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Description of GPS Satellites Viewer

Locate the GNSS satellites above you using a Compass View or Augmented Reality Projection

GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, BEIDOU and Galileo constellations are supported.

Compass View:

... Project GNSS satellites on a compass view. Constellation, satellite ID, used in Fix, signal strength info are visible.

Augmented Reality:

... Project GNSS satellites on the real sky using the camera of your device. Constellation, satellite ID, used in Fix, signal strength info are visible.

Display Position:

... in WGS84 (Latitude, Longitude) format.

... in your local Coordinates Reference System.

Supported CRSs:

- UTM.

- Europe ETRS89/UTMZ28-38.

- Hellas HGRS 87 (EGSA 87).

- Hellas HGRS 87 - HEPOS.

- Hellas HTRS07/TM07.

- Iceland ISN93/Lambert 93.

- Morroco Merchich.

- SPCS83 (124 zones) USA.

- Romania S-42(58)/Stereo 70.

- Lebanon & Syria Deir ez Zor/Stereo.

- Croatia HTRS96/TM.

- Serbia SRB-ETRS89/UTM, SRB-MGI/Z7.

- Australia MGA94 (GDA94), AMG66 (AGD66) National, A.C.T., Northern Territory, NSW & Victoria, Tasmania,AMG84 (AGD84).

- Former FR of Yugoslavia MGI Balkans zones 5,6 & 7.

- Italy Monte Mario West Zone 1 Peninsular, West Zone 1 Sardinia, East Zone 2 Peninsular, East Zone 2 Sicily.

- Costa Rica CΜ05/CRTM05, Ocotepeque 1935 Costa Rica Norte & Ocotepeque 1935 Costa Rica Sur.

- Cyprus CGRS-93-LTM.

- Hungary HD72/EOV.

- Kosovo KosovaREF01.

- Latvia LKS92/TM.

- Lithuania LKS94/TM.

- Spain ED50/UTMZ29-30 NW, ED50/UTMZ29-31 ML & ED50/UTMZ31 BA.

- Uk's OSTN02/OSGM02.

- Turkey ED50/Gauss-Kruger 3° Z9-15, ITRF96 & ED50/UTMZ35-38.

- Luxembourg LUREF.

- Venezuala REGVEN/Z18-20.

- Sweden SWEREF99 TM.

- Argentina POSGAR 94 & POSGAR 2007.

- India Kalianpur 1975 ZI - ZIV.

- Algeria Nord Sahara 1959 / Z29-32.

- Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia - Kaliningrad and Kazakhstan Pulkovo 1942/ CS63 (A)Z1-4, (C)Z0-2, (K)Z2-4.

- Central and South America SIRGAS 2000.

- Nigeria and Cameroon Minna 1996 & 2008 MTM West, Mid, East Belts & UTM Z31-33.

- Bangladesh Gulshan 303/TM.

- France RGF93/CC42-50.

- Canada CSRS

- Egypt 1907 Blue, Red, Purple, Extended Purple belts.

- Portugal ETRS89/PTM06.

- Netherlands Amersfoort/RD new.

- Qatar QND95.

- Colombia MAGNA-SIRGAS Far West, West, Bogota, Central East, East zones.

- Mexico ITRF 2008/LCC.

- Madagascar Tananariva (Paris)/Laborde & Tananariva/UTM Z38-39S .

- Tunisia Carthage (Paris)/Mining Grid, Carthage/Nord, Carthage/Sud, Carthage/TM 11 NE, Carthage/UTM zone 32N.

- Liechtenstein CH1903/LV03C-G.

- Switzerland CH1903/LV03 (old), CH1903+/LV95 (new).

- Brazil SAD69/UTM Z18-25 & SAD69(96)/UTM Z18-25.

- Spain Canary Islands REGCAN95/LAEA & REGCAN95/LCC & REGCAN95/UTM Z27-28.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:S.F. Applicality Ltd.

User Reviews


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Julia Chernushevich 2018-10-07

Great app, provides all of the necessary info and has instructions to explain what different colours mean. Only app where the augmented reality feature worked, super cool. FYI: Galileo has all of its nominal 26 satellites up, they\'ll be done testing in 2 months time.
Christoph Rechtlehner 2020-02-15

Doesn\'t even start without camera and file permissions. According to the dev it is for the AR feature. I don\'t even want to use the AR features. And that doesn\'t even explain the forced file access. Devs could easily ask for permission when the feature that is using it actually starts. I recommend to stay away from this shady company.
Karl R 2020-03-10

The utility of the app was good, however why does the application require constant GPS and camera access even when the app isn\'t in use? There\'s no reason for this. It\'s a GPS Satellite viewer, I don\'t WANT to use VR and I don\'t want you to get my location when the app isn\'t in use
Marc Went 2016-12-19

Battery drain App runs in background draining battery - 4 hours 13%battery. Please fix when closing background app - the app force stops itself
Newtomic 2019-03-28

This app could be good but it requires access to camera to function and storage to even do the basic function it proposes... why?
A Google user 2016-12-16

Good. But why it does not show the Galileo satellites? I have a bq Aquaris X5 plus and the Galileo constellation has been declared operational on 15 Dec 2016
Ali mohammadi 2017-11-06

It takes a long time for searching sats.
Karl Weibye 2016-12-23

Slow Slower than others to give a position.
A Google user 2018-05-13

Do not use or support this app! If you make an in-app purchase for the full version, the app will completely STOP WORKING if it isn\'t communicating with Google\'s servers! There isn\'t even an option to go back to the free version. The development team refused to fix this, and that is very fishy. If you want to look at the sky, look elsewhere. Don\'t allow this dangerous app permission to look at your phone.
cantuland 2018-01-15

I didn\'t get what I paid for. I want to see East, North, Elevation coordinates using SPCS83, Kansas-South-1502, in units of U.S. Survey feet. It only shows meters. Sometimes the \'selected\' units swaps over to International Feet, but even then, it is still only displayed in meters. 5-stars if you fix it.