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Description of GoToWebinar

Webinars Made Easy - Being away from your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss out on online events. The free GoToWebinar mobile app lets you not only see and hear webinars, but take part in them as well. No matter where you are, you can ask questions, take part in polls and more.


For Attendees

Attend and participate in online events while you’re on the move.

• Join with just a tap.

• Listen in using one-touch dialing or VoIP.

• View the event speaker’s slide presentations up close.

• Participate in polls, raise your hand and ask the event speaker a question.

• View active speaker's webcam.

For Organizers:

• Schedule a single occurrence Webinar.

• Edit any scheduled Webinar

• View a count of registrants for an upcoming Webinar

• Share upcoming an Webinar's registration link

• We are working on adding support for scheduling recurring Webinars, so for now please log in from a computer to do so and watch for more updates in the near future!

For Presenters:

• Share your device's screen with the audience


There is no purchase necessary to attend a GoToWebinar event. Two easy ways to join:

• Tap an event link in the invite email or your calendar.

• Tap the GoToWebinar icon after you install the app and enter the session ID.


• Upon joining an event, you will automatically connect to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 4G/3G).

• For the best audio experience, plug a headset into your Android device.

• If you prefer to dial in over your phone line, you can do that with a single tap after joining the event.

• If you are attending the event in person, easily disconnect from audio any time so you can continue to participate in polls and see the speaker’s presentation up close.


• Android 4.4 or higher

• We recommend devices with a 1 Ghz processor or higher.

If you like attending events with GoToWebinar, please take the time to give us a nice review

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.13.5 Publish Date:2021-06-04 Developer:LogMeIn, Inc.

User Reviews


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Carol Tanner 2020-04-06

Very well organized and informative. It helped me tremendously to see and hear Dr. Van Tine, as well as the other doctors. To be honest- I am scared having to deal with cancer and then to add in this virus 🤷... but feel better now. Thank you for answering questions and to reassure me (and others within the angiosarcoma/sarcoma community, I\'m sure) about the treatment program that has been chosen. We are a team and will get through this virus and continue on. Thank you doctors. Please be safe
mark morgans 2020-06-21

Our church uses this app for services every Sunday during the Covid 19 crisis. I think that everyone is too polite to tell the organisers about how poorly the app is working. Often on different mobile phones the video disappears but leaves the audio still playing. Sometimes if you move your phone the video restarts. Sometimes the video and audio aren\'t synced. The audio quality is poor, and the volume is very low. Maybe the app works well in other contexts, but I\'m afraid I really dislike it.
Jane Crampton 2020-07-23

It\'s available via desktop, laptop or mobile phone. It was convenient to take my training \"on the road\" when headed to an appointment and not miss out on a training session. Visual details are harder to see on a mobile phone, but the sound is steady and strong. Visuals on a laptop are excellent. It\'s iPhone and android friendly.
Bookish G7 2020-05-07

I used this app for the first time on my android because the internet/wifi was down and not working with my laptop. Pleasantly surprised to not have any locking up of visuals or loss of sound, smooth presentation. There were few and simple icons, very streamlined which I appreciated since I\'m listening not playing around w the program. Super pleased.
Steven Faller 2020-05-02

Exceptional experience!!! The information in this webinar was, in itself, worth the time and money! What a great opportunity to be able to learn from multiple well seasoned veterans from the field and with decades of on hand/ personal feild experience and have the ability to ask questions about specific information or scenarios. I especially liked the personal detailed stories about specific situations on what not to and what should be done from a first hand stand point.
Alison Sattler 2020-03-27

Very easy to use and offers both written and spoken format for asking questions during the webinar. Muting all participants except for the person asking the moderator a questions makes it easy to listen to the session. The moderator call take cued cas or written questions one at a time, and listeners can hear the dialogue between the moderator and questioner, but can\'t interrupt it (yeah!).
Chelsea Hamilton 2020-08-16

Very informative! Lots of information! Unfortunately,it seemed they couldn\'t tell I was even in the class which makes me wonder was I in the wrong one bc she was in a totally different time zone! But I was able to see everything on my end and hear it all. Some people just need to make sure they are muted at all times. And I will say occasionally, the instructor went a little too fast through some important parts as I was taking notes, following her PowerPoint and trying to keep up in the guide
Jenice Curry 2020-06-17

This is a very efficient app. Host and participants are able to interact to have questions answered behind the scene without interrupting the ongoing webinar. Also, the polls taken provided realtime useful information. In addition, I loved that electronic handouts were immediately available for download during the session.
Aleks K. Shaw 2020-05-13

This is a very good app to use for this purpose. Video and audio quality is very good (I participated in a webinar on my Samsung Tab A tablet). Interactive function is great. Factors like internet service performance and device will affect each person\'s experience. But mine was great.
Daniel Holland 2020-08-27

It was listen in only, but I was able to hear and see the slides, being shown in the webenar. It was a little slow to load, but that could be because of cloud coverage, or weather related issues. It also could be from not having hi-speed data, or long range connection, and having so many viewing a webinar.