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Description of GoTo

GoTo Mobile is a simple & secure fully integrated VoIP, meetings and messaging business solution. With GoTo Mobile, you and your employees can use personal devices for video & audio communications. You can now virtually meet, talk and text from a business number—without surrendering your private phone number.

You can also easily track metrics to gain insights into usage for each individual employee. Enjoy HD audio quality, battery-life optimization, and reliable mobile productivity anywhere you go.

Here’s why GoTo Mobile is perfect for your business:

Best in class VoIP solution (Powered by Jive):

Make and receive calls whenever you have WiFi or data over the most optimal OPUS G.711 standards, while keeping your personal phone number private.

Do Not Disturb:

Separate your business hours from your personal hours with our Do Not Disturb feature.

Hide Caller ID:

Now you can hide or display your business number when making calls.

Fully Integrated Meetings Solution:

Start and join meetings with your team and clients in very simple steps.

Contact Syncing

Sync your phonebook contacts and integrated email contacts right into your GoTo app.

Meeting Calendar Integration:

Booked a meeting in your calendar? We got you covered! You can now see your scheduled calendar meetings that are conducted over GoTo right in your mobile app.

Meeting Reminders:

Receive reminders for your booked meetings.

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More Information Of GoTo

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:0.0.1298 Publish Date:2021-11-12 Developer:LogMeIn, Inc.

User Reviews


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josh baer 2021-02-21

This app is like Whack-a-mole. Every time an issue is fixed another pops up. Lately it\'s been inconsistent on whether calls come through at all, or if it notifies me of new voice mails. It also shows all calls as missed calls unless I answer on my cell--even if I\'m at my desk and answer my land line. I have to manually view the latest \"missed\" call or it shows a bunch every time I open the app. It also takes too long to show a correct call history. Developer response below is to an old issue.
arthur pappas 2020-01-16

Worse than Jive Mobile. Too many issues to get into but here are the two main problems: 1. Keys are not recognized by many menu directing systems (example: \"press 1 for xxx\" does nothing). 2. There is no way to hang up or access the keypad during a call unless I swipe to go to the Android Home screen, then open the app, and then tap the live call icon. Lastly, if the developers read this review please don\'t instruct me to contact you about the issues -- I JUST DID. FIX YOUR APP.
Dylan Berichon 2020-07-30

This app will not ring calls through to my phone unless I have the app open. Once the screen goes off, its as though I\'ve exited the app. It will not run in the background, no matter what I\'ve tried. I\'ve missed a ton of incoming calls as a result. All the settings appear to be correct. Reading other reviews, it looks like I\'m not the only one with this problem. I wish my office used a different service all together. For the record, I\'m using build 651 at the time of this review.
Mark VanWey 2020-12-02

If I could rate ZERO stars, I would. This app is like a sloth, but about 3 seconds behind it. I have this app on an iPad AND a One+. Super slow on that iPad. Press a key, and it\'s at least 5 seconds before anything happens. Dialing a number is about a 30 second process. It\'s marginally better on the Android. Only 1/2 to full second delay on keypress. Also, the search function takes forever on both platforms. At least 3-5 seconds to get a result after you type the number or name. If you are forced to use it like I am, then it works, but I would rather watch gear oil drip out of an old car.
You 2020-07-23

Performance is even worse after recent update. Already had connectivity issues with calls ringing late or not ringing at all. Now the option to forward via simple button press is gone; calls can only be forwarded to contacts by manually entering extensions. And worst of all, the UI lags substantially with inputs not entering until pressed multiple times. These two issues combined create longer wait times for callers. Bad for business. Please fix. (Running on Pixel 3a)
Gabrielle Smith 2020-04-15

I\'ve found quite a few bugs with this app. Frequently when making calls the ringing continues even after the recipient has picked up the call. Less frequently but more than I\'d like, the ringing will continue even after I\'ve ended the call. Also, I\'ve found that in receiving calls the app will briefly ring but the call goes to my voicemail without further rings giving me time to answer.
Levi Drake 2020-08-11

I\'m writing this review after 5 months of daily use for a business. GoToConnect is incredibly frustrating. If you use your personal cell phone for business, it forces you to import all of your personal contacts, no other option. It defaults the contact list to all contacts. Load time is very slow on all pages and the meeting rooms are unusable. The app only rings through if you have it open and are actively looking at it. Won\'t work if it\'s running in the background. I don\'t recommend this app.
Express Medical 2020-01-30

Sucks. Doesnt display the caller ID name..just the number so I have no idea what queue the call is coming from. There is no ringing on internal calls. It uses the phone ringtone without any options to change it so I have no idea if its work or personal without digging it out of my purse. Then when another call comes in its ringing full blast in my ear... Jive wasnt like this.
Brendan Walsh 2020-02-04

Getting forced over here from the jive app. The app looks nicer but is missing caller ID on the initial call ring, which is pretty essential to handle higher call volume. Log me in, go to connect, and jive all have a pretty confusing mess of brand names. Get it sorted under one banner and brand. As soon as batter saver turns on in Android, start missing calls.
Katie Chaignot 2020-02-05

Jive Mobile was bad but this is far worse. When I\'m on a regular cell call and a Jive/GoToConnect call comes in, my phone starts ringing at full volume (while I\'m on the phone), converts my cell call to a speakerphone call, and won\'t let me decline the incoming call. Then, I can\'t switch my call off of speakerphone. NOT working on a Samsung S10. Uninstalling and hoping for an improvement in the future. Very frustrating that I can\'t effectively get notified of calls coming in for our business.