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GPS coordinate converter



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Description of GPS coordinate converter

GPS coordinates converter is a tool in extended set of the Smart Tools collection.

This app is based on WGS84 system that is most widely used. You can easily find coordinates with an address or building name.

Usage is very simple and intuitive.

1. Select coordinate type.

2. Enter a coordinate.

3. The transformed coordinates are shown.

4. The app places a marker on Map.

5. It is stored in History tab.

* Coordinate types:

- DD.dddddd˚

- DD˚ MM.mm'

- DD˚ MM' SS"

- UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)

- MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)

- Address

For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

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More Information Of GPS coordinate converter

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.1.5 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Smart Tools co.

User Reviews


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Hama Shwan 2020-12-22

One of best needed App to convert location\'s Latitude and Longitude from degrees and its decimals to dd: mm: ss, I was always relying to use calculator to multiply or divided the fractions , now it does it for me instantly. Thank you for the this great App. I highly recommend to anyone working with GPS.
Malc Morris 2019-11-29

Saves me messing about when moving from one navigation system to another. It\'s easy to use, accurate and really helps when out and about.
Andrei Codrut 2019-08-26

Great App for people who use dayly GPS coordinates in different formats and need to transform them !!! I strongly recommend ! 👍
Joseph Lee 2020-02-07

I like it well enuf. Would give 5 stars if there were means to copy and paste coords instead of having to delete and type in six different fields.
Rio Burgess 2020-07-25

Great app, works fast and easy. I have used it in several trainings at work and recently on a rescue call and it provided the fastest and best results when given a GPS coordinate and then allowed for realtime tracking on the map with our location and the pin we were looking for.
Mkhitar Mirzoyan 2020-07-15

Thanks for app. Just would like to ask to add possiblity in options to choose the Open street map, it\'s more detailed for my region.
louigi 600 2021-01-04

Goes not detect my phone\'s gps
John Mirowsky 2020-12-11

Great for off-road 4x4 gps entry of no-address locations and translation among maps or devices using different notations.
Daniel O. Amedu 2020-08-22

Apps ok but improve on the accuracy( EPE) to be 3metres or less than that for the sake of Land Surveyors. Thanks
Umesh Hukkeri 2018-07-15

Sir if possible add sharing of coordinates or location with others.