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Description of GPS Ally

Part of our GPS Trinity (You + Phone + Lezyne GPS), the Lezyne Ally app is the key link between your phone and your Lezyne GPS device. The free app features the latest interactive and real-time technologies that will enhance your cycling experience. Once paired to one of our GPS devices, you'll be able to enjoy features like Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and Phone Notifications. Additionally, the app is an easy-to-use resource to instantly save, store and review rides. Rides can then be auto-synced to Strava and shared to popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

With Ally, you can also take advantage of our Lezyne Track feature. When enabled, simply create a list of email addresses in the app and those recipients will then be notified every time you start a ride. These notification emails will include a link to our live tracking website where friends and loved ones can keep track of where you are and see all of your ride metrics.

This app is for use with Lezyne Y10 and newer GPS Devices (2017 Model Year and newer).

Please use the Ally V1 app with Y9 GPS devices (With a silver bezel).

Lezyne -- Engineered Design

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lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:4.485 Publish Date:2022-02-20 Developer:Lezyne Inc.

User Reviews


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Jonathan Luttrell 2018-03-18

This app was great until the last update. Change the date of your phone to February and it will sync properly. Also annoying thing Lezyne has yet to fix. On my Super GPS, if you use the app to configure your data pages. Once you hit save it scrambles the fields with the incorrect information. I have to hit the back button at discard or save to keep my data pages correct. Lezyne if you fix these issues I would love to change this to a 5. 4 if you fix your security certificate. 5 if you actually fix the data page issue. Lastly I\'d love it if you had the option to select which bike you rode in upload so Strava has the odometer correct for that bike. The Lezyne app always uploads to my road bike in Strava. Easy to change in Strava, but another step.
Kevin Phelps 2019-05-08

Since latest update and firmware update there is massive Bluetooth issues. will not stay connected to anything. Phone, HR strap, cadence sensor...
Feliciano Lopez 2018-03-14

Same as everyone else, new update made the app un able to pair with phone, strava, or anything else useful. Major bummer on a device that was working fine for me BEFORE Edit 3/13/2018: this app updates all the Time, but none of them ever work with pairing to your phone/ Strava. Save your self a headache and just get a Garmin or a cateye depending on how much data u want. This is just a over golrified 10 dollar cyclometer. It\'s a shame because it was actually good before all this nonsense.
Eric B 2018-10-25

Until the most recent update my phone and computer would connect via Bluetooth automatically. Now I have to manually go into the app to connect to the computer. Why the unnecessary extra step?
Sean Kung 2018-09-27

Worked well until the last few updates. Now it struggles to find my lezyne GPS with background scanning. Was previously never an issue. Additionally I can no longer upload my rides to Strava or any other platform. The share button times out.
Joe Phan 2019-06-23

not too bad after a rough start with the app
James Kaufman 2020-07-12

*updated review* I have used the app for a few weeks now, it is pretty handy to link up the GPS to your phone and the ability to both log rides and share them to other platforms (like Strava). I feel it\'s a little clunky overall and some screens are not totally intuitive, this the 4/5 stars
Jim Surgent 2019-01-10

Horrible experience with Lezyne. I just purchased a new Mega C GPS. The connectivity between the Ally phone app and the GPS is constantly dropping. The connectivity is a huge part of the usefullness of the GPS. Without it the GPS is awful. I have done all the published remedies to no avail. Tech support is non existent. I think they know they have a terrible interface with their app and have decided to stick their heads in the sand. BUYER BEWARE!!!
Tim Naples 2017-03-17

I\'m happy to report that the new firmware version 3.91 and the new app version 1.11.11 are working correctly with a Super GPS enhanced. Lezyne is very responsive, so if you\'re having issues, don\'t just blast them on a review. Email them, and they will help you. Also, if you do have an app crash, report it. They are actually looking at them.
A Google user 2019-02-18

this app works incredibly, all parts work together, the unit, the app and the website. captures all pertint info. the GPS works perfectly, phone notifications are a neat feature, the mapping and routing is excellent. the breadcrumb, backtracking is awesome so you can explore and not worry about getting lost. I Love this system. and how easy it is to use. does everything you need and more. plus you can customize the screens to show what you need and eliminate what you don\'t.