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Description of Google Shopping: Discover, compare prices & buy

The Google Shopping app enables you to shop millions of items across thousands of stores with confidence. Buy directly on Google with an easy and secure checkout, using your Google account. When you buy on Google, your order is backed by a Google guarantee - with simple returns and customer support 7 days a week.

Easier shopping, all from one spot, no membership required

Whether you’re shopping for an everyday necessity, a gift, or something new and unique, you’ll find it easy to browse departments and products with the Google Shopping app. Google Shopping is free and doesn’t require a paid membership to enjoy all its benefits.

Thoughtful recommendations

Get deals and product recommendations just for you, inspired by your Google activity.

Compare stores, prices, and more

The Google Shopping app brings thousands of stores together in one place, so you can shop your favorite places or try somewhere new. Quickly compare prices, reviews, brands, and store availability to find the best option for you - both online and nearby.

Exclusive deals and free shipping

Save time and money on the go, with app-exclusive deals and promo codes from stores. Get free shipping on qualifying orders, with most items arriving within 3-5 days. Save even more with daily deals and frequent flash sales.

Download the app now to start shopping millions of items across thousands more stores - all in one convenient place.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:59 Publish Date:2021-04-19 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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Adam Castleberry 2019-06-05

I ordered an A/C unit through them and it arrived heavily damaged. The only remedy they provided was for me to return the unit, wait for a refund, and reorder the product, which at the time of that conversation was still in stock. Instead if thinking ahead to put one aside for me (which I assured as soon as the refund posted I would be reordering), they did nothing, and the product is now out of stock. They have basically told me I\'m out of luck and too bad. Will never use them again.
Lori Hazler 2019-02-16

i see a lot of people complaining about this app but let\'s take into consideration that it is still in it\'s beginning stages and it is a very big undertaking and i think has already made great strides to being a very useful service. if we send in our feedback and understand that Google is working with many big companies to help make shopping a little more convenient and competitive. instead of going to each individual website we now can shop at all our favorite stores in one place. be patient.
Matthew Troia 2020-02-24

Forced to use this app by Google home/assistant instead of Google keep (option removed by Google a year or two ago). App and assistant call them \"Lisr\" and the website calls it \"Saved items\" Please pick one.
Vanderlei Tadeu DeSouza 2019-03-16

It\'s a life saver. I\'m glad I can buy through several merchants within the app and that I\'ll pay all merchants at once with a single card. What I don\'t like: limited availability of products from one source. I can\'t buy all things from a single retailer. To buy everything I need, I\'ll get 4 or 5 different merchants, with varying minimum purchase thresholds to unlock free delivery. I hate to pay delivery charges and to avoid those, I end up buying more stuff than I initially wanted.
Tessa Raica 2019-04-23

First time using this was awesome. I have been looking for a new helmet that cost usually around $200 everywhere (not including shipping) and Google Express was able to give me a 20% coupon AND sale price. so all together it was $85 and FREE shipping.
Theodore Sanders 2019-07-22

just a Life Saver !!! I wear odd size shoes needed (must) have for my new job and I was starting to get very worried about finding them ! Google came thru like it wasn\'t nothing to them. with many choices ! From different brands I didn\'t know that carried my sizes and with\'s !! With the best prices and ratings ECT.... Thanks Google again for always being so helpful ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me always !
Maria Tarves 2019-09-29

It\'s pretty good. The search navigation is a little annoying because every time you click on something and then go back, you have to start at the beginning of the search. They have some good deals and coupons that have helped me. I just think they need more variety! But it\'s still a good shopping experience. I would love to leave order reviews but i can\'t find where to complete them! It just needs some fixes to be perfect.
Marwood Martin 2019-04-09

Okay Wow super impressed by Google shopping. 1st time user. I searched for what I was looking for clicked on add to cart searched a few more things I confirmed my purchases and paid and done. Again super easy and fast, keep it up team Google. I downloaded the app just now.
Greg G 2019-07-12

i received the wrong items. they told me I\'d have to return them myself for a refund. That is very inconvenient. Not only was I lied to through your merchant, but now I have to box and return these items and find a printer and packing supplies and drive to USPS and have wasted time waiting for them when I should have had them in the first place. This is a very unsatisfying outcome for me and I won\'t be using Google Express again. I only want the original product that was promised to me.
Nick Davidson 2018-12-20

Great first time experience! Everything is done inside the App, so you can shop and pay, but also receive your receipt and tracking number, all on the same page. I was offered a 20% off coupon for my first order. I saw Bestbuy had a deal on some Turtle Beaches I wanted. That deal plus the 20% off saved me about $40. This also included two-day shipping. The item arrives early and I was pleased. I have yet to return anything or have an issue. I plan on using Google Express consistently.