exchange and send off ships loaded with resources. Get blueprints, which you can use to upgrade buildings! Put all your skills and knowledge into building a bustling megapolis!


Meet your city’s enthusiastic residents, who will always have all kinds of business propositions for you. Complete quests, earn items and resources by fulfilling orders, manufacture cars, and get rewards! All international business empires start small!


City development is essentially a joint venture. Luckily for you, in this game, you can create friendly communities, chat in English, trade resources, and provide support to each other. Your team spirit will strengthen your bonds when competing for the top places in tournaments, as well as amazing prizes!


Your city has to grow! Your ingenious managerial solutions and tax-savvy strategies will enable you to increase the population, expand the city limits, develop a business district, and eventually turn that small settlement of yours into a thriving megapolis.

Take the management and planning of Global City into your capable hands!

You can play the online simulator in English for free. If you encounter any problems, please contact tech support at support.city.en@redbrixwall.com

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:0.4.6532 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:My.com B.V.

User Reviews


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Ethan Cooperrider 2020-11-16

Graphics are good but there some definite problems: 1.) The blueprints are way way too hard to find and they are expensive! 2.) Buildings are way way too expensive to build. 3.) The global exchange sucks! 4.) What\'s the point in joining a union? You can\'t help each other! This game is fun for about a day... then i just gets real frustrating...
Sunni West-Kerr 2020-12-20

I love this game except it makes my wrist sore. To make sand, wood, etc, you have to place the resource into the green box...instead of swiping it across like other games. This will probably end up being the reason I eventually stop playing...but for now...its the best city building game I have come across in awhile...and I find it to be on the cheaper side if you choose to spend money like I do.
Sue Wolfman 2020-11-17

I have to agree with the other reviewer, this is the best builder games I\'ve played, and I\'ve played quite a few. You use materials you make to expand your land, no coins or money, just the materials. The building times for the buildings are short. To make the materials you need are short. Awesome job! Big big kudos to the devs! :-) Keep up the fantastic job!
Michael Prosper 2020-12-12

This could be a great game....but!!! The game doesn\'t save periodically. It does however periodically shut down and when restarted progress is lost. I want to keep this app but if this continues, I\'ll drop it!! (UPDATE), after a vague, generic, general, tasteless reply from the developer, it occurs to me I\'m talking to the wall. No real interest in the individual, at least not anymore. Just deleted the app. People don\'t waste your time with this developer and the game.
TheUnnamed Google User 2020-08-13

It is a fun game overall, but it has become very clear, after only a couple of days play, that the necessity of Coins in order to do pretty much anything is intended to lead one towards spending money. I get that they want to make money, and that is fine. However, you will become stalled in place, unable to do pretty much anything because you lack enough Coins to start or complete the project, and the only way to get extra Coins is virtual in-game Money, which of course costs real money. Beware.
Eric Miller 2021-02-15

Edit: I just spent an hour (no joke) trying to buy one item from the marketplace. It is comparable to trying to buy concert tickets before bots snatch up all the good seats (i.e. impossible). Fix it so we can either search for items or reduce the number of people who can see an offer at one time. Also refund me for the hour of my life I just wasted.
Hannah-Meg Knight 2021-01-06

Good game so far, I\'m level 14 and my city is coming together nicely. Would have gave it 5 stars but the drop rates for expansion items and blueprints are quite rare. You have to be quick on the global exchange as items you tap to buy are gone by the time you get to the players island. Overall, I like it. I hope you release another island soon as you have the mainland and then a smaller one to the north of the map. Would be nice to have access to multiple islands.
JPS JPS 2021-02-04

Great game but ruined by the global exchange. I get maybe 1 in 100 that work. It\'s ok for selling but a waste of time for buying. Had to edit my review. The global exchange not working is an issue now. I need parts and can only get them by sending ships but that\'s hit and miss as to what you get. It\'s a Shame but it\'s ruining the game now. Be prepared to spend many hours making stuff to send by ship only to be given yet another plan you don\'t need or even no prize at all!

Love the graphics, and managing my growing city. I only just wish the market was set up to where if you need a certain item, you can just search the global network for who has it, then buy it direct from them instead of waiting on the slow timer in the global exchange. Just like in real life, look it up, and order it. Just that simple! Other than that, thanks for this great game.
Eugene smith 2021-02-06

Gameplay is not bad and no ads that interrupt you whenever you play. Only gripe I have is the global market. Totally useless as I NEVER can buy something there. Not available or something different when you do get there. Why are we in a union if we cannot exchange and request items from team mates? To fix the global market, sync the market update for everyone everywhere. Should make it fair. Then everyone will see the same item at the same time. First come first served. No refresh on our side.