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Description of GnuCash

GnuCash is a mobile finance expense tracker application for Android.

It is a companion application for GnuCash for the desktop and enables flexible tracking of expenses on-the-go which can be exported to QIF or GnuCash XML formats.

Some of feature highlights include:

• An easy-to-use interface.

• Chart of Accounts: A master account can have a hierarchy of detail accounts underneath it.

This allows similar account types (e.g. Cash, Bank, Stock) to be grouped into one master account (e.g. Assets).

You can also import an existing account hierarchy from GnuCash desktop.

• Split Transactions: A single transaction can be split into several pieces to record taxes, fees, and other compound entries.

• Double Entry: Every transaction must debit one account and credit another by an equal amount. This ensures that the "books balance": that the difference between income and outflow exactly equals the sum of all assets, be they bank, cash, stock or other.

• Income/Expense Account Types (Categories): These serve not only to categorize your cash flow, but when used properly with the double-entry feature, these can provide an accurate Profit&Loss statement.

• Scheduled Transactions: GnuCash has the ability to automatically create and enter transactions.

• Export to GnuCash XML, QIF or OFX: GnuCash can export your accounts/transactions in different formats for use in other programs. Also, scheduled exports to 3rd-party sync services like DropBox and Google Drive can be enabled.

• Reports: View summary of transactions (income and expenses) as pie/bar/line charts

• Homescreen widget for quick access to your accounts and recording of transactions

NOTE: that the app does not offer full compatibility with GnuCash for the desktop. You cannot synchronize between the desktop app and this one. But you can import your accounts and transactions from GnuCash XML files.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:GnuCash

User Reviews


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Heather Van Shaar 2019-04-29

I like the desktop software, but this app is not really compatible with it. I can\'t open my file on the app, and apparently if you enter transactions on the app you have to go through this whole manual export process to get them onto your desktop document. Not worth the effort, so it\'s kind of one or the other, app or desktop.
Stephen Pradel 2020-02-05

Pretty good supplement to the Desktop Application. Hasn\'t been updated in a while. Dropbox integration works, but was a bit confusing to set up for me. Gnucash is Free (as in freedom) and ad free which is GREAT! Honestly, I\'d like to see a port of the full program. Phones and Tablets are certainly capable of handling the workload. I make these critiques with the understanding that this software is written by unpaid developers that owe me nothing.
Rex Dizon 2013-09-19

Bug in importing OFX into Desktop version I\'m using double-entry accounting and when I import the OFX file (extracted from the mobile app) into the desktop app, the accounts rarely match and end up in the Orphan account.
ORA 2020-04-05

Good overall, but all experience ruined by inability to export - any options (csv, qif or xml) result to corrupt or empty files. First time, last summer, it took me hours to complete export. That\'s why i didn\'t want to do that again, but now 7-8 months passed, Ive been trying today to export to desktop over an hour, but all export files are corrupt or empty and desktop gnu cannot read them. With no easy and stable ability to export, this app is useless... Too much frustration out it...
Tom Dunn 2018-08-25

I use it as a \"front end\" to my Linux version on myPC. I enter transactions on my tablet using this app and then export them to my desktop when it convenient. Periodically i copy the full database from my desktop to the tablet to keep them in sync. Have not found a way to enter split transactions with it and it loses my \"note\" field when import to the PC version. It takes a while to get comfortable with it and I review and edit imported transactions to clean them up but as I use it it gets better. Overall it\'s benefits significantly overr ride the problems. It\'s a great companion to the PC version.
Henry Solares 2019-03-01

I think its a good tool, it has amazing capabilities. It just might ward off the less techinically inclined, I was raised with computers and I am having trouble. it does crash a bit but its awesome overall. I use it for my home budget and small business.
Lyle Isbell 2018-01-27

I have been using Kmymoney for years now and have been happy with it. However, I like to be able to take road trips and it would be nice if I could have something to use on my tablet rather than taking my laptop with me. I was excited to see this GnuCash app that would share a file on google drive with my laptop. Unfortunately this app doesn\'t import transactions from my bank. One of the nice things about these personal finance programs is that you don\'t have to enter transactions by hand. Not being able to import files defeats the purpose of having this on your device. If this would import QIF or OFX files I would switch to GnuCash in a heartbeat. So for me anyway this app only gets 2 stars.
Sajid Khan 2020-12-29

This app has basically offers everything it promises. Improvements needed 1. Add an option to use debit and credit instead of increase, decrease, charge etc. Keep it option for the convenience of those who don\'t like it. 2. When I make an entry in one A/C , I have to choose the other account for the corresponding change, which takes me to a big list that I don\'t wanna scroll through, instead I wanna write the account name so that it comes up or the list get shorter.
Sisira Somaratne 2020-01-12

I have been using this app and Ubuntu desktop software for over two years now. The more I use more and more easy. At anytime cash in my wallet balanced with the app\'s related account. When ever I spent, I use to enter into my mobile app. The facilities provided in this app is so good that entering repititive tasks are supper easy. When I want reports, I export it to my Google drive and sincranized with desktop software. I am now helping to use it for a small business. A big thank to developers.
Cole L 2019-11-29

Doesn\'t work well with desktop import. I\'ve tried several different types of files and ways to access the data on mobile but nothing works. Not even with the exported transactions through gnucash on the desktop. As a sole mobile system of managing transactions, it\'s fine. But it\'s pretty egregious to tout a mobile client if it can\'t work in conjunction with what the desktop can.