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Description of GPS Waypoints

Multi-purpose mapping and surveying tool for both professional and personal use. The tool is valuable in several professional land-based surveying activities, including agriculture, forest management, infrastructure maintenance (e.g. roads and electrical networks), urban planning & real estate and emergencies mapping. It is also used for personal outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, walking, travelling and geocaching.

The application collects Points (such as points of interest) and Paths (sequence of points) to perform mapping and surveying activities. The Points, that are acquired with accuracy information, can be classified by the user with specific tags or characterized with photos. The Paths are created as a temporal sequence of newly acquired Points (e.g. to record a track) or alternatively with existing Points (e.g to create a route). Paths allows to measure distances and, if closed, forms Polygons that allows the determination of areas and perimeters. Both Points and Paths can be exported to a KML, GPX and CSV file and thus be processed externally with a geospatial tool.

The application uses the internal GPS receiver from the mobile device (typically with accuracies >3m) or, alternatively, allows professional users attaining better accuracies with a Bluetooth external GNSS receiver compatible with NMEA stream format (e.g. RTK receivers with centimeter level precision). See below some examples of the external receivers supported.

The application includes the following features:

- Acquire current position with accuracy and navigation information;

- Provide details of the active and visible satellites (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU and other);

- Create Points with accuracy information, classify them with Tags, attach photos and convert coordinates into a human-readable address (reverse geocoding);

- Import Points from geographic coordinates (lat, long) or by searching for a street address/point of interest (geocoding);

- Create Paths by acquiring sequences of points manually or automatically;

- Import Paths from existing Points;

- Create survey's themes with custom Tags for classifing Points and Paths

- Get directions and distances from current position to Points and Paths using a magnetic or gps compass;

- Export Points and Paths to KML and GPX file format;

- Share data with other applications (e.g. Dropbox/Google Drive);

- Configure positioning source for the internal receiver or using an external receiver.

The Premium subscription include the following professional features:

- Backup and restore user's data (it also allows transfer data from one handset to another);

- Export Waypoints and Paths to CSV file format;

- Export Waypoints with photos to KMZ file

- Import multiple Points and Paths from CSV and GPX files;

- Sort and filter Points and Paths by creation time, name and proximity;

- Satellite signal analysis and interferences detection.

The Maps feature is an extra paid funcionality that allows selecting and visualizing your Points, Paths and Polygons on Open Street Maps.

Additionally to the internal mobile receiver, the current version is known to work with the following external receivers: Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor; Garmin Glo; Navilock BT-821G; Qstarz BT-Q818XT; Trimple R1; ublox F9P.

If you successfully tested the application with another external receiver please provide us your feedback as a user or manufacturer in order to extend this list.

For further information check our site (https://www.bluecover.pt/gps-waypoints) and get the details of our complete offer:

- Free and Premium features (https://www.bluecover.pt/gps-waypoints/features)

- GISUY Receivers (https://www.bluecover.pt/gisuy-gnss-receiver/)

- Enterprise (https://www.bluecover.pt/gps-waypoints/enterprise-version/)

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.5 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Bluecover Technologies

User Reviews


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Edwin Relevo 2020-10-24

It\'s a very nice GPS application. It\'s working fine on my phone. It has many features that works well. The data collected can be saved and transferred. I hope that the developer will add 2 more features like 1. the camera where the photos can be stamped with the coordinates, and 2. instead of showing only the altitude please add elevation option so that it will be helpful on ground surveys (this elevation is useful for the calibration of the survey points above the surface).
Francis Abel 2020-07-18

Very smart and easy to use app for 2D or 3D field data collection. It looks fairly accurate as compared with some handheld GPS such as etrex, Garmin GPSmap76CSx. My compass is not working. How do I fix or activate it?
Pankaj Shirke 2019-07-01

Not that good. Waypoints are recorded it is fine, but when I make a gpx file and import it into google maps, I get an error that \'file too large or unsupported format\". now this gpx file is hardly of 1 or 2 kb so no possibility of huge file. So if I make a gpx file and import it in google maps, the format is unsupported. This is not acceptable for survey work. Hence this app cannot be trusted. Due to this app, I landed into soup and cannot show my face to anyone.
Vítor Hugo Menino 2019-07-23

Life saving app. Very comprehensive set of GPS tools. Amazing for getting the best out of your phone GPS. I think the Bluetooth connection for external reveivers is also quite useful.
hamid ur Rerehman 2019-05-26

This is the best GPS track & waypoints recorder software , it records accurate GPS tracks and waypoints. I compare this app with the Garmin GPS device and found it best replacement of GPS devices which are quite expensive.
Marco Azores 2020-07-27

its a good app, but can be better.... - configurable panels, gps and nmea panel very limited use, so option to disable - need a map with the waypoints with names, and tracks - better compass to go to waypoints.. too small and more configurable, change too quick the heading.... - export dont work in gpx to google maps and others... sometimes the track fails, straight line created Samsung A51 Android 10
Ricardo Martins 2015-12-21

Excellent! Very good application. I use it for tracking and had no problems.
A Google user 2018-11-02

Just as promised, the UTM Co-ordinates are there and I am very pleased with this application. I recommend to everyone. Does everything well and it has impacted my career in a positive way. Waypoints can easily be exported to AutoCAD and accuracy on any snapdragon/exynos device is great. Thumbs Up.
Geo Solutions 2019-01-01

Brilliant App... Takes a moment to steady the reading and is accurate to what it shows ... Also works without data or wifi ... Definitely on par with the Garmin Etrex ... Well Done ...
Sagar Dev 2017-02-05

easier interface, view, position sharing