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Description of Good App, Self Improvement app for beginners

Good App is a self improvement and personal growth apps suite, helps you to become a better version of yourself and improve your quality of life. You can use it for Personal Growth, Self Discipline, Self Control, Focus & Productivity, Motivation, Learning, Brain games, Stress buster. There is something for everyone in good app.

21 days challenge and Self Improvement Program for your personal development

10+ Categories, 36+ Apps

🌱 Self Improvement Program

⚙️ Productivity Suite

🔤 Brain games

📱 Digital wellness

🧘 Stress Buster

🙌 Motivation Punch

💡Knowledge Bytes

👉 Our unique design is made of bundles, GoodApp has everything you need from morning to sleep to improve the quality of life

👉 Self Reflection

Habit Builder A tool which helps you to build good habits in life

Home Tasker A tool which helps you to live an organised life

Task Dashboard Helps you to understand your task history and plan better, supports Streak view

Mood & Sleep Diary

Money Diary

👉 Morning Bundle Toolkit to start a perfect morning

Morning Booster Start your day with positive energy

Mood/Sleep Diary Track your mood/sleep and learn from your behaviour

Positive Affirmations to overcome negative emotions, supports sound and record your own voice

Daily Routine Create a routine and improve your life

Journal Your personal journal to note down your thoughts

👉 Productive Day, a bundle to spend a day full of productivity

Pomodoro 25-5 technique to work effectively

Today ToDo A simple and powerful today todo checklist with reminder option for a productive day

Background Music/Noise A tool to create sound environment to work, study and relax

Interval Timer

Task Tracker Track tasks you do with streak

Notes Minimalistic yet powerful notes

Checklist Create checklist for all of your needs and live an organised life

👉 Sleep Bundle to improve your sleep

Stress Buster to help you lower stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Music Helps you to relax, sleep OR meditate

Deep Breathing An intuitive way to do breathing exercise with soothing music

Journal before sleeping

👉 Digital wellness Use the phone in a better way and live distraction free.

App Blocker Spending too much time Social Media or Messaging Apps? It helps you focus by restricting the usage of apps. Our unique approach will help you to convert idle time into useful time with our motivational features. 🔒 Parental lock is supported.

App Privacy lock Lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorised access and guard privacy. It supports number, pattern and biometric lock.

Notification Assistant Your own personal assistant to manage your notifications. It will help you guarding your time by scheduling the notifications in batches.

Notification Inbox All the notifications at one place. The future of notifications management is here.

Screen Reminder A subtle reminder you can configure when you use the screen for long time

👉 Good Timepass A good recipe to let your phone entertain you

Word Wizard & Word Box Fun brain games to improve memory, focus and vocabulary

Vocab Builder Learn & Improve your english

General Knowledge

What is Today Events and History about today

Interesting facts Interesting and bizarre facts to learn

Lifehack tips Daily life hacks

Motivation Quotes by famous personalities


Popular 2048 brain game

Tic Tac Toe A stress buster and mind exercise

Connect the Dots Simple yet powerful stress buster game

👉 Widget

👉 21 days challenge

👉 Dark theme

Our users call us Swiss Army Knife of self improvement world. Check reviews.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.0.7 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:Team GoodApp

User Reviews


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Tim Knittle 2020-10-28

The \'good\' app became the BAD app almost overnight after its most recent updates. As if it wasn\'t enough to get annoying repetitive ads in navigation, now they included ridiculous time limit, sometimes reducing my time on their app to less than 10 MINUTES before locking me out of my favorite features and demanding I pay for their services like PIRATES. I\'m quite displeased and quickly considering uninstalling and discouraging everyone I know from using this app if this continues.
Kim Noonxer 2020-07-31

I like this app, it has a lot of features that you can use like play games, read quotes, learn new interesting facts and etc. 😊👍
Robyn M 2021-01-21

This app is amazing and has been such a lifesaver. It allowed me to delete several different apps so that I can do everything I need in one space. It took a bit of time to get everything set up, simply because there are so many different features. I added all of my daily routines, habits I want to build, tasks around the house, a couple of checklists of recurring work-tasks. After that initial setup, it is so quick and easy, and everything shows up on my dashboard based on the frequency I specified. Now I start my day by running through my schedule and checking in with the journal and the mood tracker. This app has helped me establish a strong morning routine, stay present and positive throughout the day, and keep on track with all of the stuff I need to get done throughout the week. I also really appreciate that the team seems to be very receptive to customer feedback, as many of their updates are in response to suggestions and they have an easy space to add any feedback. Thank you for this wonderful app!
Trustfrated bc of Tae 2020-11-20

Something I really needed. I didn\'t know just one app can help me focus and be a better version of myself. It has almost everything you need just in the free version. App blocker- block certain apps by time, days, hours of usage, for x hours. Journal- can write anything. Pomodoro timer, Phone usage- tracks the time you use apps. Gives positive affirmations and motivational quotes. Little game like quizzes. Zen mode, habit builder/breaker. Notification assistant and Much much more!! It\'s Worth!!
Ashley Martin 2020-12-02

This is an outstanding app that just covers every part of life with optimism, positivity, and just overall GOOD things that are healing to us. You just need to experience all of the therapeutic aspects of the app yourself to be able to see just how much this app includes to nurture the mind, heart, body, and soul...
Ericah Tiñana 2020-12-16

Must try app, and is really helpful. The only issue is that I can\'t use the journal, I can\'t type anything on it whenever I tried to put something on the text area my keyboard is not displaying. I switched to google keyboard but still the same. *Just the journal other features are fine working.
Jacob Southwick 2020-07-27

This is a great app and I like how it has great quotes that motivate you and also some cool interesting facts.
Victoria White 2021-01-25

Creative + thoughtful app with the multitude of useful and fun/educational features that many people should utilise for self-care in this uncertain world. I like that many elements can be adjusted for the times/days and the length. I wish breathing intervals can be adjustable too. All of the app\'s elements have been well researched 💖 And it\'s beautifully crafted too! May be random animals could appear on app page for daily achievement? 😉 🌷🌱🌈
John Davis 2020-10-21

One of the best all-around personal development growth app there is. This helps you with productivity, it gives you motivational quotes in the morning, it will stop apps from starting that distract you, The Only Fault of the program is that it doesn\'t allow you to restart the app if you accidentally press the wrong one. Still it\'s hard not to give this program five stars
Siya 2020-10-10

problems i found & features that can be added are: - can\'t copy text from notes - deep breathing time is long enough to brain damage after long term if you keep holding your breathe for such a long time(in-hold 10s/ out 10s) - no multitask for shortcuts -Add homescreen shortcut for phone usage -hide the user input pin while typing of privacy lock - in sleep diary, would be easier to track sleep better if it consist time range from time you go to sleep upto time you wake up Overall nice app👍