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Description of GPS Time Tracker - logbook Pro

The App collects location data to automatically record trips in the background, even when the app is closed or not in use.

Special feature of GPS time tracking logbook:

✔ fully automatic departure and arrival detection (you don't must push a button - just drive) - The app needs access to the location in the background in order for automatic recording.

✔ move off and stop are automatically recognized with gps and logged as departure and arrival

✔ You can leave the smartphone in your pocket and in the background, all Starts and Stops incl. route and favorite places are recorded automatically - even offline.

✔ Automatic determination of: starting point and destination, start and end times, mileage.

✔ You can easily record an entire year - always know when you were where.

✔ Choice miles or kilometers.

✔ No registration required.

✔ Settings: Kilometers/Miles Liters/Gallones

Advantage of the Pro-Version:

★ Bluetooth detection

★ An unlimited number of favorites places can be created.

★ Send via e-mail or dropbox.

★ Automatic Departure/Arrival-detection without reference to Pro version.

★ 12 additional activity by key wipe from top to bottom.

★ Voice input by a long press on a button or a voice-note.

★ Delete can be undone.

★ AutoSync (PDF, CSV) (Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive)

★ Import the exported lists(The data from the free version can be taken.)

★ Export as Excel compatible CSV file

★ App On/Off Timer

★ 9 function keys for predefined notes

1. Location is added with a GPS online query.

(Conversion with the Android Geocoder of the smartphone = free, conversion via HTTP = 1 € / month)

2. If no internet-connection available, only GPS-Coordinates are saved

3. These are subsequently geocoded automatically.

4. If no GPS is available, task, time and date can be saved manually

5. The text of every button can be changed

6. Notes and time/distance-calculations can be added

7. The list can be exported as PDF

8. Auto-mode:

Departures, arrivals and favourite locations are automatically recognized and protocolled by checking the distance to the last location every minute. Low battery consumption because GPS just turns on every minute, records your location, and turns off again.

★ This app can be used for hiking, for travels and for time tracking.

★ Perfect for recording many short distances in a logbook

★ You can find a extended manual here: http://www.gpstimetracker.de

★ You can always have your smartphone with you and in a backround process all starts and stops are recorded.

Tax office:

1. You must add the reason for the trip as a note.

2. You need to select the drives accordingly as a Business or Private.

3. When exporting as PDF, you can add the driver and the license plate as the name.

Data protection:

The activities are only stored locally on the phone, it has only the smartphone owner access the data.

No registration required

Needed Permissions:

Location (automatic logbook)

Storage (export PDF / CSV)

Activity (walking, cycling detection)

Network: conversion of coordinates into places

Internet-connection: Geocoding of locations and showing Google-Maps

Autostart: App starts automatically in backround after booting if Auto-Mode is activated


★★★★★ If you like this app, please spend a minute to write a nice review or to give it a 5-star rating in Google Play. It would be very helpful to me. Thanks!

Copyright (c) 2016, Franz Brunnlechner. All rights reserved.

There is no liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of GPS time tracker - logbook taken.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:14.5 Publish Date:2021-08-22 Developer:Brunnlechner - Apps made in Germany

User Reviews


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Cleo Bouvier 2019-10-06

It\'s a solid reliable tracker. It is my very favorite after having tried ALL OF THEM!! I desperately needed one that worked reliably on its own to help me keep track of all my running around and errands so I never have to depend on my memory which does not!! This is literally everything I need and it works without maintenance. IT IS PERFECT!!!
da nii 2020-04-10

Been using free version for a while for work. Making proof of location and time irrefutable. Upgraded to pro version. And very happy. Recommended ++
A Google user 2019-01-24

Best GPS logger I\'ve seen. Not only does it have start anf stop times logged there\'s also yhe ability to see a map of where you\'ve been.
Jim Rawling 2016-10-25

GPS Zeiterfassung Auto Pro GPS logger that allows me to find time at jobsites that I forgot to put in my book. This app can make money. Love it!
Felix L 2016-02-11

Great app, perfect service We are using the app for our transfer company in south Thailand. It\'s easy enough so anyone can use it, it helps us track the path of our vehicles and the drivers can check in and out if work without having to be at a certain location. With all the questions during implementation the developer was really helpful. Great stuff!
Etjen Delilovic 2016-07-25

Zum Batteriefresser geworden Hat lange Zeit toll funktioniert. Jetzt frisst es den akku. Hat vielleicht mit einem update zu tun. Verwende LG g2 mit 4.4.2
Oj D 2020-11-21

Love the location tagging, all done automatically. remind me exactly where I left off. Perfect for delivery drivers. Love the simplicity , definitely worth paying to support the project and extra features. Best GPS logger
Jeanne Tomko 2016-09-26

Impressive I never thought that i would pay for an app that i could use for free but you have earned it. I am in awe of your genius. Amazingly accurate and useful. Great job and Thank you.
Ian Mayne 2020-10-13

Over 5 years of using and still a brilliant tracker for those on the road.
Sean Starkey 2017-05-05

As a self employed Carpenter I work at many different sites over a short period of time. GPS Time tracker is the best logger I have found to take away the guess work for my working hours on each site. Great for any trades that need to track movement and time.