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Description of GoSpotCheck

A simple way to collect, structure, and share field intelligence.

GoSpotCheck is an app for enterprise customers. You MUST activate our application only after being invited by your company administrator to use GoSpotCheck. If you have not been invited to activate the application by your company administrator, you are not able to use this app.

Take photos, add notes, and complete forms through the GoSpotCheck Android app and share with your team seamlessly via our secure web-based dashboard.

GoSpotCheck is a web and mobile application that enables teams to easily share intelligence from the field. Set up missions to be completed at specific locations and get structured data back from the field in real-time. Say goodbye to offline forms, clipboards, and email updates and start getting easy to understand, structured data.

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More Information Of GoSpotCheck

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:6.6.0 Publish Date:2022-03-13 Developer:GoSpotCheck

User Reviews


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Tara King 2020-03-17

It keeps logging me out. When I finish our temp check it says it uploaded successfully but then shows last time completed was a few days ago so I\'m never sure if it actually uploaded. Kind of frustrating.
Jack Langford 2020-04-30

Spot check keep stopping and turning off. Reinstalled multiple times, and restated my phone, cleared memory. Still did the same thing. This morning it started working again. Thankfully I use this app for work multiple times a day.
Stephanie H 2020-04-08

Every merchandising audit company should use this app. It makes my tasks as an auditor come out more professionally, and it makes my company\'s reports so much more polished and thorough!
Gina 2021-01-30

1/29/21 Hello wanted to check in and let you know the app is still crashing when I try and get pictures. Its also starting to freeze up as well. If this helps: I\'m not using the store wifi, my phone is a note 9 I like the app, its straight forward and easy to use. But it crashes or freezes up when trying to take pictures to attach to the report. The only way to get it to work is to totally reboot my phone. I\'m using an android device, I don\'t hear my colleagues who use iPhone having that issue
Eric Hebner 2021-03-13

Was great until update 5.3.1. I am pretty sure the so called update to the camera app was meant to be good, but a camera that goes back to features from 2009? No zooming, no brightness controls, WYSIWYG picture taking. Wow! UPDATE: It is good, but not great, the added features are a good start, it is close to what it was before the change.
Cathy Rinkel 2020-10-29

I use this app everyday for work and it has its challenges. Unless there\'s a fantastic internet strength it takes forever to load. Yesterday it took 15 minutes to load my missions. It\'s very frustrating... this is after getting a different tablet. Also. I wish you would put a note section for each store so we don\'t have to look through the history to see what we accomplished or what problem we had at the store. Putting the info into the contacts area seems pretty archaic.
Phil Willman 2020-10-20

Very slow at times, and as another reviewer stated the camera now is iffy as to how the pictures come out - which is a necessary function for most missions our company builds. Also, any tap on the bottom buttons such as activity or settings takes you to the store list. A second tap on the desired button takes you to what you are seeking. And when GSC is slow makes it frustrating to complete stores.
Kathy Burton 2020-01-25

This is a very handy app. You can use it just about anywhere as long as you have internet. With the GoSpotCheck app you don\'t need to print up the various surveys, as they\'re all done through the app on your phone. Very handy.
Jennifer Higginbotham 2020-12-04

I love this app. It walks you right through the shop in the best order. I love how you take the pictures right in the app. This is the best interface of all the shopping companies.
Cathy Rinkle 2021-01-08

I like the app now that I got a new tablet. It would not upload all of my missions with the old tablet. My request is to PLEASE put a note section for each store... not just the contact list but an actual place for notes. There are several times ineededto refer back concerning voids and filled voids but haven\'t been able to without going into my history and scrolling through all of the missions. TY