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Google Chat

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Description of Google Chat

Google Chat is an intelligent and secure communication and collaboration tool, built for teams. From ad-hoc messaging to topic-based workstream collaboration, Chat makes it easy to get work done where the conversation is happening.

• Group collaboration that allows Google Workspace content creation and sharing (Docs, Sheets, Slides), without having to worry about granting permissions

• Side by side editors, one click meetings, scheduling, document creation, and shared files, tasks, and events make it easy to get work done

• Google search functionality, with options to filter for conversations and content that you’ve shared

• Ready for Enterprise, with the full benefits of Google Workspace security and access controls including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search, and Export

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-18 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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Zdeněk Zikán 2019-07-14

It\'s embarrassing how bad are Google\'s messaging solutions. I can\'t communicate with anyone without GSuite, I can\'t talk with our customers who use GSuite on another domain, I can\'t talk to the \"old\" Hangouts, so it\'s utterly useless. Google always comes up with new messaging solution and once they get it to useable level, some dumb product managers decide to discontinue it and replace with something half-baked. Now there are like 5 different messaging/calling apps, each incompatible and useless
Nina Trankovа 2019-07-08

Great potential for in depth online communication. The best functionality in expression by all kinds of text, documents and visuals. One cannot be mislead for the context while interacting on the Internet.
James Kuruc 2020-12-22

My biggest complaints: #1. There is no customization. I can\'t tell the difference between a \'Chat\' message and a generic app notification. #2. It\'s not a straightforward as Hangouts to start a new conversation. They\'re trying to replace a core messaging up with a Teaming application. #3. Any attachments sent to a Hangouts user (aka. almost everyone else) sends a link to the user to view in the Chat app. Meanwhile attachments between Hangouts users still works seamlessly. #4. Back to #1. If I keep Hangouts for seamless backwards compatibility, there is no way to prevent Chat from making a secondary notification sound. And I surely don\'t want Chat to be my ONLY sound since I can\'t tell the difference between a message and ...a LocalFlavor 25% off push notification that I can\'t disable. But otherwise, yes, it works. Like all Google products, they sunset working products that everyone loves for something hacked together and not what the users want or need.
Christopher Smith 2020-12-19

Hangouts was so much better. I can\'t find one thing I like about this. Font seems smaller. I miss being able to video chat from hangouts. This is so bare bones it\'s pitiful to see this as the successor to hangouts. May as well just send a text message. This may make me use Facebook messenger more now since so much is integrated into it
Matthew Kurowski 2019-10-10

Don\'t downvote app \'cause it\'s not free: Description states G Suite customers only. App is fine albeit limited compared to desktop counterpart. Still, on a phone/tablet, it\'s solid and reliable. Does not work well (fails signin) on personal Chromebooks running Play store app. Would like to see status editing and ability to have separate mute/notifications for mobile/desktop/web. Saving a search or room to PDF would be sometimes useful too. Voice accessibility?
Samir Agarwal 2020-11-30

The app is actually superb for organizations. It just needs to add voice message and improve search like what\'s app.
Siva G. 2020-10-16

Needs more improvement. 1. (Severe) Conversations are extremely hard to follow since the UI designed in a way that it\'s getting stacked one below the other. Pls make it as a threaded view just like every other im app out there. 2. Bring dark mode to Android 9 and prior versions (not critical). Not sure if you\'ll ever read this comment in the first place thanks.
Cløck Wørk 2021-02-17

OK. This app is interesting. It seems better than Hangouts at first glance, but then, when you start using this app more often, you start to see that while Hangouts might not support or have everything this app has to offer, it was way more simple to use. Sure, Hangouts doesn\'t support dark mode and this app does, but seriously. C\'mon! This app, while it seems to be there to help us text with more ease, it\'s just pointless. This app has its pro\'s and con\'s. Pros: dark mode, you get to react to messages, etc... Cons: so complicated, lags like crazy, new call system is rigged. Basically, this app\'s like Discord. But it\'s Google. Good app but not good enough. I encounter problems like, not able to view a picture message through Hangouts when I started to use Chat. Also, it lags like crazy when I use this on my laptop. Google, I know you\'re trying to make our lives easier, but I think you messed up on this one...
Brian L. 2021-03-12

Major improvements but still not quite a Hangouts successor. I don\'t like that I can\'t see who\'s actively caught up on chat in a thread/room-- particularly useful in smaller chats. I also wish I could view youtube videos in the chat on mobile and that the desktop version had a native darkmode toggle option. Animated GIF support in avatars would be nice, it\'s just fun.
Jesse Wismann 2019-12-18

Can\'t use chat without a G Suite account. I already pay for storage, now you want another 15/month + Google music + any other Google product. Android was great when everything didn\'t require a subscription to use. Not to mention the fall off of usable messaging apps leaves us with Hangouts... Probably the biggest piece of garbage from Google and they rarely fix or change anything useful. They usually just scrap apps and start new. PEOPLE DONT WANT A NEW MESSAGING APP EVERY 6 MONTHS!