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Description of Golden Farm Canyon

Start your farming life with the journey to the Golden Frontier! Catch a break and go to meet the cowboy adventures. On the way to success, help is indispensable and you can always count on the hardy Clyde and the beautiful Mary.

Build a charming farm in the mountains, restore the mine and get all the gold nuggets. Go on an expedition in search of gold! Use the extracted materials for interesting crafts. Help your neighbors, fulfill orders and their tasks. To become a real tycoon of the West, you will need all the gold of the valley. You have many options - choose your own way!

In the Golden Frontier adventure, YOU CAN:

— Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of gold rush!

— Go on an expedition in the cold north and become an experienced adventurer!

— Perform interesting and challenging tasks!

— Become part of an exciting story about gold miners and farming life.

— Create a better farm in the Wild West.

— Create your animal farm, and take care of animals and collect important resources.

— Restore the mine and get as much gold as you can.

— Assist neighbors with missions, quests and orders to improve their farm.

— Invite your friends from Facebook and play together!

All stories about cowboys and gold diggers are not equal to the opportunity to personally take part in the pursuit of gold and success. Can you imagine how much everything is necessary for your farming life and the maintenance of animals? Wise management of the economy will help to collect a rich harvest and prepare food for the jaegers, who will become your best assistants in your adventure.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-15 Developer:Criss Cross Games

User Reviews


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J.Y Silverstein 2019-07-25

love the game! The multiple tasks keep me very busy but I run out of energy too quickly. It would be nice to harvest something that gave you energy. Maybe a berry bush that gives you energy? And would be nice to find more supplies hidden in the bushes or something. Overall I really love the game.
Dawn Marie 2020-08-25

Google needs to step up to the plate & take on some responsibility of these VERY EXPENSIVE GAMES! Esp if u r paying into these game & it is glitchy!! Makes for even more misery & angry for spending the $! I have notified both Google play & the FCC & I will continue to do so until these issues are FIXED & THE $ spent on these games ARE CAPPED! This is ridiculous!!! It\'s not just this game either, all games like this.Also, dvlpr\'s full info should be present not just email!!! Sick of CROOKS!!!
Michelle T 2019-05-20

Seems like it would be interesting, but the controls are way too touchy. Tried to go to the boat to do the quest and shes going after 3 trees and a rock along the way. Cant look at a tree to see what it provides because shes off harvesting it instead. Waste energy just trying to scroll let alone actually harvest something.
Gerald Ferrington 2019-11-17

Great game a little touchy but you get used to it i guess. Had a goat just dissappear not sure if it was me or the game still a great game and hardly no wait time.Diamonds seem to be fairly easy to come by still early in the game tho not having to upgrade barn.Diamonds becoming rare lost a cow it disappeared.My axe shop disappeared.
Jessica Buckley 2019-12-30

It\'s a really pretty game, and looks like a load of fun, but it has two problems - one, it doesn\'t play well with Android Pie, my character is pixellated and weird, and two, I really dislike games where I cannot get the sound turned off without having to play through the entire tutorial. I\'m hearing impaired and my phone is very loud and my family does not like that. It\'s really annoying.
Lucy Teixeira 2020-07-15

Game would be nice if animals don\'t die in few feeds shouldn\'t die atol.also that tools can only be used once!? can only catch fish one time with same fishing Rod!? How Ridiculous and unrealistic..getting sick moving on.. Fews Games now is just money grab and too expensive,, and I wouldn\'t pay 100 dollars etc , children dieing of hunger etc, have to make better use of my money.
Lindell Davies 2019-09-19

Pretty average to be honest, the character is a squirming black block and the controls are very touchy. It\'s not that intuitive either. Will be uninstalling it.
Bonita McMullen 2020-02-23

Okay, so this \"blob\" figure that is supposed to be our character is mind baffling. I have a new tablet and there is no way it\'s not compatible. I\'ve noticed that I am not the only person complaining about this issue. Please fix and rating will go up
Valerie Frost 2020-10-18

I like the game but it takes to long to gain anything or get anywhere. I played all day and still didn\'t reach my goal. Uninstalling, it\'s so sad when you can\'t enjoy playing a good game.
Connie Noble 2020-02-26

I loved this game on my laptop, in Facebook, but my laptop friend, and the game will not play very well on my new tablet. Maybe the game is too old for new devices. I will play it once a week to see if issues are resolved. They are same as other players...main character is a black blob and u have to tap several times to harvest, etc. Fix this and I will be daily player. EDIT...don\'t ask for reviews until navigation is learned, lol. But character is still black blob.