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Description of GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel

GOAT is the global platform for the greatest products from the past, present and future.

Shop new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories from around the world. Discover exclusive drops, new releases, vintage finds and archival styles. Now shipping to over 170 countries.


Explore over two million listings from streetwear and designer brands including Nike, Air Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garçons, Supreme, Gucci and more.


Find the right products at the right price. Track upcoming releases, get notifications, save your most-wanted styles and place offers.


Shop street style looks, try on sneakers in AR and read GREATEST, our magazine featuring stories of emerging artists and industry veterans paving the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond.


Discover the greatest styles from the world’s leading boutiques, retailers and selected sellers with buyer protection guaranteed on all purchases.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:1.62.2 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:GOAT

User Reviews


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michael gross 2020-11-25

I honestly downloaded this app so I could leave this review in the hopes you would see it. You need to change your ad to have less of the white flashing. Im not epileptic but even i felt like I was about to become epileptic due to the ad. I am not hating on the app or what you do, just pointing out something to try and save you from lawsuits
Juan Delgado 2020-11-26

Last time the upgrade was bad but you guys fixed really good, I really don\'t know why keep changing the app and everytime is worst than the last one please stop!!! I love buying and selling shoes there but everytime you make it really hard and confusing, app is not fun anymore just keep it the way it was
Alexander Verás 2021-01-19

DOUBLE-CHECK THE SIZE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE! I really wanted to love this app, but I had an issue where the app changed the shoe size on its own whenever I clicked on the \"wants\" section under the shoe that I saved as M 10 and ended up with size M 8.5 instead of the M 10. It got here late on Friday and by the time Monday came around, it was too late to return it. Please fix this
A K 2020-12-28

The worst customer service I\'ve ever experienced. Early adopter, and volume user, I have frequent payment issues that take too long (weeks-months) to be fixed, rude service reps, repeated disappointing experiences. Otherwise it\'s a good app to buy/sell shoes, as long as you don\'t ever need customer service.
Adam Storr 2021-02-26

Customer service if you can call it that is like banging your head against a brick wall. If and when you finally do get a reply they appear to have not even read what you originalky wrote and refer you to policies that aren\'t relevant. All I ever get from this app is crashes and glitches. I\'ve been trying to sell now for 3 weeks and everytime I get 1 step further the app crashes. Trying to get past the 2 step verification currently but trying to confirm PayPal causes the app to crash! Poor GOAT!
Mikey Hanson 2021-01-20

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. DO NOT USE GOAT. Zero customer support. Horrible policies make it impossible to have a pleasant shopping experience. Their return policy is a joke. Everything they promise is a joke. You are completely at their mercy, if anything goes wrong with an order it comes out of your pocket. Negative 1000 stars, worst experience with a marketplace ever... Now I am out hundreds of dollars and hours of my time. Look up their BBB rating: 1.17/5 stars
Chris Oblosser 2020-12-14

Love hate relationship, I have done a lot of business through this app and it takes WEEKS to get problems resolved. The lack of customer support and service sucks. Will be using EBAY for a lot more of my sales and buys unfortunately. Have been waiting over a week for a payout. As well as items shipped via their only carrier UPS that continually loose and disregard packages that are worth hundreds of dollars. Waiting on action from GOAT for over a week now. In addition I can\'t even log into acnt
Adolla 2021-02-11

These reviews are wow... but I ordered a gold pair of JS Wings 3.0 and I\'m convinced the guy only wore them once. Insane used quality, plus turnaround time of 5 business days. I GOT MY DREAM SHOES IN FIVE DAYS. I was terrified of fakes or a beater pair. They promised they\'d be perfect and legit and they are. Someone at GOAT knows what they doing. Idk what all these bunk reviews are about. <3
Corey Gilmore 2021-01-19

New layout sucks. On the old layout all of the sizes were on one page and you didn\'t have to scroll them individually. To see offers you have to click on every single size instead of just using one page and scrolling down. ALSO I don\'t get app notifications for when I sell a item. I have to look in my email or open the app. That\'s a inconvenience if you want to confirm a order fast. The only notification I get are when you want to sell me something or when a shoe comes out.
Jamie Phipps 2021-02-25

Was sold sneakers that was classed as a new with good box. Clearly wasn\'t a good ,box was ripped down the side and had small puncture holes on bottom. Confused how it got past the quality control. Have to get refund that you only get store credit for and lose money on the shipping return for being lied to about the quality of what I brought.