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Description of Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents!


+ 2-player mode (on the same device).

+ 3 themes.

+ Colorful glow graphics.

+ Smooth and responsive game play.

+ Realistic physics.

+ Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).

+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks.

+ Vibrate when goal.

+ Support almost all Android devices.

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More Information Of Glow Hockey

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.4.3 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Natenai Ariyatrakool

User Reviews


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Bishop Meadors 2019-01-08

Great app, no problems. Everybody knows this app. Everyone should understand that this is the glow hockey app, nothing else. So it may be boring at times, but it\'s a classic app. The ads can be fixed by turning off wifi, so keep up the great work guys!
Lyon AI6F 2019-03-09

The game is pretty fun but the ads are way too aggressive. So if you are into watching 30 second ads between rounds plus having ads on the borders during game play then this is your game. If you are a normal person who really doesn\'t like ads, especially noisy ones, and doesn\'t want to waste time being forced to watch them then don\'t bother with this game
Igor Shevchenko 2019-11-10

What a great game! I remember finding it for the first time five years ago. It was so stunning to play Glow Hockey back then! As of today, I decided to download it again just to bring back my memories of having \"fun\" with the game. A plus is that music has finally been added here, which makes it relaxing and more addictive. This one sure deserves to be given a 5-star rating! :)
Kholofelo Magabe 2020-06-14

My favorite game, and I love this game a lot, but now that it\'s lock down I cannot go to fun company to play it in person but when I searched for table hockey, I found this incredible game if you download it you won\'t regret your choice so my advice is download it because it\'s very very unique in its own way. I love the game and the person who created it. ❤️❤️
Matthew Jones 2018-10-31

Ads covering the goal? Is the developer attempting to lose their entire userbase or have they not thought how this change screws most basic requirement for a game where you\'re aiming for a target? Absolutely nuts.
Mochi Blaster 2020-06-08

Its a good game but it has a small glitch, the puck goes super fast that it goes through my circle and the insane bot ends up scoring on me but that happens pretty rarely, also a suggestion you should add a online mode where you can go against people online it would make the game more interesting. Overall its a pretty good game I suggest you to download it if you are bored. There are some ads also but there like 5 second ads that can be skipped.
Gaurav Kumar 2019-12-25

A fun little time pass game. Never had any issue of performance. 2 player is where\'s the fun at. Here are a few suggestions for future update : Make the glow ball customisable, and maybe add some rewards for completing difficulty modes. Also, make an option to choose whatever color we want the boundary wall to be. The shiny light is a bit too much when playing constantly, so add an option to remove the lightning.
Emi Emi 2020-02-23

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!😍 This game has a variety of levels you can have like: easy, medium, hard, insane. I always choose insane because it\'s really cool and fun! 🙏Hope you install this EPIC GAME!!!😎
Neha Bansal 2020-08-31

It is very good game but in this One issue is ad And we don\'t chat about Ads so this game got 5 stars but in this there is ads so I give it to 4 stars and who see my suggestion about this game I think you should download it And I love it and who made The game him also. I say him for this game is :- WOW! What a lovely game! What you say ? I suggest you One more time Download it, Play it ,And Rate it.
Dawn Keating 2019-09-07

This is the first time I\'ve tried this game and it\'s a lot of fun and the graphics are very good so I don\'t understand why people are complaining because it\'s FREE to play with NO in-app purchases.So stop your b🤬ing because the developers need the support to keep the game FREE!😊👍👍❤️💯%👏