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Description of Grand Gin Rummy: Card Game

Join us at the deluxe Grand Gin Rummy hotel for a free round of the classic multiplayer card game you grew up with and love. Play gin rummy online with hundreds of thousands of real players from all over the world.

The ultimate rummy experience:

Play with your friends by forming clubs and entering challenges to win amazing prizes and unlock achievements ! Join the league to challenge global players to win big and unlock tons of rewards by rising through the ranks. Our missions are another way for you to accelerate your progress by earning extra gems and increasing your competitive edge.

♣ BEST RATED GIN RUMMY: download the highest rated Gin Rummy app on the App Store today!

♣ COMPETE AGAINST REAL PLAYERS: challenge players from around the world. Gin Rummy has never been so easy, fun, exciting, and competitive!

♣ CHALLENGE YOURSELF: earn trophies and climb the league leaderboard, take part in weekly special events with different rules and win awesome rewards!

Enjoy the BEST Gin Rummy game on the Play Store, rate us to help us keep improving the game for you!

Grand Gin Rummy is free to play but some additional game items can be bought inside the game. Grand Gin Rummy requires an Internet connection.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.5.9 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:GameDuell

User Reviews


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j 2021-02-15

I have played this game for over a year, and have not paid a single dime. The algorithmic method no matter how you play will go against you. Don\'t get conned by there deals. It is a pay to play game. They are a company and want your cash. Read between the lines.The amount of 1&2 card pick up for gin is a joke. That\'s not skill! They say they give free coins after completing levels, but you loose them quickly to get u to buy coins/gems. 1,2 STAR reviews, you need to read. DONT BUY COINS.
Carley Quinn 2020-12-31

Fun game and I like the looks of the app. I had to edit the review after we discovered something that seems to be very unfair and unlikely. My friend and me both paid for a \"special offer\", after that we experienced exactly the same: losses, losses, losses maybe over 10 in a row, very unlikely with random deals. I would not advise to pay for any offers, just play now and then.
Stuart Mitchell 2019-09-28

Some honesty would be nice and just admit if someone is playing well or its a quiet time you will deploy Bots, or offline players I had 156,000 banked, your warnings came up to move up a tier, then at 16,000 stake per game I strangely lost 8 games to bots that won in 2 hands, in 50 years of playing many at club level I have never seen that, it just would not happen. The cards are weighted, and you are cheating people, you only have to Google to see YouTube videos and thousands of people cheated
Trig Stewart 2020-03-03

I think I will have to delete the game. I have asked for a change in the points awarded in a win. You have to win 2 games to make up for a single loss. Great when you are playing with a friend as you don\'t lose points. You lose gems but they seem to come quickly. In response to your response: As there is no actual monetary value to your chips you issue, your argument is Idiocracy at best. \"Your company\" views the win cheaply (gaining 1/2 the chips played) but treats the loss more potently.
kate oliver 2021-01-28

I used to think this was a good game, at start. The longer you play, the harder it gets. I have been given perfect hands some days, then horrible ones the others. I just want to play gin. Not have to log on every four hours to gain points for a game that is not fun to play anymore.
Julie Hardy 2020-06-27

The only thing that absolutely bugs the heck out of me is that you will have a meld and you draw a new card and the game automatically shifts and exchanges the cards into a different sequence which might require cards that have already been passed on in order to complete. You don\'t have a choice. They have an option for locking down the melds but it does NOT work. My cards are still always shifting. I hate that!
David Dunsmore 2020-07-22

I loved this game initially. However the game is clearly fixed. You ate either playing against bots or the game is rigged for playing customers. I paid for some gems at the start and had a great run. As soon as I stopped playing I started losing. To say it\'s not rigged when I just lost several games in a row within two rounds is laughable. The developer\'s claim it isn\'t fixed but it clearly is. If you play in real life you will never lose up to ten games in a row. Get rid of the bots.
Zach Rogers 2020-12-22

Gorgeous app, but unsettling interaction. If you want to play with friends, or other players that add you, that costs a currency. There\'s really no casual way to play, or practice your playing, unless you use another app. As to not slowly chip away at your collected gems or coin. You slowly regain that coin but, ultimately, it still feels like you\'re pushed into gambling away future chances to just play a card game.
Stephen Hagopian 2020-07-07

The game is not fair. The game has hacks and cheats. There is nooooo way the other players can figure out what cards to hold all the time. I got tired of losing to cheaters. Also paying for coins will never happen so I guess that\'s why I lose alot cause I will never spend a dime. Stupid people who buy stuff win all the time. Please deny this...... If you don\'t buy don\'t try! The creator is a joke. The person who keeps the game fair is sleeping. What a bunch of idiots
Satans Lady 2020-07-18

I read the comments before I installed and still gave it the benefit of the doubt, but it\'s clear this game is designed for pay to play, you lose way more then you win and your opponent usually goes gin in 7 cards or less, the algorithm is a joke. I know it seems like a rude review, but it\'s honest.