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Description of Go! Go! Pogo Cat

A new adventure for The Battle Cats is here!

This time, our brave leader is... Pogo Cat?!

How far will your state-of-the-art pogo take you before you fall or crash?

※This game includes no in-app purchases.

★Easy Tap Controls!★

How far can you take Pogo Cat?

Tap for another bounce in midair to take you out of harm's way!

Timing is key, so wait for the right moment!

★Collect Items for Bigger Rewards!★

Pick up Cat Pixies and take them along for more points!

Bringing along a Pixie gives you an extra air jump to take you out of danger!

There are lots of items to pick up - jump into their path to collect them!

★Bounce to glory with all the Cats!★

Tons of Cat heroes from The Battle Cats appear as unlockable characters!

Pick your favorite for a new look and special advantages!

★Clear Missions for Sweet Prizes★

Take on the mission on the main screen to get bonus rewards in both Go! Go! Pogo Cat and the original Battle Cats app!

Can you prove yourself to be a hopping master?

※ 5 missions provide rewards in The Battle Cats

Whether you love weird Cats or are just crazy for hopping action, Go! Go! Pogo Cat has something for everyone!

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More Information Of Go! Go! Pogo Cat

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.0.16 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:PONOS Corporation

User Reviews


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Bee Gru 2019-12-17

This game is really good! Im actually surprised a simple mobile game was actually more addicting than the supercell games i used to play. I have a suggestion though, and that is if you can add a mode where you can play against other online players. The goal can be to reach the end or be the last one on the course with people spectating when they die. Thank you for providing entertainment!
Mr Depresso 2019-10-03

The release of the game was pretty much rushed into the EN version. That\'s why it was being so buggy and exiting out most players from the actual game. I know this sounds like a pretty stupid theory, but that\'s just how I see it, rushed, the bugs and glitches haven\'t been removed, and all we have to do now is just wait until a update comes out, repairing these glitches. I\'ll give it a 1-Star rating for now, but I\'ll give it a better rating once this is fixed.
CreeperRudy 2019-10-13

5/5, the bugs fixed well and now y\'all can start your journey to this game! It\'s fun and what\'s interesting is that the cats are colorized. It also have the collab missions with The Battle Cats so after you\'ve completed some tasks of the game, you can get items in The Battle Cats such as Treasure Radar, Cat Jobs and even Rare Tickets!
bobatea world 2020-07-03

It\'s a very peaceful game although it does have very difficult challenges and it has the same cats from the battle cats it\'s very fun if you just wanna pass time or if you\'re waiting for a game to download. The prizes for completing the challenges are very fare my favorite rewards are the crossover ones. It doesn\'t have lag and it doesn\'t even kick me out of the game. I just hope the dev\'s can make more games just like this one.
Justin Nedwick 2020-05-29

The game is okay. I just finished the game theoretically (upgraded all the cats to Max level) and it was a fun for a time waster, but nothing more. I wish more things would be added like different backgrounds, different maps, more cats, prestige cats, true form cats, etc. There\'s a lot that could be improved, but overall simplistic and entertaining.
Teresa Costa 2020-11-29

This game is great and I would recommend it because it connects to other games and you can get prizes from just jumping around and if you don\'t believe this comment, go check out who created this game and who created battle cats (the game that you get prizes from this game). But one complaint, I just got a new high score of 223967 but I crashed so I lost it. I got really upset and now I keep dying and im getting horrible scores.
wrqth of pee 2020-04-09

I love your other game (Battle Cats) but when I open Go! Go! Pogo Cat, It just crashes and exits me out, and it says that Go! Go! Pogo Cat has stopped working so please fix this, and it seems that other people have experienced this problem too, and I\'m on a Samsung as well as a bunch others who have had this problem so hopefully you can fix this problem and I also uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it still didn\'t work. This is really long though so I should stop writing.
Cronicalninja_YT 2020-03-29

Ok don\'t get me wrong the game is really good but now I can\'t get into the game without it kicking me out. But the two things I want to say is 1. Make the challenges easier. 2. Please please please bring back battle cats rangers that game was great. If you are seeing this Ponos, just please do me a favour and bring back battle cats rangers, thank you and have a good day
James Mathew 2020-03-25

It was a decent game but it feels like it\'s missing something. The objective is clear but it\'s not enough. Maybe instead of one at a time make it like 3 or 5 at a time so that players have more choice instead of 1. Also add in buffs and stores that uses coins as its currency. Store sells buffs and some characters (probably). Also create a cat that can give us 3 jumps(without the small cat). For buffs maybe a buff that can make us jump higher or doubles our gems. I dunno thx for reading this.
R Dreher 2020-09-15

i really like this game! the reasons why i gave it 4 stars though is two things : first that for the battle cats rewards you get in this game if you go into the mission log is says collect again even though you can\'t and that\'s super annoying. also i wish that you could turn off the leafs blowing around during the pogo runs because it\'s annoying to hear the swoosh and also it\'s destracting. otherwise a really nice game and i like it even more than battle cats!! enjoy it everyone !!