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Description of GoPro ProTune Bluetooth Remote: MultiPro

Supported GoPros: Hero 5, Hero 5 session, Hero 6, Hero 7, Hero 8, MAX

Limited support*: Hero 9, Hero 10

No support: Hero 4 and earlier

MultiPro allows you to control multiple GoPros at the same time and apply ProTune settings from your phone.

This app has several advantages over other GoPro apps:

Faster Connection:

By using Bluetooth instead of Wifi, this app connects to your GoPros significantly faster.

Longer Battery Time:

Bluetooth (BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy) requires up to 90% less energy than Wifi, hence your battery will last longer.

Connect Multiple Cameras:

If you use multiple GoPros at the same time, this app allows you to control all of them without the need to switch or re-connect.

Remote Control ProTune Settings:

Change important settings like Resolution, Frames Per Second, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Max ISO, Image Stabilisation and EV Compensation remotely.

Save Presets:

Save your settings as presets in order to easily apply multiple configurations to all your cameras.

Quick Settings:

Quickly set often changing settings like 'White Balance' or 'Maximum ISO' for all cameras from the control screen with just one click.

Supports FPV usage:

When using a naked GoPro on your drone, MultiPro allows you to set relevant settings such as sharpness, color profile, video format, etc.

No LiveView:

Please be advised that it is not possible to get a live feed of the video while using Bluetooth. Use the official GoPro app for this.

Only for taking Videos:

It is not possible to change ProTune settings for photos at this point.

* Limited Hero9 support:

At this point only start/stop recording, camera on/stand-by, change of fps and resolution works. It is not possible to change further ProTune settings on the Hero9.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.4.1 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:booman media

User Reviews


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Bram Kelder 2021-01-16

Tried the app with a Hero 9 and it works great. There are however some options missing, like 5K recording and minimum ISO. But considering the app is not tested with the Hero 9 that\'s a small price to pay for being able to tweak protune settings from my phone!
S B 2021-01-07

Used the app to control multiple GoPros remotely via phone in a professional setting, but works well for others as well due to the easy operation of the app. Recommended, thanks!
David Rowe 2021-01-19

Works as described. Fully functional bluetooth remote for multiple gopros
T Weston 2021-01-14

Incredibly useful app for syncing cameras- 100% recommend to any potential buyer
J P 2021-01-08

Swift connection to my GP7, straight-forward interface & handling
Konrad Iturbe 2021-01-18

Thanks for this app.
José A. Aponte 2021-01-26

Adam g 2021-01-30

Chris Derrick 2021-02-15

Trying to get the app to connect to my HERO8 BLACK is an absolute pig. The official GoPro app always connects without fail. *update* Everything appears correct as per your recommendations. It\'s a combination of having the switch my GoPro on and off and quitting/restarting the app before it eventually connects.
JAMESBFPV 2021-03-21

Does not include settings adjustments advertised!!! No sharpness settings, very upsetting