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Description of Go Game - BadukPop

This app is for Go players of any level, from beginner to professional.

Learn the rules of the ancient board game Go (囲碁) - also known as Baduk (바둑) or Weiqi (圍棋) - with a fun, interactive tutorial. Sharpen your Go skills with daily random Go problems (Tsumego) at your choice of difficulty. Play Go against a variety of AI opponents, each with its own unique playing style and strength. Enjoy correspondence games with your friends, and challenge other players around the world!

• Includes over 4,000 Go problems (Tsumego) curated by pro Go players

• Play with quirky AI opponents ranging in strength from 20 Kyu (beginner) to 7+ Dan (professional)

• Compete with players around the world on the online Go leaderboard

• Improve your Go and Tsumego knowledge with interactive Go lessons

• Track your progress with a customized leaderboard for you and your friends


• Includes a range of fully interactive lessons from beginner to advanced level

• Learn the basic rules of Go in just a few minutes

• Get familiar with Go problems with step-by-step beginner lessons

• Dig deeper into Go tactics like eye shapes, Ko, and shortage of liberties

• Master advanced techniques for Tsumego problems like under-the-stones Tesuji and multi-step Ko


• Play Life and Death, Tesuji, or Endgame problems

• Rated mode tracks your skill level automatically

• When you answer correctly, your rating rises and you face more difficult problems

• If you make mistakes, your rating falls and you'll get easier problems

• Use Practice mode to try Tsumego problems at your own choice of difficulty

• Global leaderboard shows top players by Tsumego rating and problem practice points


• Play Go on boards up to 19x19 with a variety of AI opponents

• Includes weaker opponents for new Go players to practice with

• Also includes a full-power neural-network AI that plays at human professional level


• Use "Automatch" to instantly play against a Go opponent near your own skill level

• Play correspondence games with your friends on any board size: 9x9, 13x13, or 19x19!

• Scoring is fully automatic, using advanced Go AI. There is no need to mark stones manually.


"I always wanted to learn to play Go and never found a time for it. Then after watching the documentary AlphaGo, I went searching and found this great app. The lessons and puzzles were exactly what I was hoping to find. This app has turned out to be exactly what I needed to help start my journey in Go. Thank you."

"Fun app, and excellent for learning this fascinating game. Thanks developers."

"It's the best app for Go that I've seen so far."

Terms of Service: https://badukpop.com/terms

Questions? Reach out to us at support@badukpop.com. Happy Go practice!

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More Information Of Go Game - BadukPop

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.29.0 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:BadukPop Go (CorePlane Inc.)

User Reviews


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Michael Kuntzman 2021-01-09

Great for learning, probably good for more serious or experienced players, but too many restrictions for a beginner, which you can\'t change in the free version. Time limit vs AI is way too short, only two attempts on problems, and AI stops responding on practice mode problems as soon as it thinks you\'ve made a mistake. So can\'t even play through to see why it was a mistake. But especially the time limit really killed my motivation. This is how you lose players - taking it too seriously too soon.
Jesse Cooper 2021-01-19

Definitely great to get you started... I just think it\'s such a complicated game that there needs to be a beginner mode with AI walking you through a game, explaining it along the way. Overall I think they do a great job explaining moves and things... I just think it needs to be done during a game to truly understand them. I also only have the free version so maybe it\'s in the paid.
Jean-Sébastien Lechasseur 2020-12-22

The tsumego part of the app is great. It does a good job of selecting the correct level of problems. The playing part has many problems though. Playing 9x9 with 2 stones doesn\'t make much sense. A player doesn\'t have to be very strong to be invincible with 2 stones. You should use reverse komi instead. Also, using fisher time with a small increment is much better than byoyomi. Frustrated players can\'t make you wait for 20 periods of 30 seconds.
Steven Lawrence 2021-01-30

I always wanted to learn to play Go and never found a time for it. Then after watching the documentary AlphaGo, I went searching and found this great app. The lessons and puzzles were exactly what I was hoping to find. This app has turned out to be exactly what I needed to help start my journey in Go. Thank you
DeVante Spear 2020-11-23

Really good app if you pay for premium, not a lot of long term value otherwise. Especially if you\'re a beginner. You\'re forced into a time limit that doesn\'t give you much time to think about moves and have to pay to increase the time. You\'re also unable to play against an AI more than a few times per day unless you pay, again the exact opposite of what beginners need.
Harald Hareide 2020-11-03

Most likely a great app if you go for the premium version, but as that runs for roughly the same as a streaming subscription the time you plan to spend should be similar. For occasional use which was my intent the subscription model was far too steep and the free version was only stressful to use as such things as disabling time limits was only for Pro users (which seems contradictory). User interface and feel was quite clean so no issues on the gameplay.
Len 2020-11-04

This app might be useful for people with at least some Go experience who want to get better. But for those of us just starting out, the lessons\' difficulty ramps up way too fast for this app to be of any use.
Michael Maher 2020-12-03

a nice training and practice app. scaled AI for playing. you can also play with random people or friends. you can play free with tickets that you get over time but you can max have three at a time. the paid version has unlimited play but it is a subscription and it is WAY too expensive (closer to 100 dollars a year). the developers would make way more money in the US if it was a one time $5 cost.
67 76 2020-11-30

Teaches you some basics but after that to learn more indepth you\'ll be hit with a upgrade to pro paywall to learn further. That i struggle with even the basics at the moment still it\'s not for me, try it for yourself though if interested in the game as overall it\'s not that bad and there\'s much worse go/baduk apps than this.
Bernardo Ferreira Bastos Braga 2021-03-01

Very nice app. I really feel like I\'m learning. There could be more explaining. Specially in puzzles sometimes I\'m not so sure why I won or why I lost so showing why the puzzle has reached a dead or alive state (maybe the possible moves from that point) would help a lot