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Description of Granny: Chapter Two

Welcome to Granny: Chapter Two.

Granny and Grandpa keeps you locked in his house this time.

To survive You have to try to get out of his house, but be careful and quiet. Granny hears everything as usual. Grandpa doesn't hear very well but he hits hard.

If you drop something on the floor, Granny hears it and comes running.

You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.

You have 5 days.

Be careful!

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More Information Of Granny: Chapter Two

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.1.9 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:DVloper

User Reviews


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• ItzMiraClaire • 2020-10-10

I loved this game very much😍😍😍. I played this game many times in Practice Mode until I mastered this. But there is a glitch that you should fix. When Granny reached the stair in the 2nd Floor and I left the door open, I hide under the bed, she is only at the end of the stairs, and WHAM!!! Instant jumpscare. Please fix it and all of the rest of the glitches. Thank you😘😘😘.
Akilaramtin 2020-10-19

This game is really good! Even better then the original Granny game, because: easier to find items, and new endings. And It\'s more easier to get the helicopter ending for me. (For some reason) Thank you for making this game! And the easier way to play the game with an enemy is with Grandpa. Thank you the developers for making this game!
Calyx Alexander 2020-11-23

Great game! But maybe GET ANOTHER UPDATE! Love spider baby and helicopter! I like doing it on hard mode or EVEN worse. Love you DV for short..I LOVE THE SCARY GAMES YOU MAKE!!! If you see this rate I hope you like it! Nice update but when I played I was a bit slower. I still love this game though. Umm, you know you should add a slenderinas teddy.
J R 2020-11-21

I love this game. I payed at 3am and i scared the heck out of me many times lol. I would give it five stars but, sometimes when i play it has glitches and kicked me off. (This only happened 3 times) It might just be my internet but it was a little annoying. I love, love, love this game though!
ganpat raikwar 2021-01-25

Really this is horror👿 game. and thankyou for make it. I played this game firstly. I was scared 💀but I start playing so it not scared but it\'s a little scary and little difficult game. It is 4 level. 1st. Easy. 2nd normal. 3rd hard. 4th practice. I choose normal because it little difficult little scary. ☠️so i choose normal. This game has 1 men and 1 women Dadi and granpa. I think grandpa is deaf. But granny is clever . I love😍 this game welldone 👍much more. In this house enemies.👽👹
CheezyWheezey 2021-02-04

I give it a five because the game is so fun and you get to do so much stuff before you can exit the house so you get to play longer which makes it more fun. Also the creator of this game did such a great job! Omg and I just found out if you give the monster the meat you can go in the secret door to get a nother item so yeah this game is so good I play it first thing when I get on my phone. The first time I played the game I was confused because I only saw my brother play it. Love, Jaycie H
Melani Baker 2020-10-27

I LIKE this game so much! I\'ve tried it on Nightmare mode. And it was red and jelly, but it had spiders. But a army of them they looked like the spider from granny chapter one. But they could not go upstairs. I escaped! But in a boat. I tried to escape the front door but the only problem was the hand wheel was not working right. I got everything but just missed a step LOL! This gets a star for effort and credit because this game is awesome! :)
Silas Butcher 2021-02-19

I enjoyed the prequel, (Granny) and I enjoy Chapter 2, especially the new addition of Grandpa! One thing: fix the game a tad. I\'ve noticed that I sometimes get an under the bed jumpscare, but Granny/Grandpa are not present (The noise plays, but nobody\'s there!?). They didn\'t sneak up on me, they\'re on a different floor than me and they aren\'t in Anger Mode. This is pretty annoying, as I lose a day for nothing. Other than that, this is a great game. Keep up the great work DVloper!
FiydeX 2020-12-21

I love this game so much and i have an idea that people might like about this game, and will be a game changer, multiplayer! Their might be some people out their that know how to code it but please add multiplayer up to 2-4 players private and public servers it might bring so much people into the game and you should put the gui on the start screen at the bottom of play button and add a gui that allows the human to send an invite to the other human and it will pop up on the top as a notification!
Michaela MacDonald 2021-01-28

Pretty solid mobile game. The audio cues could be better and it would be cool to know when Grandpa goes to sleep rather than know when he wakes up. I like the strategy it seems like they have a different pathing each round now, I\'m always surprised after getting used to the original.