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Description of GPS Map Camera Lite

GPS Map Camera Lite Application is there to add GPS stamps to camera photos very easily. It’s an app with concise but useful features.

When you want to add Location in the easiest and simplest way, you must have a GPS Map Camera Lite App on your SmartPhone.

As it’s useful to add a Location map stamp on Photos.

Photo stamps having Date time location Stamp can help Aviation, Marine, Farming, Military Etc sectors for easy Tracking Location and to get geotagged photos through GPS Map Camera Lite App.

How to add GPS map location on photos?

➩ Install GPS Map Camera Lite Application on your Smartphone

➩ Choose your required Date Time Format, GPS coordinates, directions & Units.

➩ Click unlimited photos at various locations With GPS Map Camera Lite Application.

Major Recent Feature Update:

➤ GPS map Video Feature: Yes, you can add GPS stamps on Video!!

➤ So many new templates to add directly to photo/video

➤ Set timer to photos/video capture

➤ Camera capture sound added

Interesting Features:

Coordinate types:

- Dec Degs (DD.dddddd˚)

- Dec Degs Micro (DD.dddddd "N, S, E, W")

- Dec Mins (DDMM.mmmm)

- Deg Min Secs (DD°MM'SS.sss")

- Dec Mins Secs (DDMMSS.sss")

- UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)

Time Format:

24 Hours / 12 Hours

Date Format:


Camera features:

Flash - Focus - Rotate


Meters / Feet


True / Magnetic North

Why have GPS Lite Map Camera Application in Your Smartphone

➤To Add GPS Stamp to Your Photos

➤To get GPS Stamp Camera easily available for you when you want Location on Photo

➤To Add Date Time Location Stamp & to add address stamp on photos

➤To put my current location on the photo

➤To add Address, Latitude Longitude, Altitude, GPS Coordinates, DateTime, Compass to GPS

➤Map Camera Lite Photos & add an auto date time stamp

➤To have Geotag Photos with an easy GPS location tracker

➤Make use of the Camera GPS stamp free anytime anywhere

➤To make the best use of Location map Stamp camera for Geo Mapping & Landmarking

➤To Get Location image Stamp & also use as latitude longitude finder

➤To Add Geolocation to Camera Photos

➤To have timestamp along with GPS Stamp Camera

➤Geotagging Photos for multi-purpose use

➤To have Map camera stamp to use as GPS tracker through Auto Stamp images

➤Camera Stamper to add DateTime Location stamp

Most Efficient Application For Following Groups of People:

➩ Individuals related with Business identified with land, Infrastructure, Architecture can undoubtedly apply GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Photos

➩ People having Destination festivities of occasions like Wedding, Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries and so on.

➩ Voyagers and Explorers can viably use Geo-tagging camera

➩ People having outstation Meetings, gatherings, Conclaves, Meetups, Events arranged by organizations or Institutions tackling and fill a specific need

➩ Travel, Food, Style, and Art Bloggers can propel their encounters with including GPS Location through GPS Map Camera

➩ Spot Oriented organizations, where you require to send pictures with Live Location To Clients.

For experimenting with such Interesting Features MUST Download GPS Map Camera Lite: Geotag Photo Location Application Right now on your Smartphone.

Do not forget to share your best experiences with us Through Rate & Review.

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More Information Of GPS Map Camera Lite

lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:1.3.7 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Susamp Apps

User Reviews


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isiaku sani 2020-07-28

Awesome app. Captures GPS location with high accuracy and post them on your picture.

Great app. It provides information on the coordinates, elevation, time, address and lots more. It\'s all that you need. I strongly recommend it to everyone.
Manali Gandhi 2020-08-18

Hii app is good just a question when we click photo the latitude and longitude get flaunt on photo but when I paste photo on my PC nad when I check properties then in detail the latitude and longitude doesn\'t appear how come it happens ...can you solve this...
Patrick Freeman Kudiabor 2020-09-23

It\'s a perfect and accurate in respect of locations description, latitude and longitude. I recommend its usage.
muhammad abdul 2020-12-06

At its best. For us working on field, this is one of our essential need. Fix more bugs and upgrade much on the settings
James Bell 2020-07-29

Nice app easy to use Location is perfect and pincode and address is so accurate and date come perfect and front camera is also cool Stamp is come good Recommended Nice design
Tejash Modi 2020-05-08

This is an amazing app!!!!! It helps me to send my coordinates with picture to my clients to review.
t m 2021-02-02

After update night quality pictures are very poor. Even from close range..with convenient lighting..please sort it out
kishan dattani 2021-02-17

In newer version, cant take photo by clicking volume key and it hangs so many time while open it
Michael Hone Immanuel 2020-11-17

I absolutely love this camera app the clarity and the versatility mixed with it\'s undeniable application and location information technology combining it with a Maps overlay would be amazing something similar to a Google Maps platform that would allow for pop ups on live in order to Geo locate and or triangulate multiple positions or multiple locations simultaneously is definitely on the scope of what could be next