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Description of GnaCAD

- There is no size limit of opening files. The program supports working with very large drawings through the effective use of memory.

- Opening drawings from the memory card of the device.

- Does not require Internet connection and registration for working with drawings.

- Ability to work with drawings located directly in Google Drive.

- Adding comments and replies (if the drawing was stored in Google Drive).

- The ability to view both 2D and 3D drawings.

- Support for 3D views (including users views).

- Photo-realistic images of 3D models using ray tracing.

- Support layouts and viewports.

- Support external references.

- Flexible settings environment.

- Manage layer settings.

- Full support for visual styles.

- Lineweights support.

- Installing custom fonts and shape files.

- Property inspector

Our goal is to create a full-fledged CAD system, not inferior to their desktop counterparts.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:GnaCAD Developers

User Reviews


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Johnny Sparkleface 2019-02-04

This is rentware. I will never rent software. if you won\'t let your software be bought outright, I\'ll never be a customer. On top of that, you want $29.95 to stop the ads, some of which, if you accidentally tap on, will install software you don\'t want! Are you kidding me? Uninstalling as soon as I finish typing this. I dont even want to test it out.
N. L. 2020-10-26

The app doesn\'t have complete 3D capability, as far as surfaces & solids. 3D surfaces can not be drawn & the UCS coordinate origin can only be rotated. Drawing in 3D is possible, but a .dwg file already mostly drawn in 3D mode from some other app, device or computer is helpful with time & drawing ability. Use the \"Align 3D\" command to make arcs & other things 3D. No 3D Trimming apparently. Can export files & PDFs. Text boxes get in the way a lot! Still, the best CAD app on Android! No ads $30+t.
Brian Evans 2017-12-30

By far the best cad app for android. I can see a lot of potential uses for this. Maybe take a picture of an architectural element or a machine part and create a cad drawing from it. The controls have everything you need, right within reach. And if you think it\'s missing features, it means you should be using a commercial desktop anyway! Well done, thank you!
BW Fox 2020-11-27

Only workable option I can find on the Play store which doesn\'t require an expensive subscription. Input needs needs work. maybe it is better with a keyboard? Just feels needlessly cumbersome. Seems to be designed to require the maximum amount of clicks in order to achieve anything.
Colin 2019-12-26

Good CAD app. If ur just looking for a simple sketch tool to use this is NOT the app for you. For anyone with previous experience in CAD design the basics are relatively easy to figure out as you tinker with the tools. Those who complain about the difficulty of this app need to get framilar with the basics of CAD design or it will be difficult to understand how this app works. Otherwise I do like how this app work and that it\'s free. Keep up the good work.
alangaughran 2020-12-10

This app seems quite usable, albeit with a clumsy gui. Unfortunately it is also an advert magnet and they come flying at you from all directions, including \'full screen\'. It\'s not easy to maintain contact will the task in this noise. I\'ve given up and think most others will also. It\'s always a shame to see decent products wrecked by greedy marketers. The software lead for this app must feel really sick. Of course, £29 will buy an ad free experience. Bollocks to that!
Paul Doherty 2019-10-17

Find it close to impossible to actually draw anything, a simple rectangle has me close to tearing the hair out of my head with frustration and wondering why this is still on my phone.... uninstalling now....
Mike and Véronique Allen 2018-01-08

I do not understand this at all! My Sony tablet states \"Specify next point or\" or what? Is this user friendly at all as the reviews rate this highly - even seeing U-Tube examples I do not see the same displayed image on my tablet. For example the image on the Play store shows stated message and polar/endpoint info but I do not see any of this info! I\'m using the installed defaults.
Dan Long 2019-04-07

A classic 2D cad experience. All the standard line and object tools. I grew up on single digit AutoCad versions, and have been looking for somthing on android that offered a clean and clear interface with precise dimension inputs and all the basics drafting tools (off-set, trim, explode, extend, etc). Looking foward to using it more. Great job devs.
Mark Smith 2018-01-09

This app worked great for a few days on my Moto Z2 Force. But after the recent os upgrade, it began malfunctioning, not being able to recognize file format I had just saved. Otherwise, I found it to be a fairly full featured CAD program. Amazing, actually, considering I was using it on my phone. I\'m guessing it would be way better on a nice size tablet.