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Description of Google Play Console

Access your Google Play Console data from your Android device. Review your app's performance statistics and financial data. Be notified about your app's status and publishing changes. Read and reply to user reviews on the go.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:8.2.027 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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Brian Kaoma 2020-07-23

What should be done for Google to pay attention to the many complaints concering this app? This is one bugy app and its developers don\'t even care to looking at the complaints, going back as 2018. It doesn\'t appropriately synchronize especially with data on connected devices and crashes. There is a message \"error has occured\" which has been appearing for years, and so many other issues.
Nishchay Singh 2020-08-20

This app is really very buggy. Not even showing proper data, notification is enabled to notify me when ever my build get live to play store but that doesn\'t work. And the worst part is it show a message \"An error has occurred\" I am not sure what kind of error has occurred that you guys are not able to fix it from a year. Very disappointed with this app.
Sam Summer 2020-11-07

New play console is just ok not simple like classic one. Things are random you have to find everything with click click and click. Google policies getting harder and harder sometimes we don\'t even know which policy have been volitid don\'t know where the Google is going. Hope Console team will look in to it. And this app didn\'t get any updates. Google please make the things simple for us
Tom Bayley 2020-05-21

It\'s a shame that the application made by developers, for developers is lacking so many features. Just compare it to YouTube studio. On top of that there is the 1+ year old bug where the app list doesn\'t load at all and review filtering doesn\'t work.
Ciprian Stanescu 2020-01-26

I can not see all the info I see on the website version. For instance I can not see the feedback on my latest release. If I filter by last version, it does not work, as it also shows comments from other app versions. Edit: I complain about this in 2018; it\'s 2020 and still not fixed!! At least make the web-site version easily readable on a phone, as layout is distorted! I need to check the rollout at any hour everywhere I go, and I can only bring my phone with me!
Protonumus 2020-08-13

The new google play console was userfriendly in setup of new applications. I found the step by step approach helpful. However, I had no interest in uploading a banner, such was forced in idea to save. Console application will be useful in monitoring the reaction of the public, daily reports and notification system. Review by Protonumus [YouTube]
Sandip Soni 2019-10-19

I can\'t believe this app is for developers. Half of the times, when you open this app, the progress bar keeps going and going and what I have to do is, close the app and re-open it then only it\'ll show me my apps. Also it keeps throwing snack-bar saying an error occurred. Only god or the app knows what the error is as I don\'t see it getting fixed anytime soon. Such a pitty that google doesn\'t want to invest on apps for developers.
Narek Torosyan 2018-11-16

The app is good. The concept is great. Only problem - add basic release management (editing store listing and managing rollout channels is enough).
Jason Atwood 2020-11-17

Pretty reliable. This really allows me to get work done as an Android developer on my Android device. My only complaint is that the Releases page does not have a tab for Internal releases. If I want to promote something from internal to alpha/ beta/ production then I need to do it on the web page.
Velmurugan V 2019-08-31

Excellent app. I prefer this app over web as the reports here are more simple and straightforward then in web. But when someone rates our app it takes around 4 days for the details of that to appear which is bit frustrating.