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🌸🌿 Our main app has moved! 💜✨ Golden Thread is no longer being updated, but we've been doing some heavy improvements for our new app, 🌺 Labyrinthos Tarot 🔮. Find us on the play store.

Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancient tradition. Our belief is that tarot is not about revealing a fixed future, but giving you access to the self knowledge you need to make better decisions.


0. Your Mirror - as you save and store readings in your log, we build up data about you and your cards, making it easy for you to find patterns where they were once hidden.

1. Tarot Database - sortable and searchable database of cards, giving you details on meanings, keywords, suits and number.

2. Guided Readings - use either digital cards or physical cards to ask and reflect on your questions.

3. Log Your Readings - save and store not only your cards, but how you felt about them. Build a database of your thoughts and feelings and see yourself reflected back at you.

4. Illustrated Lessons - make learning the underlying foundation of tarot simple.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:0.0.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Labyrinthos Academy

User Reviews


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Amanda H 2019-05-14

Unfortunately, for the past 2 months I get constant reversed negative cards, with literal interpretation of the card, which isn\'t how reversed cards work. Yes, there will be a opposite meaning to the card facing up, but it isn\'t chaotic. Using tags such as hopelessness and depression (??) is just a rudimentary understanding of these cards. After 18 reversed cards, all negative, I just realized they used a 50/50 algorithm, which does not even attempt to be close to how a shuffled deck works.
Molly Palmer 2019-06-23

This fully functional app has no gotchas, no ads, no annoyances, and it us simple and clear to use. i love the design of the cards, and how the app tracks details over time, which gives you a sky high view of all your divinations (something a physical deck doesnt do). It\'s hard to imagine a better tarot app, whether you are skilled or just beginning your Tarot journey! So much appreciation for this!!
Babs Powers 2019-01-18

It\'s a beautiful deck. The physical one is even nicer (though out of my price range). Does what it does well, though i still have no idea what that square with the arrow, in the upper right hand corner does. Symbolism has usually been spot on, with the minor arcana lacking, somewhat. Would like to see the ability to add our own notes, or save draws other sources to make such notations.
Sweet Baby Jesus 2019-02-15

It\'s interesting and sometimes can be accurate but it just seems like most readings are negative. Almost every single daily card I get is in reverse. I know everday isn\'t going to be all rainbows and sunshine but this is just ridiculous! I\'m unistalling the app until the algorithm is fixed. I really wanted to like this app, it\'s very appealing to the eyes and is somewhat informative, but the description of the cards are too vague and most of my cards are in reverse no matter what reading I do. ✌
Rogério Pereira 2021-01-25

Excellent tarot app, I think it is actually the best one there is, on Android. I like the capability to log every reading and how you can learn about yourself. The readings are also eerily accurate and perfectly adapted to the questions you ask or just for your self assessment. The design is brilliant and a work of art. Also it\'s free with no ads! Kudos to the dev and thanks for such a wonderful app.
Sage of useless info 2019-12-12

I used to love this app, but all my past info and daily logs have just been erased. The developer doesn\'t reply to emails, the app hasn\'t been updated in over 2.5 years, and some features it has have never worked (like sharing your card, or notifications to draw a new one each day). It\'s with a heavy heart I am uninstalling this app, and maybe one day I\'ll find another app with similar or better connectivity.
MBZ 2019-01-22

Noticed a rather annoying bug. in the \"Brick by brick\" spread using my own physical deck, placement 4 and 5 I received the 5 of Swords and 10 of Wands upright, however when I input the cards om the app they ALWAYS display as reversed after several tries. Please fix this.
Misty Treviño 2018-11-23

I LOVE this app!! I admit that I do not know much about Tarot reading, but it is shocking how accurate the daily cards are!! And not just once or twice.... I mean at least every other card that I have drawn has been directly relatable to something that\'s going on in my daily life, or someone that is extremely close to me and part of my immediate circle!! I have not used the learning parts yet, but I can imagine that they will be just as spot on as the daily cards are for me!! In other words, go check it out!!
Keyboard Cruiser 2019-04-15

Almost perfect - nothing comes close to it! The only thing I would like to see added is an option to automatically save/log the card from the mirror. I have a busy life and sometimes forget to click save and select an emotion. Can you guys add the option to auto save? cheers! If this option is added, I\'ll gladly donate money to you the developer. Just send me an email!
Loki Dubsteper 2019-10-30

This app is exactly what anyone interested in tarot wants and needs. There\'s no ads what so ever, they give beautiful descriptions of each card, and the very way the cards are drawn help give them each a sense of character as they should. All in all, I\'d say this is an amazing app, very nicely made and from all the readings ive had, only 1 has been off, but then again, perhaps i just dont understand its meaning just yet. Tina, thank you so much for making this app!