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Description of Gnomes Garden 4: New sweet home (free-to-play)

After defeating the sorcerer collector, the gnomes returned the castle to its old form. But it still stood in the grey wasteland, and there nothing could grow. The princess was worried that her people would soon run out of food and start to starve. So she makes the decision to set off on a journey to find the secret Green Recipe.

Get ready for adventure through an unknown land full of secrets and mysticism in the thrilling, casual fantasy strategy game Gnomes Garden: New home. More than 40 packed levels, tons of different structures, increasing difficulty, a fun plot, strange magical worlds, and captivating gameplay for any age all await you inside. Construct buildings, manage resources, fix ancient mechanisms, use powerful magic and restore ancient magic gardens. And with simple controls and clear training, you'll get the basic controls down in no time.

Gnomes Garden: New sweet home—Obtain the Crystal of Eternal Light and return prosperity!

- A unique magical world powered by ancient gardens.

- A fun plot, jam-packed comics and animated characters!

- Lots of new objectives the princess has never faced before.

- Beautiful trophies.

- More than 40 unique levels.

- One-of-a-kind enemies: cave trolls, ice sleepers and... krakens

- 4 amazing locations: forest, snow-topped mountain, swamp and desert.

- Helpful bonuses: faster work, time stops, increased run speed.

- Simple management and clear training.

- More than 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.

- Great theme music.

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More Information Of Gnomes Garden 4: New sweet home (free-to-play)

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.4 Publish Date:2021-06-10 Developer:8floor games ltd

User Reviews


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Otis McWilliams 2020-11-16

I don\'t like being annoyed to give a review repeatedly 9.5.19 edit.to.add... you have to uninstall to play again, then it annoys you again repeatedly asking for another review. a year later and still not fixed. To top it off, the restore purchase is not wirkinh.
Helen Reardon 2017-08-28

Damn only having a few levels. Watch adds or buy to play more levels
Helena Hulford 2017-10-22

The game is great. Till you start getting into it and then have to either pay for levels or watch a video. Sad
Bonnie Edwards 2020-03-31

I\'m up to the last section, I\'ve just been introduced to the abominable snowman, and now I get sent straight to the credits page. The game won\'t let me play the last set of levels. Otherwise, an excellent game. Also, I would like to be able to reset the game (the whole series actually) so that I can play it again from the beginning.
Jon Schultek 2017-08-26

Ooooooh?????? Goodie. A 115 Mb program that can not be shuffled to an external memory card. It hogs 115 Mb of primary ram so it slows down the device. Yippie????? >:-p
Irene Heath 2018-04-11

Shouldn\'t have ads after you pay for a game. In particular, there shouldn\'t be ads after completing every single level. The developers of this game are trying to have it both ways, which is not fair to the players. The other games in this series don\'t have this problem, so why does this one? It\'s a shame, in a way, because it spoils a fun game.
Gail White 2019-12-09

Fun, fast paced and keeps you interested in going on with the journey.
Sherry King 2020-02-21

, Won\'t open keeps crashing. Plz fix. After update it still crashes plz fix, still ain\'t fixed still crashes update thanks for fixing awesome game like all the others with the money I payed for it
Mark Rosenkrantz 2020-07-07

Was able to get 3 stars on every level that is playable. The last section is not available to play, so you cannot finish the game. Edit: As the developer finally fixed the issue, I raised the rating of the game.
Hilary Warner 2020-07-10

Love these games in general. The \'minor bugs\' fixed in the last release included an entire group of levels that were inaccessible. Seem to be working now. Thanks for the fix.