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Google Wifi

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Description of Google Wifi

The Google Wifi app will no longer be supported and will be removed from Google Play in June.

We’re moving the control of OnHub and Google Wifi devices to the Google Home app. You can easily migrate your Google Wifi network into the Google Home app, where you’ll be able to control your Wi-Fi network and other connected products in one place.

When you migrate, you’ll get features like:

Improved video conferencing on Google Meet and Zoom.

Better insights on your network, whether it’s a notification when a new device joins your network or detailed insights for troubleshooting a bad internet connection.

More ways to control your Wi-Fi. Use Google Assistant to pause Wi-Fi or check your internet speed hands-free.

After the Google Wifi app is removed, you’ll need to use the Google Home app to add new devices, or to modify, expand, or create networks.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-06-06 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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Michel S 2019-05-30

extremly difficult to map an entire week of parental control on off options. easily hacked , my son keep changing mac address and device name and he keeps playing his xbox and laughs at my new security. no option to say only certain devices have access and all others have no access even if they have the wifi password . no password to get in the app itself or parental control part of it . my son reset it and push the parental control against me !!!! come on google. !
John Johnson 2019-07-18

Just installed my 3 wifi units last week. Easy set up and noticed immediate greater coverage that was more quick than my original G-Fiber equipment. The only issue or problem I encountered was my HP printer; did not carry over to the new wifi (with the same name). Everything else did transfer seamlessly. I can recommend this to anyone to improve you wifi....
Davin Desborough 2019-03-27

The 3 puck system has been great in my house. Easy to setup and I get fast and reliable connections. I\'ve had the system for a bit over a year. The only issue I\'ve seen is that the app will misreport where a device is connected in the network. For example, something on the guest wifi shown as using a wired connection. Google has said they are looking into this in the help forums.
Alex Pham 2019-08-26

I\'ve had these for almost 2 years now. Google Wifi hubs are excellent and the app is extremely easy to use for novices. Easy setup, works perfectly across a large home with very little downtime, and low latency. However, a point is taken away for lack of more advanced options, inability to function as a normal LAN network without internet, inability to control via computer, and lack of throttling options available.
Mark Voreis 2019-09-28

Google has disappointed me greatly and has lost my respect. As I know tons of others have run into this issue (countless forums), it needs to be addressed before people make the same mistake. Google WiFi has this \"great\" feature that automatically changes the frequency bands for you (2.4 or 5 GHz) so when attempting to install a new device (ie: smart lights, owlet etc.) They HAVE to be 5 GHz capable or it will not work due to the fact that you can\'t manually set anything to one band or the other
George Golden 2019-03-31

it isn\'t the wifi point that is the problem...its the app doesn\'t work with your phones....i have all the latest updates and since you can say anything about my review and we can\'t respond, your suggestions are useless. i wouldn\'t leave a bad review if i hadn\'t already tried everything like that. (Edited after reply) If you had actually read the entire review, you would see that I have the latest updates. And the other review I told you I rebooted multiple times as well as uninstalled and reinst
Dusti Tornay 2019-10-22

Excellent product and easy setup. Very fast connections and the \"smart\" bandwidth assignment is fantastic. Would like to see more features such as being able to restart mesh network automatically by a schedule; being able to hide SSID, see who\'s connected to what mesh point, remove a device from network.
Tarjei Hofset 2020-11-27

Suddenly, I get logged out of the app and presented with the \"lets get started\" welcome screen (that does not work). I can no longer access the settings or make any changes to the setup. Tech support tells me that the only fix is to factory reset the whole system, and thereby loosing all my settings, DNS server setup, Static IPs and history. I am very dissatisfied with the help I got from tech support on the matter. They claimed that I must have used a different google account when I set it up, which is not possible, since I only have one account, the same one the last 15+ years. I will be throwing away the Google Wifi system and installing a different one. I advice you to do the same. EDIT after first reply from google: I forgot to mention that I tried using a different phone, A different OS, and I tried clearing the app data and cache on the app, in addition to reinstalling it.
Philip Gurgone 2019-09-28

Love everything about you Google WiFi except one thing. Please for the love of God give us the ability to kick unwanted devices off the network (not just pause their internet access). Other than that, it works wonderfully and the hardware is great too!
Leo Allen 2020-08-24

So far, so good. My new network (main router and 2 points) it\'s steady and strong. This app works well enough in my opinion. For those complaining about device naming - simply name each as you add them. The Label schedule needs work: give users the ability to simply enter start and stop times. Safe Search is ok, but could be better if given the ability to add specific blocked sites/domains as most traditional routers do. Overall, not bad. Just needs a few tweaks to be 5-star.