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Description of Go.Learn

Go Learn empowers learners to access learning content at any time, anywhere. View courses, learning plans and shared content, while tracking your progress both online and offline. Access your content using channels, or upload your own photos or videos from your mobile device to share with others across your organization.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.4.1 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Docebo

User Reviews


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Justin Jones 2020-05-28

\"Don\'t blink. Don\'t even blink. Blink and your test is dead. This app crashes fast. Faster than you can believe. Don\'t turn your back, don\'t look away and Don\'t Blink! Good Luck.\" This app crashed no less than 3 times while trying to do an exam- including one time on the final question- and wiped out my answers every time. I hadn\'t moved off the exam the entire time, had been answering questions quickly but it still crashed with no explanation. Worse than useless.
Tom Keightley 2021-01-02

Cannot log in, keeps asking for url. Input then says your off line. This has been going on for 9 months now. Needs to be sorted.
Shaune Peebles 2019-06-20

I don’t understand all the low reviews here; this app is awesome. It’s a perfect companion to the learning that I need to carry out on desktop, and it’s an easy interface to manage - including the login process, which works fine with our company’s SAML SSO. Great job; looking forward to more updates.
April Davidson 2019-08-20

After downloading the app it kept asking for a URL but absolutely nothing worked, even copy and pasting from my employers original email. I have downloaded this app 3 times and all 3 times I have been given the same error message.
P Wodi 2020-08-26

It\'s slow and unresponsive, but by far the most frustrating thing about this app is it does not record your progress. If you leave during the middle of a course, expect to start over from the beginning. If you are actually able to complete a course, expect to start over from the beginning. Want an actual website to log into in order to complete your courses? Apparently it doesn\'t exist. Looking for assistance with this bug infested app? Apparently that doesn\'t exist either. Terrible experience.
Trish Wilkins 2020-06-04

Does NOT save progress! I spent over an hour doing a study session provided by a college and all I did was go to a previous page and all my work was forgotten. I had over 75% completed and it just forget it all. On my computer it saves my progress, this app does not. When I completed a separate class, I could not save or exit the screen and lost all my hard work from that aswell. Please fix this, it\'s absurd.
Paul Jordon 2020-06-23

I-car makes you download this app and can\'t even use it to take a course. About all I can seem to accomplish is download a printable copy of testing, clicking on start course now does nothing. Really see no use for this app from a mobile view point.
Frank Williams 2020-07-20

What the heck is platform url! Why so complicated? App doesn\'t work. Icar shouldn\'t allow their users suffer with this app.
Tricia Burroughs-Vo 2020-02-28

Not good for androids. It was perfect for first use. Then after that, it has many bug issues from screen not loading, profiles not opening, videos don\'t play, randomly shuts down. But apparently people who has it on apple says there\'s nothing wrong with theirs. Not cool & our company is losing money from inactivity since switching to this app & waiting for go.learn to fix the bugs.
Adam Shepherd 2021-01-27

This app is garbage you can not log on. Wish I could give it a 0. FIX YOUR APP!