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Description of Golf Battle

The most exciting multiplayer mini golf game battle!

Challenge real players from around the world, and make it to the top!

Gather your friends and play 1v1 or with up to 6 Facebook friends all together.

Super easy controls. Fun & intuitive gameplay.

Battle with your friends in a Golf Battle!

Play with your friends on more than 120+ mini golf courses in this exciting multiplayer PvP golf game

- Play with up to 6 friends at the same time

- Beat your friends in a multiplayer mini golf battle

- Play golf on the same course as your friends and watch them in real time

- Show your friends your impressive golf clubs and custom balls

Easy to Get Started - the perfect Golf Game for Casual Players

Play on beautiful courses against golfers around the world in real-time online multiplayer matches!

- Collect and upgrade clubs and custom balls

- Show off your amazing trick shots in the Lucky Shot Challenge and win great prizes

- Experience huge slides, big jumps, crazy loopings, cold ice tubes, wild rivers, strong winds and other obstacles

- Play, progress & unlock loads of cool levels

Come on in & join the minigolf putting party!


- Innovative 6-player online multiplayer.

- Play together in real-time with real players across the world.

- Play with your friends. Just with 1, or up to 6 all together!

- Relax and take aim in Classic mode.

- Simple, intuitive controls. Fun, addicting gameplay. Fancy clubs.

- Awesome 3d graphics.

- Win prizes & powerful golf gear.

- Unlock & upgrade your clubs.

- Level up and progress through 120+ holes, courses and levels.

Multiplayer Golf battle

Pine Forest

A clean green awaits you in the Pine Forest. Expect straight Mini Golf action from start to end.

Rocky Mountains

Like Golf in the desert, but it's actually you are actually golfing in the Rocky Mountains! The dry nature of the courses makes it mandatory to avoid the dangerous sand pits and moving objects, if you don’t wanna fall behind.

Snow Valley

Are you the Golf King? Put on your ice crown and enjoy some cold levels featuring water, ice, loopings and a lot of fancy stuff that guarantees that your hands won’t be freezing while holding your club!

Mayan Jungle

Water, trees and a lot of green differentiate the Mayan Jungle from the Golf desert. Take a swing and explore countless options to master the levels in this minigolf jungle.

Windy Cliffs

Gushing springs, a lot of wind and beautiful levels await you in the Windy Cliffs. Just when you think you’ve seen it all the Windy Cliffs will test your golf swing. Be prepared for a golf battle with mother nature!

Invite your friends to short and exciting multiplayer golf battles and determine who is the golf king!

Download this awesome pvp mini golf battle on mobile – get Golf Battle NOW!

With Golf Battle, you experience a real golf battle on a miniature golf course with real opponents!

This game needs an internet connection to play

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More Information Of Golf Battle

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:1.23.0 Publish Date:2021-09-08 Developer:Miniclip.com

User Reviews


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Steve B 2021-01-19

Fun, but glitchy and no support. I like the game when it works, but there have been too many occasions where I\'ve paid coins to enter a match to not get in, and I\'ve also been playing and then get suddenly kicked back to the main menu. There is no in-game support option to raise these issues to both: a) create awareness for the developers to address; or b) to get your coins back. I can\'t take the game seriously, and I certainly won\'t pay any real money to play.
Ben Dub 2020-12-23

Edit: what the hell is going on with the a angry birds music?! Amazing game! I\'ve been playing for almost two years and it\'s still one of my favorite \"go to\" games. One of those games I always install first when l get a new device. I don\'t agree with any of the negative reviews on here. The new shootout feature is great. I never run into any bugs. I\'ve never noticed hackers or cheaters. Plus, I think this is the only game where there are NEVER any ads! Great game!
Carol Lotus 2021-02-01

It would be an amazing experience if it wasn\'t almost unplayable due to the amount of crashes. 50% of your attempts to enter a match end up in crashing the app, you lose a lot of money because of this and makes it very frustrating. If you log in using Facebook it\'s even worst, the app crashes 60% of every attempt to start a match... It\'s a pity, could be a great game
Dan Hinton 2021-03-14

Don\'t waste your time. Absolutely terrible game. Can\'t even play it cuz it glitches Starts off great. Then you level up and the game starts to lag when your on wifi or 5g. When it lags it\'ll kick you out of the game and keep your tokens. I\'ve had over 20k worth of tokens taken because of the game lagging. Such a rip off. Don\'t waste the space on your phone. You can\'t even write to anyone telling them your problem! Definitely don\'t spend any money in the game either or they will take that too!
Nicole Marr 2021-02-04

Update: I see improvement! It often kicks back to the main screen after your entry fee is taken on the first round when you launch the game still. But I\'m noticing the the entry fee is being returned without needing to force quit the game. I was also kicked mid-round and I saw I got my entry fee back. Keep up with the improvements Devs!
Noemi Tirado 2021-01-19

I think the December unpade messed up the game, it\'s been a lost worse since then. Ads won\'t play like they used to I\'m order to get free coins, sometimes I get glitched out of the game before it ends, and sometimes a chose a game to play, it takes my coins, and the game never starts.
Rivian92 2021-01-04

Great game bloated with bugs. I would rate it 5 if they actually managed to fix them all. First, it was the occasional game that took the money and simply didn\'t start. That money comes back after a restart, but it\'s more and more frequent lately. Now, I sometimes get the game breaking completely, being stuck in a map, and the graphics collapsing. As well as the \"No opponents available\" glich.
Colin Warke 2021-02-12

Edit!! Finally uninstalling. Cannot stand spending hours building up coins just to have them disappear when you play a BIG game. Good, frustrating fun when working. Quite often I\'ll start a game, the coins will disappear then it just goes back to home screen. Happens on home wifi, 4g, 5g, at work... everywhere. Since upgrading to S21, the app struggles when 3 or 4 balls are on screen. This makes it very hard to judge shot power.
Justin Hansen 2021-03-03

Fun game but buggy. Usually, there are \"no videos available\" for freebies. When they are available, the reward is often not granted, despite watching several videos. The game itself is fun but the progression is terrible without the ability for ad supported bonuses. I\'d consider sending some money but there is too much I am missing out on without the free stuff to supplement it.
SurfWalker Studios 2021-01-19

I use to love playing this game, but now it\'s so hit and miss with constant dropping issues. Seems the same comments have been made before , but the game development team shows zero interest in fixing the game.