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Description of Google News - Daily Headlines

Google News is a personalized news aggregator that organizes and highlights what’s happening in the world so you can discover more about the stories that matter to you.

Stay up to date on your interests

• The For You tab delivers the top stories across all your favorite topics and sources in one place. Deep dive into science, entertainment, fashion, sports, finance or whatever else you care about.

One story. Numerous perspectives.

• With Full Coverage you can be informed on how a story is reported from a variety of sources. With just a tap you’ll see recent headlines from different sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, news analysis, social commentary, and a timeline of events for stories that developed over time.

Breaking news

• The Headlines tab offers an unfiltered view of top and breaking news articles from around the world. Additional sections let you dig in to more on tech news, business news, travel news, national and international news, health and more.

Discover new sources and topics

• The Newsstand tab makes it easy to find and follow the sources you trust, as well as browse and discover new ones.

Access your favorite news and magazines subscriptions, together

• If you want to support your favorite news publisher, we’ve made it simple to subscribe with your Google Account. This means no more forms, credit card numbers, or new passwords. Easily access them all within the same app.

A smart news app built for every phone, everywhere

• Google News is designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and levels of connection.

• When your connection isn’t strong or you need to save data, Google News will continue to work smoothly by slimming down the size of images and downloading less data.

• Articles can be downloaded over Wi-Fi to save for reading later when you are offline.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-09-14 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Jason Schwandner 2021-02-17

The weather icon in the top right hand corner of my briefing shows the wrong location, clicking it still shows the wrong location and there doesn\'t seem to be an option to change it. I don\'t care about the weather in some other city/state, I want to see it for my own.
Eli Fennell 2020-12-18

It\'s been months since the Android version of this app for Chrome OS was switched to the Progressive Web App. In theory, this could be great. In practice, the PWA has not achieved parity. It finally got a Dark Mode option, but still no Direct Sharing to other Google News users, no Push Notifications (or they don\'t work), and not fully touch friendly (some elements hidden until you hover over them with a Mouse). This feature gap is unacceptable. Please address these shortcomings.
D Wong 2020-11-15

Alright, Google. Some developer forgot to put a \"go back\" button from the \"full coverage\" pages. Now you have to go to the main menu and start viewing the article list over and over and over again. (Does anyone ever test software anymore?). UPDATE: Problem still exists (on Chromebook). App will put you into a webpage with no way to go back.
Harlan Chizen 2020-12-10

Excellent news aggregation for U.S. news, excellent for local news. Google News\'s local coverage beats all others I\'ve tried. It also does a good job focusing on niche areas of interest, which no competitor does (e.g., photography).
Boris Dongarov 2021-01-03

I use it daily, but a couple of things are really annoying and don\'t get fixed. First and foremost, when I\'m watching a video and rotate the screen to see it in landscape, it\'s not smart to reload the page! And make me watch ads once again! Second, my default web browser isn\'t chrome. Why do I only have Open in Chrome option in the page menu?
Aakash Khare 2021-01-29

This app is a pretty good choice to stay updated with the news, but the problem that I\'m currently facing with this app is that it does not shows the news notifications in the background. Whenever I open the Google News application, the app suddenly starts showing at least 3 to 4 notifications in the notification panel, but the same is not the case in the background. Please fix it.
Jizoan Zendo 2020-12-12

Like it couldn\'t get worse! Now it won\'t even open an article for the last couple of days. Constantly crashes, especially when articles update. Screen freezes at any time, sometimes minutes after opening, sometimes seconds later. Reading through reviews, lots of people describe the same thing! Fix it Google! It used to be a good App
J MG 2020-12-13

Alright, it seems like old issues can\'t simply go away with this app. Whether it is the now infamous \"Couldn\'t detect Wi-Fi connection\" bug (that curiously only happens to me when I open it while connected (!) to a network) to a news widget that only refreshes (issue not seen in other news providers) AFTER you open the app - instead of updating headlines upon Wi-Fi connectivity being reached - shows there\'s still a lot to be done to quash issues that simply too amateurish for an app this good.
IamAlsoDavid 2020-10-23

It has been good so far. It is unobtrusive and has provided interesting news items. It is not 5 stars yet (or possibly less) because I have not used it often enough to form an opinion on if the news is biased or not. Update.:. I am liking this app alot. I find myself checking it at least once a day without fail. I like that it sometimes asks if a particular news item is appreciated (hopefully getting a better understanding of what I like)
Michael Iles 2020-10-18

They\'ve really put a lot of work into the interface and quality of the app which, to be honest, wasn\'t very good in the past. It seems much more deliberate and with a much greater investment of thought in how it attempts to deliver the news in a \"context\" relavant format, as opposed to how it once felt as if Google was treating it as an afterthought just to have a cursory presence in newsreader apps. Much, much better, I o.