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Description of Go TELLO - programming the drone flight

If you got bored with flying Dji Ryze Tello and you would like something more than the official application offers, then try ours. In a very simple way, you will be able to program your drone. He will execute your instructions exactly. Step by step according to your diagram, the drone will do whatever you want.

You can choose:

- move left, right, forward and back by the set value,

- rotation from 5 to 360 degrees to the left or right,

- change flight altitude*,

- flips in different directions*,

- change flight speed*,

- idle state, go to step*.

You can save* created diagrams or send them to friends who can test them on they own Tello. The number of steps is unlimited *. The created commands can be edited, deleted and reordered using the "drag and drop" method.

Our application does not require any programming skills. Everything takes place in a user-friendly interface that you will master very quickly.

In the application, you can use metric (cm) or imperial (inch) units.

All commands are based on the official Ryze Tech SDK.

* applies to the PRO version that can be unlocked inside the application.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:0.9.2 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Ready Square

User Reviews


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Edward K. 2019-01-05

The app will never execute the land command. I have to manually press the drone power button to pkwer it off. The official app can still control it but cant land it since that app did not initiate the takeoff. works fine in the iPhone version of this app but not android, not for me. I will be pursuing a refund of the pro version.
Lee Evans 2019-02-17

i havent tried app yet. I alteady paid for the controll app($5) Bought the drone that comes with out controller. that sucks. dont get me wrong. its a great drone but why should i have to pay so much for the programming app. lower to $1.99 and you may get five stars.
Lucky Eddy 2020-07-19

Lots of bugs. Sometimes doesnt land the drone. Does not follow orders completely. Continously keeps on losing connection with the drone.
James Wills 2020-12-27

demo worked fine, but I do not see video or picture ability. main purpose of getting a video drone is to take pics or video. i like the ease of setting steps up for drone to follow auto pilot style, but with out video and pic control, not really useful.
Al Harbison 2020-12-20

I own a few drones, and this one is not worth over $100.00 may be $25.00. And that if it would start up. I was thinking about buying the advanced software, but if does the same I would hate myself to buy it. As it tries to pair it gets really hot to the hands. I would think that this can be dangerous if you have an infant, It would be really hot for their hands. I don\'t know if I should try something else by them that would be really useful and be able to get a job using the drones.
Grant Kuhn 2019-01-02

You can take off land turn and all the rest you have to pay for it I understand in app purchase but if there is no real use unless you pay then it should not be free (false advertising) it should be payed from the start I down loaded opened and then u installed it all in less than 2 min
David Tierney 2020-02-28

You have to pay to use a lot of commands and the UI needs improved.
Tom Rottinghuis 2020-12-27

Very basic options in the free version, and only the up and down commands actually worked.
Anisha A 2018-12-05

If you have to pay for an app after installing but before using, it is indeed useless
Randy Davis 2019-12-31

Works as it should and I like it just wish there were more command options 👍please make this happen if possible.