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Description of Go Puffer

Tap and hold going down, then release going up.

The Puffer want to go up higher and higher.

Brave little Puffer lives deep in the ocean.

Curious little Puffer tries hard to go over the wave, but his tiny fins never help to fly.

Hopeless little Puffer, he swims around to eat clams on the ocean floor.

By mistake, he slides downhill and finally finds the way to speed up!!

Proud little Puffer, he starts up and down on the ocean floor for his giant journey to reach the sky out of the water.

▶ Make Energetic Flying!

Puffer is a passionate fish for flying. You can help Puffer’s dream comes true!

▶ Fly Over the Sea Level!!

Speed up jumps will let Puffer go over the water!

▶ Smooth Jump, Bring FEVER MODE

Make smooth landing on the slope, Puffer will enter FEVER MODE!!

▶ Catch Coin & Get Bonus Point!

Try to catch coins on the slope and get extra bonus!

▶ Easy & Simple Control

Everything you need to do is, just tap and release! No other skills needed!

▶ Pick your Favorite Fish

Collect coins from the gameplay and get a new fish from Fish Shop!

Let’s Fly! Go, Puffer!

Just tap and release, that’s everything you need to make Puffer fly!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.03.02 Publish Date:2022-05-16 Developer:KROSS GAMES

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