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Description of Global War

Welcome to the open beta of Global War: Rise Of Civilization! Become the excellent military commander in the brand new MMO strategy game! Build a powerful base and troops, lead your heroes into an epic battle, and create powerful civilization to rule the cities and miracles.

Game Universe

Apophis impacted earth in 2109, billions of people escaped to giant space stations to seek refuge.

An AI defense system named Cradle has developed a large amount of mechanical monsters and occupied the earth.

As one of the returner troops with highest mission, you will battle and take earth back. We are looking forward to seeing the day you dominate the earth.

Key Features

🌏 Fantastic Original Artwork

Combining fantastic original cartoon artwork with the fun of modern war-themed MMO strategy gameplay.

🌏 Legendary National Heroes

Recruit national heroes from world civilization and command them to battle. Imagine the legendary Lincoln and Suleiman serving in your army!

🌏 Real World Map

A fully-realized global World Map filled with Great Miracles and Civilizations based on real world, like Statue of Liberty, Maya Pyramid.

🌏 Freestyle City-building

Build your base and make your city unique while upgrading. Put your imagination on customization.

🌏 Immersive MMO Real-Time Experience

Chat and Fight in real time. Cinematic 3D presentation and fast-paced military battles

🌏 Open World Exploration

No matter what server you hail from, you have the chance to explore the open world by crossing server to server and conquer the whole world.

🌏 Intuitive Upgrading Experience

Watch your city upgrading and unlock new units with stronger skills and featured looks.

Come and join the strongest alliance to battle against players around the world for domination in Global War!

Join our Facebook community and let us hear from you:

🔗 https://www.facebook.com/globalwar.us/

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More Information Of Global War

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.9.43 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Icebear Studio

User Reviews


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Christopher Gann 2020-05-29

Wow. Can\'t believe I fell for it. \"this game says no to pay to win\". Ha. Load of bull. I\'ll be honest. Great game, and would rate 4 stars if they didn\'t lie in their advertising. I was drawn into the game by their advertising saying no pay to win. Week three in the server, and my guild which is all active is at 10 million might. The lead guild. 300 million might. Yeah. No pay to win my ass. Also don\'t believe the 5 star reviews. They give you free currency in game for a good rating.
Dylan Smith 2021-03-06

Game is very smooth, every now and then there is a bug but not very often. Very different from the original global war but its easy to get use to.
Darius Aleksander Hamidi 2020-09-18

If you ever find a bug, don\'t let the developers know because they will ban your account. I was a level 61 with 24M power and they banned my account after I alerted them to a flaw that allows other players to cheat by using bots and mods to hack resources. Way too many players from the developers who have been beta testing for ages. These dev-players are artificial Giants who decide the direction of the games development.
appik mappel 2020-01-30

I cant login it please fix it
Manny Fresh 2020-06-25

Game is fun and entertain. Many bugs are fix and now kvk tournament are making the game more interested.
Steve Wall 2020-10-19

I would give this game zero star rating if i could, too cartoonish, very poor interface, extremely hard to upgrade buildings lots of bugs. And from what i hear, terrible customer support. They have no respect for players, only the money they spend. This game should be removed from play store!! Goes to the top of my trash heap of deleted gamess!
Jully Barrs 2020-01-21

It\'s fun it\'s cool I love it but what\'s that was more people active on it though but for some reason it seemed to that the servers out sometimes but I wish I could fix that other than that it\'s fun
Pauline Nunn 2020-02-06

Awesome, there are many heroes, some are good at fighting, some are good at development.
Dustin Chapman 2020-08-08

So far its a fun game, but very heavily pay to win i can barley stay in top 100 players cause of this and ive been on non stop.
Mayur MEllo 2020-02-06

It\'s very distinctive from the graphic, and the style looks very comfortable.