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Description of GPS Data

GPS Data app - you can check any necessary GPS data. If you like sports, mountaineering, journey, running you can use it to check your results or external parameters like speed, altitude, location, etc.

Using this app you get:

- altitude and elevation (measures of the height of a point relative to some datum - Height above sea level)

- the location (latitude and longitude - GPS coordinates, lat and long)

- speed km/h or mph

- the quality of the GPS signal

- list of GPS satellites (the number of satellites, and PRN are the "pseudo random noise")

- direction - compass (determining the geographical position)

In this app you get the access to the necessary mobile data, you don't need navigation, GPS tracker or GPS Watch.

With this app you can check sunrise and sunset time of the day, local UTC time, position on the world map and many others data.

Have a fun with GPS data app !

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.3.02 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:EXA Tools

User Reviews


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Anne Cant 2020-11-19

This is the best GPS application that I used, it is well ahead of most, very accurate, and the location share function could save your life.
Bernie Jones 2020-07-31

This is a really nice little app. What would make it perfect for me, is if there was a button that would write the data for the current location into a CSV file, and then an option in the menu to download or share (or clear) that accumulated data file. Then this app could easily be used for mass geotagging purposes...
Xnnovation 2020-11-21

The best GPS tracker software can be. Accurate and very well done. As a pilot, it essentially the best.
Laughing Gravy 2019-01-04

There is a lot to like about this app. It\'s well laid out, easy to read, easy to use. It gets only three stars from me, however, because of one significant flaw - it formats latitude and longitude as degrees-minutes-seconds, with no way to change the format to decimal degrees, degrees-decimal minutes, or UTM. I have another free app that is inferior to this one in many ways, but allows me to view lat/long in the format I need, so that\'s the app I use. Too bad!
A Google user 2018-11-19

Finding a GPS app that is highly accurate and ultimately useful, is ... rare? I opted for the $0.99 upgrade to kill the ads, and this is worth it! App shows my location within meters, and my destinations accurately and quickly. love it!
A Google user 2018-08-04

Speed, Lat, Long, and Bearing are all fine. The Long seams to be constantly adjusting. I have 13-15 satellites. My major issue is the Altitude. I am located 245\' above sea level. App shows 121\', then slowly (over many minutes) goes up to around 175\' and stops. Accuracy won\'t go below 34\'.
Oliver Veske 2019-07-29

I really enjoy this cleaver little app. It gives a much more detail overview of your postion and smarphone\'s GPS. I really like that the app shows how many satelites it sees and is using to locate your position. The layout is simple and all the important information is easily accessible.
Sneaky 2020-09-28

Good reliable, has a lot of potential. Would be better if it was faster and got a better lock with the satellites, and a closer accuracy rance,(once and it tell me was accurate with in 15,9 ft)
Shawn\'s Outdoor Survival 2018-09-07

Works right out of the box! Found my address straight away, looks very nice and does what it says! As soon as I tried it I paid for it ! Worth. Every penny! 99cents got to hand it to the maker of this app! GREAT JOB GUYS
Kamil Sebastian 2020-07-10

Definitely has potential. UI is clean and readable, however lack of support for Galileo, Glonass and BeiDou is a big disadvantage. Also it would be great to have mobile GPS calibration built-in.