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Description of GPSTest

No ads, and no trackers - GPSTest displays real-time information for GNSS and SBAS satellites in view of your device. A vital open-source testing tool for platform engineers, developers, and power users, GPSTest can also assist in understanding why your GPS/GNSS isn't working.

Supports dual-frequency* GNSS for:

• GPS (USA Navstar) (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5)

• Galileo (European Union) (E1, E5, E5a, E5b, E6)

• GLONASS (Russia) (L1, L2, L3, L5)

• QZSS (Japan) (L1, L2, L5, L6)

• BeiDou/COMPASS (China) (B1, B1-2, B2, B2a, B3)

• IRNSS/NavIC (India) (L5, S)

• Various satellite-based augmentation systems SBAS (e.g., GAGAN, Anik F1, Galaxy 15, Inmarsat 3-F2, Inmarsat 4-F3, SES-5) (L1, L5)

*Dual-frequency GNSS requires device hardware support and Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. More at https://medium.com/@sjbarbeau/dual-frequency-gnss-on-android-devices-152b8826e1c.

The "Accuracy" feature lets you measure the error in your device's position against your *actual* location (entered by you). Other apps show you the *estimated* accuracy, which is generated by your device. GPSTest lets you to compare this estimated accuracy to *actual* accuracy!

Menu options:

• Inject Time Data - Injects Time assistance data for GPS into the platform, using information from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server

• Inject PSDS Data - Injects Predicted Satellite Data Service (PSDS) assistance data for GNSS into the platform, using information from a PSDS server. Note that some devices don't use PSDS for assistance data - if this is your device, you'll see a message saying "Platform does not support injecting PSDS data". PSDS is the generic term for products like [XTRA assistance data](http://goo.gl/3RjWX).

• Clear Assist Data - Clears all assistance data used for GNSS, including NTP and XTRA data (Note: if you select this option to fix broken GNSS on your device, for GPS to work again you may need to ‘Inject Time’ and ‘Inject PSDS’ data. You may also see a large delay until your device acquires a fix again, so please use this feature with caution.)

• Settings - Switch between light and dark themes, change map tile type, auto-start GPS on startup, minimum time and distance between GPS updates, keep screen on.

Beta versions:


Open-source on Github:




GPSTest discussion forum:


Nostalgic for old releases? Don't have Google Play Services on your device? Download old versions here:


If you want to see the map on the Map tab, you'll need to install Google Play Services.

Also available on F-Droid:


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User Reviews


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Jeremy Comer 2019-04-03

fast, noninvasive, ad-free app. unlike many of the other GPS test apps, this doesn\'t require unnecessary access to phone data, camera etc, it just needs location. app is quick to locate satellites and provides good info. interface is basic, but is clear and easy to understand. and no ads!! its like it was built by people who just care about making a good tool. good app!!
Csaba Gombos 2019-09-21

would be a 5 for me if it showed the list of satelites grouped by types like GPS,Glonass,Beidou. other than that, one of the best for app so far I have seen! grat Update: by default the short is by constellation, that is sorting, not grouping
Valentin Cojocaru 2019-01-05

The image is always shaking....and I cannot stabilize it.
Snow Vise 2020-02-21

Developer of the app is very good at what he is doing. And especially a person who is listening user\'s on what could be done better.
R Imhoff 2020-02-17

Terrific test tool for inspecting the gps accuracy. Clean stable interface, and it shows the whether the “dual-frequency” GNSS feature is functioning. Additionally the \"accuracy\" test allows one to compare the device\'s gps reading with one\'s actual physical position on an arial photo. Plus it has no ads !
craig capel 2020-10-14

Last few times I used this I have been having trouble viewing Chinese satellites and only showing us/russian ones, figured a hardware issue over the last 3 days... so tonight I ran another gps tool and all of a sudden your gps test finder lit up like a Christmas tree! Samsung S8 latest firmware, all I can tell you is the one time a Chinese flag came up \"flags\" colum read \"A\" while every russian/US said \"AEU\" if not for running the other app I\'d have put money on a hardware issue
Abhilash CR 2020-03-27

Five stars. It would be easier for users if some setting options can be given as toggle buttons on home screen such as compass rotation. A great utility.
Rick Loughman 2020-02-05

overall v.good. many issues on an aging galaxy s4 lollipop such as gps time is 20 years and 1 hour off (search: gps rollover bug 19th april 2019) and also niggly UI inconsistencies such as this same app on an s8 on android 9 has different column headers. still... gets a fix and injecting and resetting xtra data can be handy. map view is nice when you don\'t want the bloat of google maps. free and no ads. 5 stars on newer devices, 1 star on old ones
Bart Duijndam 2019-02-06

Nice overview of GPS constellation and phone capabilities. Very handy utility.
Gael Lafond 2020-12-18

Very useful app. I was having GPS issues. This app helped me diagnose and fix my issue. I was planing to uninstall it after, but the satellite radar map is very useful. I think I will be using it on regular basis. And there is no ads!